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In our Cobra LTDX Fairway Wood review, we cover key details on forgiveness, versatility, and how it differs from other Cobra golf clubs on the market…

If you have played a lot of golf in your life, like me, you are bound to have met a golfer who won’t use their driver because they have trouble with it off the tee.

Their new golf club of choice for tee shots instantly becomes a fairway wood. This is a club that golfers love. There is so much versatility with a fairway wood. It offers a feeling of instant gratification. This is where I want to bring your awareness to the Cobra LTDx Fairway Wood

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History & Testing

I started playing golf 8 years ago. After my college baseball career, I figured it was time to pick up the sport of golf. I was the guy I explained above. I could not hit a driver for my life. Everything I hit with a driver was a massive slice. The club I used off the tee most was my 3 wood because I hit it straight and long. After my first few years of playing golf, my driver straightened out and I finally could hit it consistently.

I bought a new golf set 3 years ago and went with the Cobra Speedzone Driver and Cobra Speedzone Fairway Wood. I was hooked on Cobra golf clubs.

The fairway wood specifically became my favorite, but Cobra offers this in a 5 wood and 7 wood as well for senior golfers looking for more of a sweet spot than a traditional iron.

Cobra was the most consistent and best-sounding fairway wood I had ever hit. I could shape shots and get a higher ball flight when I wanted or low ball flight when I wanted.

The Cobra Speedzone Fairway Wood was incredibly long off the tee or fairways. I then moved to the Cobra Radspeed, which I also loved, and finally, I upgraded to the LTDx fairway wood this winter. Cobra has never disappointed me, and I genuinely believe this is the best fairway wood Cobra has created in its history.

I am sharing some specs and details about the golf club that may help determine if this club should be in your bag this year. I hope that you can decide easily if this is a good fit for you or not and fall in love with the LTDx fairway wood the way I have. 

Cobra LTDx Fairway Wood Specs

Cobra LTDx Fairway Wood Review - showing David's fairway wood
Cobra LTDx Fairway Wood

The LTDx fairway wood is swamped with new technology, including the PWR-Cor technology, a H.O.T Face, carbon crown, and premium aftermarket shafts.

The combination of these integrations makes the LTDx fairway wood a perfect setup for tee shots and fairway shots. In this Cobra LTDx fairway review, I will cover these components for you.

PWR-COR Technology

Lower spin was a goal with the new Cobra LTDx Fairway Wood. Compared to previous Cobra generations that I have hit, I can tell you that this offers a lower spin rate due to its PWR-COR technology.

The PWR-COR Technology features an increased amount of weight on the bottom of the club but towards the face of the club. This weight position results in high ball speeds with lower spin rates.

What I love about this is that my carry distance increased a few yards from my previous fairway wood – the Cobra Radspeed, because of the lower spin rate, the golf ball bounces forward further, and you get extra distance off the roll of the ball. 

H.O.T. Face

Showing the club head face of the Cobra LTDX
Cobra LTDx Fairway Wood Review: H.O.T. Face

The H.O.T. face uses a machine that integrates thousands of computerized simulations to determine where the densest spot of the club face should be. This results in a thick club head face with a larger sweet spot in multiple zones. 

Carbon Crown

One thing I noticed right away when I felt the LTDx fairway wood for the first time was the weight. The club has an excellent sense of weight. You feel the bottom end of the golf club, but it feels lighter than the previous fairway woods I have hit.

The carbon crown aids with club head speed. Even though it is lighter, there is a balanced feeling that offers confidence to players of all skill levels on the downswing.

There are two lines on the top of the golf club in the standard LTDx model which is a wonderful alignment aid for golfers needing visual support.

Premium Aftermarket Graphite Shafts

It’s often said that the shaft determines the shot, not the club. If this is true, it is even more critical that a premium aftermarket shaft is offered with the club you purchase.

Cobra offers premium golf shafts such as multiple HZRDUS shafts and Helium SF3 shaft options. However, the stock graphite shaft most common with this club is a Mitsubishi Tensei White is offered multiple flex options including extra stiff, stiff, regular, and senior flex.

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Cobra LTDx Fairway Woods Review Rating

To help explain my review of the Cobra LTDx Fairway Wood I rated looks, sound, feel, forgiveness, and shaft options out of 5. I will explain each score.


The look of the Cobra LTDx is not dramatic but offers a feeling of class. I love the matte black top finish or the high blue gloss option. There is an adjustable hosel for players looking for versatility and different ball flight.

The hollow split rails on the bottom have been a constant feature of Cobra woods for years and acts as an aggressive accent to the bottom of the club head and turf trajectory.

Cobra Golf, known for offering a statement on the looks of their clubs, could have provided some more drama to the look. 


The sound of the LTDx Fairway Wood is incredible. In my opinion, this is single-handedly the best sounding fairway wood on the market today. Yes, you heard that right. The fairway wood sound is sharpened and compact.

The club face, turf interaction, and contact with the ball offer a satisfying sound that delivers confidence to new, senior, and scratch golfers.


The fine tune trajectory of this club allows for an unparalleled feel. Mishits do not include poor vibrations; when the ball is squared up, you will feel like you hit the perfect shot.

I love the feedback off the face, and the LTDx offers plenty of versatility and shot shaping from different swing types and attack angles. 


Forgiveness is essential. I hit this club in my GC Hawk Simulator for about 30 minutes and noticed that my shots were more online than other fairway woods, such as the TaylorMade SIM 2 Max or Cobra Radspeed I have hit in previous years.

There is a degree of increasing MOI (motion of inertia) in the LTDx fairway wood, which results in less face roll on the downswing for any golfer.

Better contact and steadiness because of this feature result in more forgiveness which in turn ideally results in lower scores on those long holes you have to use a fairway wood on. 


The shaft options are excellent. The Mitsubishi Tensei Raw AV White Graphite 75g X Stiff Shaft was my shaft of choice.

It is balanced and helps golfers get a low amount of launch, and keeps the spin down. If you have a fast swing speed, this is a great shaft option for you. They also make it in a regular shaft.

If you have a steadier swing and need more distance, I recommend the HZRDUS Smoke iM10 60 shaft in the regular or stiff shaft.

There is a unique blend of stiffness and stability with this shaft with a mid to high launch to help golfers who need added height and distance get the ball up in the air sooner.

Finally, the Cobra LTDx fairway wood offers fantastic stock shaft options regardless of your golf expertise. 

What Does LTDx Stand for in Cobra?

 The LTDx stands for the longest total distance. Honestly, I was blown away after hitting this fairway wood and comparing it against the prior Cobra generation Radspeed. I hit the LTDx about 10 yards further per wood on average than my Radspeed.

The truth is I love my Cobra Radspeed because it was incredibly forgiving. The benefit to the Cobra LTDx is that it truly offers the longest total distance and is just as forgiving.

What is the Difference Between LTDx, LTDx Max, and LTDx LS Fairway Wood?

What I love about many golf manufacturers today is that they tailor their new clubs to a wide range of skill sets. The LTDx Fairway Wood is the stock version. That is the version discussed in length in this Cobra LTDX fairway wood review.

Cobra also offers an LTDx Max that emphasizes forgiveness with the same ball speed shown in the normal LTDx. The Cobra LTDx Max has adjustable weights to the bottom of the club designed to provide more draw bias or less, depending on the desire.

For the golfer who has trouble with a slice, those with higher handicaps, or looking for extra distance, the Cobra LTDX Max would be the best option.

The third alternative offered by Cobra’s LTDx fairway wood line is the LTDx LS wood. This is the one I decided to go with. LS stands for low spin. Lower handicap golfers who have fast swing speeds, generally will prefer the LTDx LS. There are no top accents on the Cobra LTDX LS to diminish spin on the ball. If you swing fast, this is the best choice for you.  

Final Thoughts on the Cobra LTDx Fairway Wood Review

The verdict of the Cobra LTDx Fairway Wood is it is a strong buy in my book. This will be in my bag all of 2023. Out of all the fairway woods on the market, the LTDx can be the best overall fairway wood due to its consistency and length off the tee and fairway.

As always, I recommend testing a golf driver out before buying it. However, if you are like me and take a chance by purchasing before you try it out, you won’t be disappointed!

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