5 Best Types Of Golf Games To Mix It Up On The Golf Course

senior ladies golfing and chatting together on the green. Types of golf games shown is a sramble.

Most of the time, I play golf how it was intended to be played, but now and then, there are circumstances where different types of golf games are offered for fun and challenge. The five types of golf games listed below are my personal favorites. For seasoned golfers, this information is old hat, but for … Read more

Golfing with Dementia | The Mental Health Benefits of Golf

Senior couple golfing and holding arms as they walk toward the green.

Looking at the mental health benefits of golf? In this article, golf writer Colleen Gilbert provides a personalized story on how golf can truly benefit anyone. There has been a lot said about the mental health benefits of golf. Numerous articles have been written about the attributes of how staying physically active contributes to good … Read more

How to Get Out of a Golf Slump | #1 Worst Word to Golfers

Colleen is on a Michigan golf course.

Feel like you’re in a golf slump? Then you’ll want to read this personal article on a common issue that affects most golfers, including Colleen Gilbert. The Dreaded “S” Word In my book the worst word in golf begins with the letter S; no it is not shank or slice, it is the word slump. … Read more

7 Golf Life Lessons You’ll Actually Use | Wisdom of Golf

Granddaughter sitting our her grandfather's lap. Looking at a scorecard with her grapndparends in a golf cart.

In this article, golf writer, Colleen Gilbert provides golf life lessons that will remind you why you love the game of golf and the wisdom you can learn from it. A lot has been written about the philosophy of the game of golf. Our modern game of golf as we know it has been around … Read more

The Mystique of Golf… Why is Golf So Addictive?

Golfer raising his hands above his head in joy after a good round of golf on the putting green.

From a golfer with over 30 years on the course, this fun short read provides a unique look at… Why is golf so addictive? Not Quite a Simple Sport My sister, Maureen, once asked me about teaching her to play golf. She knew that I had been playing the game for many years and thought … Read more

Ping Women’s G Le 2 Fairway Wood & Hybrid Review in 2023

ping women's g le 2 fairway wood - showing colleen gilber with her ping 7 wood

Looking to purchase a Ping Women’s G Le 2 Fairway Wood? Read on for must-know details on this golf club before you buy. My favorite go-to club when I need a confidence boost is my Ping Le 2 seven hybrid. And here’s why… ⛳️ Read Next: Cleveland Smart Sole Chipper: The Solution to Chipping Woes … Read more

Cleveland Smart Sole Chipper: The Solution to Chipping Woes

cleveland golf chipper review

The Cleveland Smart Sole Chipper is one of my favorite clubs in my golf bag. In this article, I will share critical details on this fantastic golf chipper. Hunting for a Used Golf Chipper A few months back, I was shopping at the PGA Superstore in Sarasota, FL. As part of my shopping ritual at … Read more

Disney Golf Weekend: How I Finally Got My Husband to Disney

disney golf weekend at celebration golf club

Are you planning a Disney Golf getaway? Then, I have you covered with my favorite Disney golf courses, restaurants, and hotels in Orlando, Florida. Read further on my recent experience with a golf weekend trip to Disney! Disney Golf Experience I am married to an anti-Disney World man. Now don’t get me wrong he has … Read more

Golf Genius App Review: Discover This Game Changing Software

Golf Genius has replaced the manual scorecard in golf. Manual scorecard shown.

Golf Genius is a cloud-based software that promises to make your golf events run smoothly and efficiently. With the ability to view other golfer’s scores in real-time, it sounds like a promising solution. But does it live up to the hype? Keep reading for my full review of Golf Genius Software. Read Next: The 58 … Read more