Cleveland Launcher XL vs Launcher XL 2 Driver Review

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Cleveland Golf has a reputation for producing affordable, forgiving, and innovative golf clubs, and the Launcher XL range is no different. We loved the original release, but when the latest edition dropped, we paired the Cleveland Launcher XL vs Launcher XL 2 drivers to see who was longer, straighter, and more forgiving.

Spoiler alert, the Launcher XL 2 was faster and longer than the XL, but its predecessor proved to be slightly more accurate off the tee. Despite their performances, both these extra-large drivers highlighted their value for mid and high handicap seniors on a budget.

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Cleveland Launcher XL vs Launcher XL 2 Drivers Review

Cleveland Launcher XL vs Launcher XL 2 Driver Review photo comparison

Launcher XL Price

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  • Launcher XL: The large head contains maximum MOI to stabilize the clubhead and increase the sweet spot. The combination results in more consistency on mishits, proven by the shot dispersion chart of my colleague Erwin. The gray finish provides a rich appearance, and the increased offset makes it easier for the average golfer to square the clubface at contact.
  • Launcher XL 2: The Launcher XL 2 is far from just a pretty driver. It is gigantic, and the finish may cause a slight glare to distract you during your setup and address. Beyond that detail, the Launcher XL 2 is a more attractive driver.


  • Launcher XL: The Rebound Frame and XL Head design combine to increase ball speed, lower spin, and promote a higher launch. The technology adds speed and controls spin for accuracy, keeping high-handicap golfers on the fairway. 
  • Launcher XL 2: Cleveland is keeping with the times, introducing A.I. technology to the XL 2, increasing the sweet spot for faster ball speed and low spin across the clubface. The consistency is the reason the Launcher XL 2 delivered less spin, more ball speed, and longer distance than the original Cleveland Launcher XL.


Senior Golf Source founder holding the Cleveland Launcher XL and Launcher XL 2.
  • Launcher XL: The Launcher XL offers excellent forgiveness and consistency but falls short on carry and total distance compared to the XL 2. However, my colleague Erwin enjoyed a higher launch and a consistent shot dispersion, hitting a soft, controlled fade on 90% of his drives. 
  • Launcher XL 2: The Launcher XL 2 blew the XL off the fairway on the yardage front, generating 7 yards more carry and 10 yards extra total distance. The wide sweet spot and variable face thickness lowered spin and increased ball speed for longer flight and roll. 

Adjustability & Customization:

The hosel sleeve adjustability feature is the same on the Launcher XL and Launcher XL 2. The impressive contraption allows you to alter the loft of your driver between 9 and 12 degrees in increments of 0.5 degrees. 

If you find the XL 2 launching too low for your game, as Erwin did, simply increase the loft of the driver with the adjustable hosel.

Price & Value:

  • Launcher XL: The Launcher XL is a low-budget driver, approximately $200 less than the XL 2. But, despite its price tag, the older Cleveland driver packs a ton of value. Sure, it is not the longest driver we have hit, but it is accurate, looks classy, and is easy to swing.
  • Launcher XL 2: While it is more expensive, the Launcher XL 2 justifies its price with superior distance and innovative A.I. technology. If you are willing to spend more to gain extra yards off the tee, you will favor the XL 2 over its predecessor.

Testing Feedback:

Showing photos of our testing comparisons of the Cleveland Launcher XL vs Cleveland Launcher XL 2 Driver.
  • Launcher XL: Lee Trevino said, “You can talk to a fade, but a hook won’t listen,” advice that Erwin and the Launcher XL took to heart. Ninety percent of Erwin’s drives were gentle fades, highlighting the accuracy of the big stick. The XL was a little easier to launch than XL2, which will suit slower swing speeds better, but it was not the longest club if you’re trying to maximize distance. Additionally, he liked that it has a matte finish which produces less glare.

Cleveland Launcher XL Rating

4.50 out of 5.0
  • Launcher XL 2: The Launcher XL 2 outdrove the XL by 10 yards, producing longer carry distance and roll. It is a forgiving golf club, supported by A.I. technology, which increases the sweet spot for fast ball speed and low spin. While Erwin praised the distance, the XL 2 was not as accurate, and the finish caused glare at address. However, it’s a beautifully designed club and the polished look is often preferred by our other senior testers.

Cleveland Launcher XL 2 Rating

4.65 out of 5.0


If you’re torn between the Cleveland Launcher XL vs Launcher XL 2 Driver, here’s the deal:

The Launcher XL works for golfers on a budget who value accuracy and a high launch. It’s a reliable club for your tee shots.

However, if you’re hungry for more speed, distance, and cutting-edge technology, the Launcher XL 2 is a better bet. With faster ball speed, lower spin, and an impressive smash factor, it outshines its predecessor in terms of carry distance, roll, and overall yardage.

While a strong case exists for both drivers, the newer technology, faster ball speed, lower spin, and longer distance make the Cleveland Launcher XL 2 the better driver.

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