Stop Losing Balls with These 5 Straightest Golf Balls

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Ever wonder how to shave strokes off your game? Mid and high handicap golfers lose an average of 4 strokes per round simply from inaccurate tee shots.

We addressed this challenge by testing 15 of the straightest golf balls to see if they could reduce hooks and slices.

These balls boast features that minimize spin and enhance stability, potentially leading to more fairways hit and greens in regulation.

Best Overall Straightest Golf Balls

Maxfli StraightFli

Top Pick

Maxfli StraightFli Golf Balls

The Maxfli StraightFli produces minimal side spin on full shots to combat curve and promote straighter flight. You will also find our best overall straight golf ball affordable, easy to launch and trace, and long off the tee.

The StraightFli will not eradicate hooks and slices, but the stiff ionomer cover limits sidespin and backspin on long shots. The combination encourages straighter flight and increased roll for longer total distance.

I like the Maxfli StraightFli golf balls for their accuracy, distance, and visibility. However, they are not my best friend for greenside play. The balls are clicky, hard off the face, and barely spin on chip shots. They are a suitable distance golf ball for high handicappers seeking more accuracy and yardage over feel and control.


  • Minimal side spin for greater accuracy
  • Rolled farther than its peers
  • Yellow cover is easy to trace
  • Easy golf ball to launch


  • Limited greenside spin
  • Hard feel

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Easiest Launching Straightest Golf Balls

Wilson Duo Soft

Easy Launch

Wilson Duo Soft

Wilson Duo Soft golf balls are cheap and colorful and produce low spin for straighter ball flight and consistent distance. These low-compression golf balls are also a pleasure to launch, which suits seniors with slower swing speeds.

The low-compression core provides plenty of rebound at impact, adding to your ball speed and restricting spin. The combination leads to a high launch and a soft fade, in my experience, offering excellent control off the tee and on approach.

It felt like I was hitting a rock with my irons and wedges, a feeling I do not care for. In addition, it offered little spin on chip and pitch shots. Despite the negatives, I do appreciate the Duo Soft golf balls for their affordability, distance, and 5 easy-to-trace colors.


  • Launches high 
  • Excellent for slow swing speeds
  • The ball never curved more than a soft fade
  • Available in 5 high-visibility colors


  • Limited greenside spin
  • Feels hard off the clubface

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Most Visible Straight Ball

Srixon Soft Feel Brite

Best Visibility

Srixon Soft Feel Brite golf balls compliment low spin and straight flight with high visibility colors. The red and orange were easier to follow and spot on the ground, while the green blended in with the cabbage patch on occasion. Whichever color you decide on, be prepared for their blinding boldness.

Looks aside, the Soft Feels are built to launch high, and their Speed Dimples promote stability in the air. For a distance ball, the Soft Feel Brite’s produce decent spin around the green, but it was well off the spin rate set by the Callaway ERC Soft golf balls.

The Soft Feel golf balls are not the longest golf balls I have played, but it is consistent. I lost a few yards of roll on long shots, impacting my total distance. However, the easy launch and high flight produced sufficient carry distance.

I like the Srixon Soft Feel Brite balls for their traceability, affordability, and launch, which is why they also made the list for best slow swing speed balls. My only gripe is the shorter distance, but it was not the end of the world.


  • Easy to trace in the air
  • Launches high
  • Provides more greenside spin than most distance balls
  • Lands softly


  • Not the longest golf ball around
  • The bright colors might offend some players

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Best Spinning Straight Balls

Callaway E•R•C Soft

Best Spin

Callaway E•R•C Soft

High greenside spin teams up with low long-game spin to give the Callaway ERC Soft distance, accuracy, and control. The greenside spin is unmatchable in the straight ball category, which suits mid and low-handicap senior golfers.

Considering the spin it generates on wedge shots, the ERC Soft restricted the rate off the tee. The high-speed mantle and SoftFast increased rebound off the clubface, leading to a medium to high ball flight. The higher flight resulted in a rapid landing, shaving a few yards of roll off my long shots.

I liked the overall performance of the ERC Soft with its easy launch, straighter ball flight, and sensational greenside play. The ball feels soft off the putter face, and its wedge spin caused the ERC Soft to check, allowing me to attack the flag on pitch shots


  • Excellent greenside spin
  • Feels soft off the putter face
  • Launches easily
  • Durable cover


  • More expensive than other straight golf balls

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Best Budget Straight Golf Ball

TaylorMade Noodle Long & Soft

Budget Golf Ball

Noodle Long & Soft golf balls are entry-level golf balls that launch with ease and fly long. These budget balls are best off in the bag of a high-handicap senior with a low to medium swing speed.

The Noodle Long & Softs do not feel as soft or spin as much as the Callaway ERC, but they exceeded expectations around the green for a 2-piece ball. Speaking of spin, the iothane cover was excellent in restricting side spin on high-impact shots.

The low side spin and its unique dimple design encourages straighter flight. I like the Noodle Long & Softs for their affordable price, straight to slight fade flight, and greenside control. However, they are not the most durable golf balls I have played, and you can expect scuffs to show after a couple of holes.

For those of you that like unique colors, you can also purchase it in neon blue!


  • Entry level price
  • Low side spin
  • Surprisingly good greenside control
  • Excellent distance


  • Not the most durable golf ball

We may earn a commission, at no additional cost to you.

Buyers Guide: Straightest Senior Golf Balls

Showing some of the straightest golf balls on the market in a bucket.

Lower Compression: Look for balls with a compression rating between 30 to 90. The lower compression promotes more rebound, faster ball speed, and low spin to encourage straighter ball flight and increased distance. 

Reduced Spin: Lower spin rates contribute to a more penetrating ball flight and minimize side effects like hooks and slices, leading to straighter shots. Ionomer covers on two and three-piece distance balls restrict spin on high-impact shots, encouraging a higher launch and straighter flight.

High Visibility Colors: If you struggle with visibility, I recommend playing a high-visibility straight golf ball. My go-to is the Srixon Soft Feel Brite, but the Wilson Duo Soft’s are an alternative solution with more colors to choose from.

Final Thoughts

The straightest golf balls on the market do mitigate the curve on your ball, but they will not eradicate hooks and slices. You still need a square clubface at contact to hit the ball straight and record more fairways and greens in regulations.

The Maxfli StraightFli proved the straightest flying ball thanks to its low compression and limited sidespin. Adding to the attractiveness of the ball is its cheap price tag and easy-to-launch nature, which suits slow to medium swing speed high handicap seniors.

The market for golf gear is rapidly expanding, but you need to focus on what’s reliable over the new and trendy. 

For the straightest golf ball, you need to look at your playing style. The list above has 5 different options you can try. Choosing the perfectly suited golf ball requires a lot of trial and error, so take your time and go with your gut.

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