Steve Flesch WITB 2023 | Two Inspiring Wins Last Season

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Interested in taking a look inside this PGA Champion’s bag? Read on for a detailed review of Steve Flesch WITB (What’s in the Bag).

Steve Flesch has entered the Winner’s Circle on the PGA Tour Champions Tour on three occasions since 2018. The 2022 season will go down as his best year to date, as he bagged two trophies and finished in the top 20 on 7 additional outings.

Now 56, the Ohio native is showing that he gets better with age, and in this post, I look at Steve Flesch WITB for 2023 to see what gets him around the links.

In addition, I will lay out the features and benefits of his equipment for you to see if it suits your golf swing.

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Steve Flesch Quick Facts Table

Steve Flesch with his caddie practicing his iron shot in 2023 in Jacksonville, FL.
Full NameStephen J. Flesch
BirthdayMay 23, 1967
BirthplaceCincinnati, Ohio, USA
Age of Steve Flesch56
Year Turned Pro1990
Tournament Wins11
Last WinTour Insurance Championship (2022)
Senior World Ranking22
Equipment SponsorCallaway

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Steve Flesch WITB 2023 Quick Summary

Steve Flesch – Driver of Choice | Callaway Rogue ST Max LS 10.5 Degrees

Steve Flesch WITB : Callaway Rogue ST Max LS 10.5 Degrees

Callaway Driver Overview

The Callaway Rogue ST MAX LS is the lowest-spinning driver in the series, designed for superior golfers seeking less spin off the tee.

In my experience, it provided an element of forgiveness to maintain ball speed on mishits and launched low for a piercing flight and increased forward roll.

Flesch operates with a 10.5-degree loft which suits moderate to fast swingers, but you can alter it thanks to an adjustable hosel.


  • Low launch – ideal for Steve Flesch Golf Swing
  • Minimizes spin
  • Produces explosive ball speed
  • Adjustable hosel
  • Aerodynamic golf club head fights drag and accelerates golf ball speed


  • Premium price tag
  • Slow swing speeds may struggle for consistency with the low launch profile

Steve Flesch Fairway Wood | Callaway Epic Flash 15 Degrees

Callaway Epic Flash 15 Degrees, Steve Flesch What's in the Bag

Callaway Fairway Woods Overview

The Cincinnati-born golfer opts for a Callaway Epic Flash 3 Wood for tee shots and long approach shots.

I find the combination of Flash Face and Jailbreak technology gives you the flexibility and stability needed to produce rampant ball speed and low spin.

Flesch operates with a 15 degree loft profile which you can strengthen or weaken thanks to its adjustable hosel.


  • Easy fairway wood to launch
  • Generates explosive golf ball speed
  • Minimizes spin
  • Provides maximum stability at impact
  • Adjustable hosel


  • Difficult to find brand new
  • Some golfers may prefer a lower golf ball flight

Steve Flesch Hybrid | Ping G400 19 Degrees

Ping G400 Hybrid

Ping Hybrid Overview

Steve Flesch relies on an older Ping G400 Hybrid, which is a breeze to get airborne.

In addition, I find it prompts ample ball speed, a square clubface, and minimal spin on approach.

Finally, its high MOI profile encourages straight shots for greater accuracy in your long game.

While it is no longer available to purchase new in stores, eBay and other retailers have it available in their used golf clubs section. If you’re looking for a new golf club, check out the newer version, Ping G410 Hybrid.


  • A high MOI profile promotes straighter shots
  • Easy launching hybrid
  • Minimizes spin
  • Optimal forgiveness
  • Fast clubface


  • Not the prettiest-looking hybrid
  • Difficult to find new models

Steve Flesch Irons | Srixon ZX Utility Irons (4-5)

Srixon ZX Utility Irons

Srixon ZX Irons Overview

The University of Kentucky graduate carries two Srixon ZX Utility Irons for a consistent strike off the tee and the fairway. When I swung these irons, I enjoyed an improved coefficient of restitution (COR) for stable ball speed, launch, and distance.

In addition, it provides clean turf interaction and encourages a high launching shot from the fairway, rough, and tee. Lastly, it delivers an incredibly soft feel.

Read some of the reviews on this golf club:

“Has a great look and feel. Good pop off the face of the club and responsive enough to provide feedback of miss hits. The weight feels good and balanced. Well worth its investment.”

– Brandon (Steve Flesch WITB, Srixon ZX Irons review)


  • Produces consistent ball speed
  • Golf ball launches high
  • Clean turf interaction
  • Buttery soft feel
  • Delivers optimal distance


  • The chunky sole may not appeal to superior golfers
  • The high launch may cause some golfers to balloon shots

Steve Flesch Irons | Srixon ZX7 Men’s Irons (6-PW)

Srixon ZX7 Men's Irons

Srixon ZX7 Irons Overview

Flesch retains the Japanese brand from his mid to short-iron needs and chooses to swing the ZX7 range. These irons carry the compact profile of a player’s club and a modest cavity back to increase perimeter weighting for a wider sweet spot.

Besides its forgiveness, the Srixon ZX7 Irons were easy to launch and provided a soft feel by eliminating vibrations from off-center strikes.


  • Increased forgiveness thanks to Tour Cavity design
  • Crisp turf interaction
  • Enlarged sweet spot
  • Soft feel
  • Progressive grooves deliver ample spin in your short iron and wedge shots
  • Launches high


  • Broader head profile than a standard players iron
  • Glare is a challenge

Steve Flesch Wedges | Titleist Vokey SM8 – 50 and 54 Degrees 

Titleist Vokey SM8 - 50 and 54 Degrees 

Titleist Vokey SM8 Wedges Overview 

For his gap and sand wedge, the 2022 Tour Insurance Championship winner chooses the Titleist Vokey SM8 Tour Chrome Wedge. The higher CG in these wedges generates a lower, controlled flight for drop and stop spin on approach.

Lower handicappers will also welcome its compact profile, playable design, and high-spinning durable design.


  • Compact profile
  • Produces lower, controlled flight
  • Provides maximum spin
  • Durable grooves
  • Incredible soft feel and enhanced feedback


  • Priced at a premium
  • It offers less forgiveness than the average player demands.

Golf Wedges | Titleist Vokey SM9 – 60 degrees

Titleist Vokey Wedge SM9 in steel

Titleist Vokey SM9 Golf Wedges Overview

When the time comes for playing a flop shot or clearing trouble and stopping the ball dead, Flesch pulls out his Vokey SM9 Lob Wedge.

The 60 degree is equipped with high-quality cut grooves and micro-grooves in between for clean contact and superior spin around the green.

In addition, the genius wedge design delivers an incredibly soft feel and crisp acoustics for a complete greenside experience.


  • High spinning wedge
  • Promotes consistent contact
  • Enhances forgiveness compared to previous Vokey wedges
  • Delivers a delicate feel on all shots
  • Available in numerous sole grinds


  • Pricey for a wedge
  • Minimal improvements over the Titleist Vokey SM8

Steve Flesch’s Putter | Odyssey 2-Ball Ten

Odyssey 2-Ball Ten Putter

Odyssey Putter Overview

Steve Flesch’s putter of choice needs little introduction as he sticks with the famed Odyssey 2-Ball Ten Putter. I find it produces an incredibly soft feel and generates optimal forward roll for greater distance control on the green.

The classic 2-ball alignment aid simplifies aiming, making it easier to identify where your clubface is pointing.

Finally, the double bend stock hosel works best for golfers with a straight stroke.

Read the reviews by other golfers:

“An outstanding putter in all aspects of design. This putter feels great, looks great giving the feeling that every putt can be made. The most outstanding aspect of this putter is the two-ball triple track alignment feature.”

– Major, (Odyssey 2-Ball Ten Putter review)


  • Provides optimal feedback
  • Generates consistent roll
  • Effective alignment aid
  • Built for golfers with straight strokes
  • High MOI promotes straighter putts


  • The oversized putter head does not appeal to everyone.
  • Not suited to golfers with extremely arched strokes

Final Thoughts on Steve Flesch WITB

Steve Flesch WITB showing his golf ball and hitting his irons and wedges from the driving range in 2023.

After claiming two trophies in 2022, Steve Flesch has shown he has what it takes to win on the PGA Tour Champions.

His antics last season showed that even golfers get better with age and prompted me to take notice of his golf equipment.

Flesch turns to Callaway to carry his wood play, Srixon handles the irons, and the master craftsman at Titleist Vokey supplies his wedges.

Finally, he reverts to Callaway for his flat stick needs operating with the beloved Odyssey 2-Ball Ten Putter.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Steve Flesch’s Wife?

Steve Flesch was married to Dina Flesch. He became recently engaged to Rachel Richards in 2023.

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