Phil Mickelson WITB 2024: Gear of the 3X Green Jacket Winner

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Philip Alfred Mickelson, also known as “Lefty,” looks to be living his best life–physically fit and having the time of his life on the LIV Tour. Like most of you, I’ve been following Phil’s career for three decades or so.

This week, Lefty was playing the Blue Monster at Trump National in Miami, a golf course that, as Sergio Garcia stated, is in the top “2” most challenging courses on the LIV Tour. With water hazards galore, long fairways, and challenging bunkers, Phil pulled out his favorite clubs for this challenge as he prepares for the Masters next week.

With a brand new caddie on his bag, I’m sharing the latest gear the 57-time PGA Tour winner uses. The original photos below were all taken by Senior Golf Source in April 2024.

Remember that the Major winner also swaps between clubs depending on the course and conditions. However, you’ll see some old favorites still in this new lineup!

CategoryPhil Mickelson WITB Quick Facts
Full NamePhilip Alfred Mickelson
BirthdayJune 16, 1970
BirthplaceSan Diego, California
Age53 years old
Year Turned Pro1992
Tournament Wins57 Wins
Major Wins6 Overall wins
Masters 2004, 2006, 2010
PGA Championship 2005 and 2021
The Open Championship 2015
World Rankingn/a
Equipment Sponsorn/a

What clubs does Phil Mickelson use 2024?

Phil Mickelson what's in the bag photo from LIV Golf Miami in April 2024

Driver: Callaway Paradym AI Smoke TD Driver, Fujikura Ventus Blue 6 X
Fairway wood(s): Callaway Paradym Ai Smoke 5 Wood & Callaway Apex UW, Fujikura Ventus Red 9 X shaft
Hybrid: Ping Anser, 17°, Mitsubishi Kuro Kage Prototype shaft
Irons: Callaway X Forged 2013 (5-9), KBS Tour-V 125 shafts
Wedges: Callaway Jaws Raw, 50°, 56° and Ping Eye2 XG.
Putter: L.A.B. DFE Putter, Press II No. 3 grip
Ball: Callaway Chrome Soft X (Triple Track)
Glove: Callaway
Grips: Golf Pride
Footwear: Nike and Cuater by TravisMathew 

What Driver Does Phil Mickelson Use?

Phil Mickelson is open to experimenting with various driver models. Currently, he is using the Callaway Paradym Ai Smoke Triple Diamond Driver. Over recent years, the Californian raised golfer has utilized several drivers including the Callaway Epic Speed, Callaway Rogue ST Max, Ping G430, and the Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond (previous generation).

Currently, the Callaway Ai Smoke TD driver is believed to have an 8° loft and a Fujikura Ventus Blue 6 X graphite shaft. The triple diamond is usually best suited to lower handicappers.

Phil Mickelson hitting his driver from the tee box

Phil Mickelson Fairway Wood

The three-time Masters winner has a variety of woods in his bag. Over the years, we’ve seen him mainly carrying Callaway with an occasional TaylorMade. He’s now sporting a 5-wood Callaway Paradym Ai Smoke which is a new addition. Unfortunately, we didn’t see him use it this week while at LIV Golf Miami.

He also seems to alternate between the TaylorMade BRNR Mini Driver, 11.5° with a Fujikura Ventus Black 6 X shaft, and Callaway Apex UW with a Fujikura Ventus Red 9 X shaft.

What Hybrid is Phil Mickelson Using?

Phil Mickelson hitting his hybrid

This Ping Anser (17 degrees) hybrid has a Mitsubishi Kuro Kage Prototype shaft. It was perhaps one of my favorite shots all day when getting this little hybrid out for a fairway bunker shot and hitting it onto the green.

Phil Mickelson Driving Irons

Close up of Phil Mickelson's golf bag

Lefty still uses an older favorite for his driving irons, the Callaway Rogue ST Pro. These irons are designed for low-to-mid handicap players. The club design features a hollow body construction that maximizes distance and forgiveness on the course.

Does Phil Mickelson use blades?

Phil Mickelson uses the Forged 2013 irons (5-9), equipped with KBS Tour-V 125 shafts. While they’re not quite blades, they do have blade-like qualities with a thin topline.

Known as one of the most skilled ball-strikers of his era, it’s natural for him to rely on a set of trusted favorite irons.

Phil Mickelson Wedges

Phil Mickelson WITB closeup photo with his caddie holding the bag showing his wedges.

Earlier in 2024, Mickelson was playing the Callaway JAWS 50-degree wedge, but as of the latest, he was carrying 54 and 60-degree wedges with quite a bit of lead tape on them.

Additionally, he still alternates between the JAWS and the Ping Eye2 XG. Phil has used these wedges on and off for 10 years, and given his short game play, they work for him. Surprisingly, the golf wedges carry a cavity back for added forgiveness, stability, and accuracy around the green.

Although the original Eye2 XG was released in 2010, he plays an updated version where the grooves comply with the 2010 USGA groove amendments. Despite the cavity back and oversized profile, the Eye2 XG wedges provide a moderately soft feel, enhanced spin, and greenside control. 

Lefty is particular about his wedges’ design and how they interact with the turf. The adjustments made to his 60-degree wedge, for example, reduces the bounce on the trailing edge and a bit from the heel. It helps him achieve straighter shots and prevents the ball from floating near the green. While players have different reasons for preferring offset, for him, it’s about having better control.

What Putter Does Phil Mickelson Use?

Phil Mickelson on the putting green on the Trump National course in Doral, FL 2024.

One of my favorite choices in Phil’s bag this year is this swanky new putter by L.A.B called the DFE Putter with a Press II No. 3 grip.

We recently caught up with PGA TOUR Champions’ pro Rob Labritz, who is also donning a similarly cool flat stick, but Mickelson has one we haven’t seen used by a pro.

What perhaps I like best is the “The Gimme Getter.” There’s a hole in the middle that makes it super easy to pick up your ball on the occasion it doesn’t go directly into the cup.

We also got to observe his new caddie, Jon Yarbrough, and their technique together on the green. It was interesting to listen to Jon’s discussions with Phil as he would walk back and forth, determining how the putt would break.

Phil was known for using the Odyssey Phil Mickelson Blade, so this L.A.B. putter is a fun new choice. Since the predecessor has his name on it, I’m sure we will see it make an encore performance again!

Shoes + Accessories

What other products is Phil Mickelson using these days?

Not much has changed in the accessories area. Phil leans on Golf Pride (golf grips), Callaway (golf gloves), and the Callaway Chrome Soft X Triple Track golf balls.

He alternates shoes based on his own personal comfort using both Nike and Cuater by TravisMathew.

Who is Phil Mickelson’s caddie?

Jon Yarbrough, Phil Mickelson caddie  2024 photo at LIV Golf Miami showing him on #5 on the Blue Monster.

In March 2024, Tim Mickelson announced his retirement from caddying for his brother, Phil. As seen in our photos, Jon Yarbrough is Phil Mickelson’s new caddie as of the LIV Miami tournament. The three-time Masters winner already is giving him rave reviews for his putting chops!

Previous Phil Mickelson WITB 2022/2023

Phil is known for changing his gear depending on the course conditions and for new releases. So, here’s a glimpse back in time at one of our prior Phil Mickelson’s bags. As you’ll notice, most have been replaced with newer Callaway golf clubs.

Driver: Callaway Rogue ST Max LS (7.5 degrees)
Shaft: Fujikura Ventus Red 6 X

3 Wood: Callaway Rogue ST Triple Diamond (13.5 degrees)
Shaft: Fujikura Ventus Red 7 X

Hybrid: Callaway Apex UW  
Shaft: Fujikura Ventus Red 9 X

Driving Irons: Callaway X Forged UT (18, 25 degrees)  
Shaft: Mitsubishi MMT UT 105 TX

Irons: Callaway Apex MB (6-PW)
Shafts: KBS Tour V 125 S+

Wedges: Phil Mickelson PM-LTD Proto (50-14, 55-12, 60-10)
Shafts: KBS Tour V 125 S+

Putter: Odyssey Phil Mickelson Blade

Golf Ball: Callaway Chrome Soft X (Triple Track)

Grips: Golf Pride MCC

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Phil Still Sponsored by Callaway?

No, Phil is not sponsored by Callaway. After a fallout with Callaway Golf in 2022 over comments about LIV golf, the brand paused its relationship with the golfing legend. As it stands, he is a free agent and can play any club he sees fit.

Final Thoughts on Phil Mickelson WITB

Phil Mickelson seems to be enjoying his golden years on the LIV Golf scene. Fitter than we have ever seen him, the Lefty appears to have found an ideal work-life balance.

After examining the Phil Mickelson WITB setup, we see that he still relies heavily on Callaway. Everything but his putter is still from his former sponsor, which either shows Lefties’ loyalty or the quality of their equipment.

As you notice, Mickelson’s equipment is built for lower handicap golfers with higher swing speeds. The low launching driver and fairway wood are not ideal for slower swing speed seniors. In addition, his irons offer less forgiveness and are not recommended for the average golfer.

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