Srixon Soft Feel vs Callaway Supersoft 2023 [Expert Review]

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Deciding between similar products such as the Srixon Soft Feel vs Callaway Supersoft can be difficult. In this article, our golf expert compares the best option for you.

The Srixon Soft Feel and Callaway Supersoft are two highly renowned golf balls with amateurs for their affordability, forgiveness, and consistency. In this post, I review the Srixon Soft Feel vs Callaway Supersoft to see which distance ball is best for the average golfer.

I will start with the pros and cons of each golf ball before revealing the wealth of similarities between the two. Although both products are affordable, easy launching distance balls, we will analyze their specs, features, and performance to find the superior offering for amateurs.

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Overview of the Srixon Soft Feel vs Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls

Srixon and Callaway constructed the Soft Feel and Supersoft as affordable and forgiving distance soft golf balls that cater to the average golfer. 

Both these two-piece constructions carry low to mid-compression scores which are easier for slow to mid-swing speeds to strike at impact and launch high and long.

In addition to their enhanced compression, both golf balls are built to launch high, resist drag and fly straighter for improved accuracy. 

Furthermore, these entry-level distance balls possess a soft feel and produce increased spin around the green compared to other golf balls in their category.

Finally, the high and long-flying golf balls are constructed in various colors to suit optically challenged players. 

Overall, the Srixon Soft Feel and Callaway Supersoft golf balls are comparable in nature, given their 2-piece design, mid to low driver spin, and high ball speed.

However, there are some key differences, which I will address in the next chapter.

Srixon Soft Feel vs Callaway Supersoft Specs

Golf BallSoft FeelSupersoft
Cover MaterialIonomerParaloid Surlyn
Compression RatingMidLow
Dimple PatternSpeed DimplesHex Aerodynamics
Driver SpinMid – LowMid – Low
SizeStandard BallStandard Ball
Table: Srixon Soft Feel vs Callaway Supersoft  Specs

Pros and Cons

pros and cons showing two chalk board with a weighted scale

Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls


  • Affordable soft golf balls
  • Generates rapid ball speed
  • Promotes a consistently high launch
  • Available in 3 optic friendly colors
  • Optimal rebound off the clubface


  • Insufficient greenside spin for skilled players
  • Durability could be better

Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls


  • Easily compressible 
  • Promotes a high launch
  • Affordable, soft golf balls
  • Designed in 6 colors
  • Soft Feel


  • Insufficient greenside spin for low handicappers
  • The low compression may cause high swing speeds to balloon shots.

Who Is The Srixon Soft Feel For?

Srixon Soft Feel, brite green balls in a dozen box

The Srixon Soft Feel is a mid-compression distance golf ball built for slow and mid-swing speed golfers. I choose the Soft Feel regularly for casual rounds because it is affordable, easy to launch, and provides an element of greenside spin for short-game control.

Who Is The Callaway Supersoft For?

Callaway Supersoft Golf Ball 2023 Box in white

The Callaway Supersoft works for slow swing speed high handicap golfers, as well as senior players seeking an effortless launch. 

Callaway designed the Supersoft with reduced driver spin and enhanced rebound at impact. This allows slow swing speed players to elevate launch and generate consistent carry distance.

Similarities | Srixon Soft Feel vs Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls

Two Piece Construction

The Srixon Soft Feel and Callaway Supersoft are 2-piece distance golf balls containing a high rebound core and an ionomer cover. These are the most affordable style of golf balls on the market and are geared towards casual golfers and high handicappers.

The two-piece design of these golf balls leads to spin reduction and velocity escalation on high-impact shots. This combination causes both golf balls to rebound rapidly off the clubface for a soaring and powerful launch.

However, as their name suggests, these balls are not designed for short game play but provide sufficient control for the average player.

High Launch

The Soft Feel and Supersoft encourage a towering launch thanks to their mid and low compression scores. Given my moderate swing speed, I launch the Supersoft marginally higher than the Soft Feel.

The added height stems from the increased compression and spring generated with the Supersoft. However, the difference is minimal, and they both deliver the increased launch required by the average golfer on long shots.

Mid Low Driver Spin

Srixon and Callaway strive to restrict spin off the tee and increase ball speed for superior rebound, launch, and distance. I generated similar backspin revolutions per minute with both balls, marginally higher than my average, which I can cope with.

Soft Feel

Both distance balls provide a soft feel off the clubface, ideal for compression but undesirable for feedback. The ball provided a muted feel on short game shots, making it difficult to truly identify where it struck the clubface.

The delicate sensation of the Srixon Soft Feel is induced by the FastLayer core. It is soft in the center and firms around the edges for optimal energy transfer, low spin, and ball speed on long shots.

Callaway employed their HyperElastic Soft Fast core which delivers similar results. 

Matte Finish

Srixon and Callaway released matte-finish golf balls to simplify tracing your ball in the air and spotting it on the ground. Srixon offers the Soft Feel range in Brite Red, Brite Orange, and Brite Green, but I find the Tour Yellow is still the easiest to follow.

Callaway engineers went all out with the Supersoft range concocting 6 colors to suit every taste. Moreover, they threw one for good luck, a white tour ball sporting a shamrock. Like the Soft Feel, I find the yellow is less painless to trace.

Greenside Spin

Distance balls naturally struggle to compete with tour balls on the ground, delivering limited spin. While the Supersoft and Soft Feel would underperform against the Chrome Soft X in a wedge spin contest, they do well for two-piece golf balls.

Although it is ionomer, the thin, soft cover of the 12th generation Soft Feel delivers more spin than most distance balls. I found it increased friction on low-impact strikes, causing the ball to stay on the clubface longer and produce an element of spin.

My experience was similar with the Callaway Supersoft, as its Hybrid cover stayed on the clubface longer. It was not Pro V1 level spin but sufficient for the average mid-handicapper.


Affordability is another aspect that makes the Soft Feel and Supersoft attractive to amateurs. They fetch half the price of a premium tour ball, reduce driver spin, increase ball speed, and promote high ball flight.

Sure, they do not spin to the levels of a tour golf ball such as the Titleist Pro V1. Fortunately, amateur golfers do not require the precision of a low handicap or professional golfer.

Differences | Srixon Soft Feel and Callaway Supersoft

Senior golfer hitting his ball off the tee at Isla Del Sol Club in St Petersburg, FL

Compression Rating

The compression score is the most significant difference between the Supersoft and Soft Feel. The former carries a low compression which scores in the high thirties. Conversely, the Srixon Soft Feel reaches the low sixties.

Therefore, the Supersoft is easier to compress at contact, which works for slow swing speeds seeking faster ball speed. The added compression maximizes rebound off the clubface generating a high launch.

On the contrary, the mid-compression Srixon Soft Feel is better suited to moderate swing speeds. I know slow swing speed golfers who play the Soft Feel, but you want the lower Supersoft for improved consistency.

The Soft Feel produces less spring off the clubface than the Supersoft, but still sufficient to aid your ball speed cause.


Srixon fitted the Soft Feel with a thinner-than-usual ionomer cover to soften the touch and increase friction on wedge shots. The Supersoft sports a surlyn hybrid wrapping which delivers the best of both worlds.

Callaway engineers developed the cover to help the ball spring rapidly off the clubface on high-impact shots for a powerful launch. 

Conversely, I found the cover stuck on my wedge and short iron clubfaces for longer, resulting in more spin than the average distance ball.

Although both covers work to deliver spin and control around the green, I find the hybrid cover on the Supersoft more responsive on long shots.


Both golf balls launch relatively high on long shots to promote an enhanced carry and total distance. However, I find the softer compression core on the Callaway Supersoft saw me deliver better elevation on high-impact strikes.

While I still generate plenty of elevation with the Soft Feel, it is marginally lower than the Supersoft, prompting improved control and flight for my swing. The controlled flight is directly thanks to its Speed Dimple Pattern, which promotes a piercing launch and limited drag while increasing lift.  

Straightest Flying Golf Ball 

In my experience, the Srixon Soft Feel delivers the straightest flight, thanks to its Speed Dimple Pattern. The resistant pattern stands firm in the wind by lowering resistance and slicing through the breeze to remain stable in flight.

Wind aside, the expertly crafted dimples eliminate drag on the launch to keep your ball on the intended path. Plus, it increases lift on the descent, delaying your landing for increased carry distance.

Longest Golf Ball

The Srixon Soft Feel proved the longest golf ball in testing in 2023, thanks to its enhanced yet controlled flight, low spin, and increased ball speed. 

I found the low compression on the Supersoft caused me to balloon my golf shots and lose forward momentum. As a result, my ball often dropped out of the sky earlier than intended and lost forward roll, leading to a soft landing and reduced distance.

However, slower swing speeds may produce consistent carry and total distance using the Callaway Supersoft. Its ease of launch helps you get consistently airborne, compared to higher compression-rated constructions. The Callaway Supersoft often compared as well with the Supersoft Max.

Best Ball for Short Game Shots 

Both golf balls are not typically designed for short game play but deliver more revolutions than the standard distance ball. However, the Srixon Soft Feel provided marginally more control and spin on wedge shots than the Callaway.

Srixons thinner, softer ionomer cover responded superbly to low-impact wedge and iron shots, sticking to the clubface for longer. Its added time on the clubface boosted friction, imparting superior spin on the golf ball.

While the hybrid cover on the Callaway Supersoft promoted improved short-game control, the Srixon responded better off my clubface.

Top Choice for Seniors: Callaway Supersoft

The best balls for seniors are the Callaway Supersoft Golf Ball, thanks to its low compression core, easy launch, and consistent flight. It works well for slower swing speeds seeking consistency in their launch, distance, and accuracy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Srixon Soft Feel a distance ball?

Yes, the Srixon Soft Feel is a distance golf ball constructed in two pieces. The FastLayer Core promotes explosive ball speed and reduced spin on long shots for optimal yardage. However, its thin, soft ionomer cover enhances friction on short game shots to improve greenside control.

What is the compression on the Callaway Supersoft golf ball?

The compression on the Callaway Supersoft golf ball is 38, which is a low compression score. This makes the golf ball ideal for slower swing speed golfers searching for a consistently high launch and optimal carry distance.

What Color are Srixon Soft Feel golf balls?

The Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls are crafted in Soft White, Tour Yellow, Brite Red, Brite Orange, and Brite Green.

What is the difference in the Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls 2023 vs previous years?

Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls 2023 offer the latest technology featuring a FastLayer Core that transitions from a soft inner core to a strong outer edge. It gives the feel of having hundreds of layers providing more distance and greater feel.

Is Srixon Soft Feel a 2 piece ball?

Yes, the Srixon Soft Feel is a 2-piece ball comprising a soft FastLayer Core and an ionomer cover.

How many dimples does a Srixon Soft Feel have?

The Srixon Soft Feel Golf Ball has 338 aerodynamic dimples that form the Speed Dimple Pattern. These dimples resist drag, stabilize the golf ball in flight, and enhance lift, to increase carry distance.

Final Thoughts on Srixon Soft Feel vs Callaway Supersoft

Verdict: Depends (Full Answer Below)

Our review of the Srixon Soft Feel vs Callaway Supersoft revealed two similar golf balls for amateurs. Both are two-piece distance balls that restrict driver spin, accelerate velocity and promote an elevated launch.

However, the unique difference lies in their compression scores, with the Soft Feel carrying a higher construction. Although the average golfer will have no challenge achieving consistency with the Soft Feel, slower swing speeds may desire a softer compression.

Callaway Supersoft is easily compressible and launches high. I find the Supersoft a suitable option for mid and high-handicap seniors.

On the other hand, the Srixon Soft Feel is an all-around better golf ball for the average golfer.

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