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In this article, golf writer, Colleen Gilbert provides golf life lessons that will remind you why you love the game of golf and the wisdom you can learn from it.

A lot has been written about the philosophy of golf. Our modern game as we know it has been around since the 15th century.

Scotland claims they originated the game, while others argue that it can be traced to early Rome. In either case, the golf game unlike other sports offers great wisdom to the player; if they only knew.

When I am asked by my non-playing skeptical friends to describe the game of golf I think of many different adjectives. The ones coming to mind are fun, demanding, frustrating, disappointing, and rewarding. I guess this pretty well sums it up.

When things go your way, they are fun and rewarding; that can change at a moment’s notice, then the words coming to mind are frustrating and disappointing.

With golf life lessons in mind, patience and persistence need to be applied to get you back on track to make it fun and enjoyable once again.

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Fred Couples Quote on golf, "There is no truth in the idea that the person who hits the most balls will become the best golfer.  Golf is a bizarre sport.  You can work for years on your game without making any improvement in your score."

7 Golf Life Lessons

I’ve been golfing for over 40 years. Over this period of time, I’ve learned about the many facets of golf, as well as golf life lessons that you can apply to everyday life. Here are my top favorite words of wisdom that will hopefully help you.

1. Golf is just not fair

Now, I am an expert on this belief. I have been playing golf for many years. I have practiced, taken numerous lessons, read and studied the subject, and played hundreds of golf rounds.

Yes, I have a lot of golf under my belt, so you would think that golf should come easy for me and low scores should abound. Wrong! Some days are up, and some days are down. Golf is just not fair!

2. Golf is good for your body and mind

You don’t have to be a perfect physical specimen to do well playing golf. Fat or skinny, short or tall, weak or strong, you can play golf and do it well. For me, this is a blessing as I know I couldn’t excel in other physical sports as well as I do in golf.

In regards to your brain, your mind also gets a workout as you plan your game strategy and think about hitting your next shot. Golf is good for your body and mind!

3. Golf reveals true personalities

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Playing your accurate score

Honesty and truth are two factors in golf that can define someone’s true personality and character.

My husband used to say that playing golf with someone for several hours can teach you a lot about that person. I can certainly vouch for his thinking.

A friend of mine that had the sweetest disposition turned into a monster when her golf ball went out of bounds. Swearing and club throwing were her norm when things went awry.

In another instance, an acquaintance showed her true self when she “found” her ball after a 5-minute search. In reality, another player caught her dropping another ball close to where she was searching and then claimed she had found her ball. So much for honesty, but I did learn that I needed to keep a close eye on her in the future.

4. Golf is a learning game

Golf in my opinion, is a game that is never mastered. You never stop learning.

You learn about new swing techniques, new equipment, new golf courses, and of course, the never-ending revision of golf rules. Unlike other sports, you never stop learning.

5. Golf is love

Now you are probably thinking, what in the heck does that mean? Hear me out. When you are playing good golf, you are in love with the game. The world is wonderful, and you can’t do anything wrong.

Then bad golf creeps into your game; your golf swing is shot, and golf balls are flying helter skelter.  You still love golf, but it’s like fighting with your spouse. You still love him, but not at this moment.

As PGA Tour professional golfer, Tom Kite remarked, “You love it when you win on Sunday, and you love it when you fall on your face. You love it when it breaks your heart.” So, Tom and I agree that golf is about love.

6. Find joy in golf

Playing golf does not put food on the table, and it is not your occupation. Don’t take this game so seriously. You don’t have to play it. It is not necessary for your survival. It is for enjoyment only. Relax and let your frustrations turn to smiles. Life is good.

7. Golf is challenging

Most people enjoy some challenges in their life, and golf is a game loaded with them. You may be challenged by playing a match against an opponent or trying to lower your handicap.

Challenges are consistent on a golf course as you study how you will hit between the trees or over the water. Life is a series of challenges, and so is golf.

These are a few of my favorite golf wisdoms. Overall, golf has its ups and downs and its blissful and terrible moments; but it is still an addictive wonderful game for all ages to enjoy. So join the fun and experience the wisdom of golf. What do you have to lose?

Final Thoughts on Golf Life Lessons

Well, there you have it, my top 7 golf life lessons I wish I had when I first started playing golf. While golf has changed in some ways over the years, these main concepts have remained constant over the decades. Please feel free to comment below on your favorite golf life lessons too!

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Colleen was born in Michigan and has been playing golf since she was 19 years old. She currently has a 12 handicap and is continually striving to improve her game. As a Senior Golfer, she spends her time playing golf, writing and investigating new golf courses.

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