Callaway Supersoft vs Supersoft Max 2023 | Which is Best?

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In this Callaway Supersoft vs Supersoft Max 2023 review, our golf expert covers key differences to know before you purchase.

Slower swing speed golfers always praise the Callaway Supersoft and the accompanying Callaway Supersoft Max golf ball’s launch, distance, and consistency. In this post, I explore how effective the latest iterations are in our Callaway Supersoft vs Supersoft Max 2023 edition review.

By the end of the post, you will know what core, cover, and dimple pattern each ball uses to boost speed and distance for a high handicapper. In addition, I explain the differences between the ball and which golfer is best fitted to each.

If you’re also considering the Srixon Soft Feel Golf Ball, I also did a comparison you can find here.

Quick Summary Table

Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls
Supersoft Max
Callaway Supersoft Max Golf Balls
Callaway Golf Supersoft Golf Balls (2023 Version, White)
Callaway Supersoft Max Golf Balls 12B PK (2023 Version, White)
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Amazon Prime
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Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls
Callaway Golf Supersoft Golf Balls (2023 Version, White)
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Supersoft Max
Callaway Supersoft Max Golf Balls
Callaway Supersoft Max Golf Balls 12B PK (2023 Version, White)
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Overview of The Supersoft and Supersoft Max

The Callaway Supersoft and Callaway Supersoft Max golf balls are built to deliver accelerated ball speed, an enhanced launch, and optimal carry distance for slower swing speeds.

Both golf balls contain a 2-piece construction with an ionomer cover and classed as distance balls, which offer limited greenside spin.

However, I find both Callaway golf balls easy to compress, leading to increased ball velocity and a powerful strike. The most significant difference between the two balls is their compression rating and size, with the oversized Supersoft Max proving easier to strike.

Callaway Supersoft vs Supersoft Max Specs

Golf BallSupersoftSupersoft Max
Cover MaterialParaloid SurlynIonomer
Dimple PatternHex AerodynamicsHex Aerodynamics
Driver SpinMid – LowMid – Low
SizeStandard BallLarger Ball
Table: Callaway Supersoft vs Supersoft Ball Specs

Who Is The Callaway Supersoft For?

The two golf balls may look identical at quick glance, but the Callaway Super Soft Max is significantly larger in size.
Supersoft Ball (left) and Supersoft Max Ball (right)

The 38 compression-rated Callaway Supersoft is a long-flying, low-spinning distance golf ball built for slow to moderate swing speed high handicappers.

Callaway Supersoft Golf Ball | Pros and Cons


  • Affordable
  • Generates superb compression at impact
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Aerodynamic dimples
  • Low long-game spin


  • Greenside spin is still minimal compared to tour golf balls
  • Higher swing speeds might generate excess spin off the tee

Who Is The Callaway Supersoft Max For?

Although only marginally lower, the Callaway Supersoft Max carries a 30 compression rating, prompting it to boost energy transfer at impact.

As a result, I find the Callaway Supersoft Max ball better caters to super slow swing speeds in desperate need of accelerated ball speed and low spin.

Callaway Supersoft Max Golf Ball | Pros and Cons


  • Easy launching golf ball
  • Promotes straighter flight
  • Affordable
  • Produces rapid ball speed
  • Built for slower swing speed golfers


  • Only available in white
  • Minimal greenside spin
  • Some golfers don’t like the larger size ball

Similarities | The Callaway Supersoft vs Supersoft Max

Callaway Supersoft vs Supersoft Max review
Callaway Supersoft vs Supersoft Max Review

Two Piece Construction

The Callaway Supersoft and Supersoft Max golf balls feature a two-piece construction consisting of a core and an ionomer cover. The minimalist design renders them an affordable option for the average golfer and the easiest to launch and optimize carry distance.

The affordability of these golf balls makes them a smart choice for beginners who may frequently lose balls every round.

Hex Aerodynamics

Callaway engineers employed their popular Hex Aerodynamics dimple pattern to both golf balls for unhindered flight. I appreciate its drag-resistant antics at lift off which fought off the detractor to produce consistent elevation off the clubface.

In addition, the dimple pattern created superb slipstream in mid-flight to encourage greater long-game carry distance. Finally, the Hex Aerodynamics enhances lift during descent to keep your ball in the air longer.

Slower Clubhead Speed

The Callaway Supersoft and Supersoft Max golf balls score a low compression rating, making them better equipped to serve slower clubhead speeds. Although the Supersoft is slightly higher, it fits into the soft compression golf ball category.

Their lower compression design makes it easier for slow swing speed to compress the golf ball and enhance energy transfer. This leads to a faster ball pace and reduced spin for an elevated, long golf shot. The low compression provides speed, spin, and yardage assistance to aid slower swingers.

Differences | Callaway Supersoft and Supersoft Max

Testing the Callaway Supersoft vs Supersoft Max - two sleeves of both products in comparable sizes and colors.
Testing the Callaway Supersoft Ball & Callaway Supersoft Max Ball

HyperElastic SoftFast Core

Callaway engineers built the Supersoft with a HyperElastic SoftFast Core, which combines with the Paraloid cover for an improved greenside feel. In addition, the SoftFast Core blasts the ball off the clubface on long shots for improved carry and total distance.

Conversely, the Supersoft Max contains an oversized core, which maximizes energy transfer at impact for better ball speeds.

Oversized Design

The oversized design of the Supersoft Max makes it easier for beginners to make consistent contact with the ball and preserve energy transfer. As a result, higher handicappers produce adequate ball velocity and low spin on long shots to optimize distance.

Although the oversized construction of the Supersoft Max provides restricted spin around the green, the enhanced launch promotes a soft landing. 

Compression Rating

I explained that the Supersoft and Supersoft Max are classed as low-compression golf balls, but their total rating differs. The Max version is the softer of the two boasting a rating of 30, whereas the Supersoft sits at 38.

While the difference is minimal, beginners should welcome 8 fewer points, which further aid in springing the golf ball off the clubface. Combined with the oversized design of the Supersoft Max, slower swing speeds will enjoy a more consistent launch with softer compression.

Supersoft Max Ionomer Cover

Next, Callaway applied the durable ionomer material to the Supersoft Max to protect the core, limit spin, and preserve ball speed. While ionomer is phenomenal for maximizing long game distance, it’s not the most effective material for greenside spin.

I find both golf balls challenging to control on short game shots, stemming from the limited spin they provide. However, the boosted apex with the added lift produces a soft landing for a quick bite on approach.

Supersoft Hybrid Paraloid Impact Cover

The Supersoft features a Hybrid Paraloid Impact Modifier Cover crafted to react differently to variable force. For example, high-impact strikes with a driver or long iron spring off the clubface, producing rampant speed and low spin.

Conversely, the ball sticks to the grooves of your short irons and wedges for longer to increase spin for superior shot-stopping power. While the Supersoft did spin more than the Max edition, it was still well off a urethane construction.

Overall, the Paraloid cover is built to give slow and moderate swinging mid and high handicappers the best of both worlds. However, it still delivers better distance than it does spin.


The SuperSoft Max is available solely in a classic tour white color, while the Supersoft range suits the more adventurous. Callaway constructed the Supersoft series in green, orange, red, white, pink, and yellow, which are easier to trace in the air and find in the rough.

While the tour-white finish may appeal to traditionalists, golfers with optical challenges will follow a yellow or orange Supersoft the easiest.

Straightest Flying Golf Ball

During testing, I found the Callaway Supersoft Max delivered the straightest ball flight, thanks to oversized construction and hex aerodynamics.

The larger high-energy core combines with the Hex aerodynamics to promote higher and straighter ball flight for the casual golfer.

Longest Ball

The Callaway Supersoft traveled further than the Max because I generated marginally higher flight with the bigger ball. As a result, I lost an element of roll upon landing.

Conversely, the standard Callaway Supersoft golf ball delivered an additional 20 yards of roll for an average of 267 yards.

The Callaway Supersoft Max carried longer, reaching 251 yards, but only rolled 13 yards further, falling 6 yards behind the Supersoft. I feel inconsistent ball strikers will generate increased yardage with the more sizeable softer Supersoft Max, thanks to its forgiveness and higher ball flight.

Best Option for Short Game Shots

The Paraloid Impact Cover on the Supersoft was the difference around the greens. It increased friction and kept the ball on the clubface for longer. This allowed me to impart additional spin on the ball compared to other distance constructions. But, the revolutions were nowhere near a urethane-covered ball.

Other than the short game spin, the softness of the golf ball was a pleasure off the clubface and sometimes significantly muted. I would rather that than a rock-hard ball with no feel or feedback.

Best Golf Balls for Seniors

The Callaway Supersoft compresses optimally at impact, generating superb ball speed and low spin in your long game. In addition, the high-flying golf ball reacts differently on shorter shots, imparting spin on the ball for increased greenside control.

Overall, the Callaway Supersoft goes high, long, and straight while offering some spin around the greens. Therefore, senior golfers enjoy an effortless launch and ample carry distance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What swing speed is good for Callaway Supersoft?

The Callaway Supersoft is ideal for driver swing speeds between 72 and 96 mph. Golfers in this bracket are slow and moderate swingers who typically require softer compression golf balls to boost speed, distance, and launch.

What is the difference between soft and supersoft golf balls?

Launch, spin, and flight is the difference between soft and supersoft golf balls. Soft golf balls typically carry a low compression and lower spin while boosting speed on long shots for optimal distance. Conversely, a supersoft golf ball is forgiving and generates an exceptional launch and straight flight.

Why are soft golf balls better for seniors?

Soft golf balls are better for seniors because they are easier to compress at impact for optimal energy transfer, speed, and spin. Soft golf balls carry low compression ratings, which slow swing speeds find easier to strike, launch and optimize distance.

Is Callaway Supersoft Max a good golf ball?

Yes, the Callaway Supersoft Max is a good golf ball for beginners requiring an enhanced launch, straighter flight, and optimal distance. They offer superior forgiveness and are easy to strike, offering golfers consistent contact between clubface and ball.

Do harder or softer golf balls go further?

Softer golf balls go further for the average golfer, as they are easier to compress and promote rapid ball speed and low spin. This combination enables slower swing-speed golfers to get the ball airborne and produce consistent carry distance.

However, when high swing speed golfers use softer golf balls, they may lose distance because of an enhanced apex and reduced roll. As a result, they may prefer a firmer golf ball to boost their length.

Final Thoughts

My Callaway Supersoft vs Supersoft Max 2023 assignment allowed me to revisit two successful golf ball constructions. The engineers have improved on previous iterations to deliver improved distance, launch aerodynamics, and in the case of the Supersoft, short-game feel and greenside spin.

I did enjoy hitting the Callaway Supersoft Max and felt it offered exceptional forgiveness, thanks to its enlarged design. The downside was a higher than usual apex, lost distance, and the oversize design was uncomfortable at address. However, consistency and leniency are ideal for beginner golfers.

Overall, the Callaway Supersoft came out on top because it delivered a superior all-around performance. Yes, the spin is not that of a high-end golf ball, but it is more affordable, and I would not expect optimal revolutions per minute.

The Callaway Supersoft is available in multiple optic-friendly colors, launches mid to high, and produces exceptionally low spin off the tee, making it the better of the two.

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