What is the Age for Senior Tees in Golf? + 10 MUST Know Tips

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If you are new to the game of golf, you may be wondering, what is the age for senior tees in golf? Let us help!

To set your mind at ease, there are no clear guidelines…

According to the USGA, “The World Handicap System™ enables players to play from different tees and still have a fair game or competition, which is why the USGA does not recommend any particular set of tees based on factors such as age, gender, or driving distance. For recreational rounds, it is up to the player to decide which tees to play. For competition purposes, it is up to the Committee in charge of the competition.”

Senior Golf Age Requirements

what is the age for senior tees in golf
Article: What is the age for senior tees in golf?

There are a few ways to categorize golfers as seniors. It may vary from place to place or country to country. When moving from the practice range to the actual course in the past, golfers’ starting selections used to depend on their ages.

But today golfers aren’t limited by any requirements when it comes to their starting position. This guideline for utilizing senior tees, however, is somewhat flexible because age is not the only factor. When choosing a senior tee, it is important to keep in mind your current driving distance and handicap.

The main purpose of the senior tees is to encourage golfers to move forward to the tee that better suits their current ability. As a result, this also helps speed up the pace of play (which helps everyone). Age 70 tends to be the average golden age for a senior golfer.

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Who Can Use Senior Golf Tees?

In the past, the age of a golfer determined the tee box option. But now, the selection of tee boxes depends on the golfing skills of the players.

The game of golf should be fun. Players on average should reach the fairways from their tee shots. So here are some basic guidelines to keep in mind when deciding whether to use the senior golf tees:

  • From your drive, par 3s should be in putting reach.
  • From your drive, par 4s should be in reach of the green by your 2nd shot.
  • From your drive, par 5s must be in reach by your 3rd shot.

Different Tee Boxes in Golf

While we are on the topic of tee boxes, it’s good to know the general tee box colors used throughout the United States at golf clubs. However, these days tee box colors have become more of a thing of the past at most country clubs.

Tee Box Colors

  • Green tees (closest to pin, not used on all golf courses): Junior or Youth golfers
  • Red tees (next closest to the pin): Women golfers
  • Gold / yellow tees (second after red tees in position): Senior golfers
  • White tees (tends to be in the middle): Men with mid to high handicaps
  • Blue tees (follows the white tees, second from the back): Low-handicap men golfers
  • Black tees (furthest from the pin): Professional golfers

Some golf courses use a more simplified approach with three tee boxes. As we stated earlier, this will vary from person to person or course to course.

Here is the general recommendation for three tee boxes in golf:

  • Front tees (closest to the pin): Mid to high-handicap women, seniors, or beginners
  • Middle tees: Mid to high-handicap men, low-handicap women, or low-handicap seniors
  • Back tees (furthest from the pin): Low-handicap men

Tee Box Etiquette – 10 Must-Know Tips

To those of you who are new to the game of golf, you will want to know the basic requirements for tee box etiquette. These are just a few of the items to keep in mind.

We also recently covered important tips on speeding up your pace of play in golf.


  • Allow the previous hole winner winners to have the option to go first.
  • The player that is hitting the ball should have autonomy on the tee with no interruptions.
  • Stand on the ball side of the player as he/she tees off.
  • Keep quiet and be respectful to the other players.
  • Avoid standing too close and causing a shadow.
  • Avoid anything that would cause distraction.


  • Comments in general about a player’s stance, swing, etc. whether positive or negative.
  • Stand behind a player, stand too close, or cast shadows.
  • Move around or make noise (i.e. clean your golf ball, mess around with pocket change, cough, clear your throat, etc.).
  • Whisper, talk, or use your cell phone – anything that would create noise or distraction.

Rule of 85 Golf

Not everyone has heard of the rule of 85 in golf. Let us familiarize you as it relates to our topic at hand.

The rule of 85 basically simplifies what tee you should play from with basic math. The 85 golf rule is as follows:

Your current age + Your current handicap = Your Answer

*If you score 85 or higher, then you should be using the senior tees for men.

PGA TOUR Champions | Senior Golf Tour

Senior Golf Tour: US Open 2013: Jonathan Palombo Photography
Senior Golf Tour: US Open 2013: Jonathan Palombo Photography

There are five major senior golf tournaments, and the U.S. Senior Open is one of them.

What is the Age for Senior Tees in Golf?

For tournament play, men must be fifty years of age or older, and women must be forty-five years of age or fifty (depending on the tour).

Among the five major events for senior golf, the Senior PGA Championship is the oldest.  It was founded in 1937.

Major Golf Tournaments

For many years, this was the only major golf tournament open to players aged 50 and over. It is regulated by the Professional Golfers’ Association of America (PGA).

There are five major senior golf championships. These are listed below:

  • U.S. Senior Open (introduced 42 years ago in 1980)
  • Senior Players Championship (introduced in 1983)
  • Senior Open Championship (founded in 1983, introduced as a major in 2003)
  • The Regions Tradition (introduced in 1989)
  • Senior PGA Championship (Founded in 1937, Introduced as a major tour in 1980)

For a more in-depth review and the tour schedule, you will want to read our PGA TOUR Champions Guide.

Final Thoughts on Senior Tees in Golf

Golf is the perfect sport if you’re searching for something you can continue to play at any age. We hope you now have answered your question, “what is the age for senior tees in golf?”

If you have further questions, you will want to check out our other more in-depth articles listed below.

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