4 Best Counterbalanced Putters For A Stable Stroke

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My best counterbalanced putters this year are led by the smooth feeling, clean rolling and forgiving White Hot Limited Edition Jailbird 380 mallet. Keep reading to discover the remaining designs in the top 4.

I find the best counterbalanced putters feature both mallet and blade head designs. They also range from budget offerings to premium Scotty Cameron flatsticks, catering to every budget and putting stroke type.

Top 4 Counterbalanced Putters Category Winners

🏆 Best Overall Counterbalanced PutterOdyssey White Hot Limited Edition Jailbird 380
⛳️ Best For High Handicap SeniorsWilson Infinite Bean Men’s Golf Putter
🎯 Best For Low Handicap Over 50 GolfersPing PLD Milled DS72
🤑 Best Budget Counterbalance PutterTour Edge HP Series #1 38″

Overview of a Counterbalanced Putter

4 golfers putting on the green with one using a counterbalanced putter

A counter balance putter has additional mass and weight in the upper portion of the shaft and the clubhead. This creates a higher balancing point on the shaft, which I found increased moment of inertia (MOI). That helped me anchor the putter at contact stabilizing the face and generate consistent topspin and ball speed.

I have noticed that a counterbalanced construction sports a heavier putter head than a standard model. The head weighs 50 grams or more than standard heads, placing them among the most forgiving, consistent flat sticks out there.

How Do Counterbalanced Putters Work?

A counterbalanced putter works by slowing the shaft down and accelerating the club head to increased momentum through the stroke.

Back in the day (when it was legal), if you used to “anchor” your putter against your body, then you may like the feel of a counterbalanced putter.

The shaft is more stabilized, and the club head swings with more inertia when there’s additional load on both ends of the club. The counterbalanced style putter can benefit the type of golfer who tends to be more “handsy” or have a lot of wrist action.

Since there’s more weight spread on the head and bottom of the club, this raises the rotation position of the club. In short, a counterbalanced putter will increase your putting stability.

Here are our top 4 counterbalanced putter picks. Give them a good read to see what suits you the best!

🏆 Best Overall Counterbalanced Putter

Odyssey White Hot Limited Edition Jailbird 380, top and best counterbalanced putters for seniors

The White Hot Limited Edition Jailbird 380 mallet is an upgrade from the Odyssey Stroke Lab Versa Putter.  In my experience, the putter produced sufficient forgiveness, a smooth feel, and stability at impact, leading to a clean roll off the putter face.

Despite its leniency, Tour players are relishing the design, as the Versa alignment aid simplifies setting up for every putt. The three-dot alignment aid complimented the arrow on my golf ball, ensuring the ball sat in the center of the putter face at address.

The longer shaft on the putter made it easier for me to grip down on the flat stick, which I do naturally. This helped me improve my control of the putter during the stroke and the putter face at contact. I found myself generating straighter putts and enjoyed greater accuracy on the dancefloor.


  • Stable putter head
  • Advanced alignment aid
  • Soft feel
  • Generates a smooth roll across the putter face


  • Priced at a premium
  • Not suited to extremely arched strokes

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⛳️ Best for High Handicappers

Wilson Infinite Bean Men’s Golf Putter

The price tag and milled face of the Wilson Infinite Bean immediately piqued my interest. But after stroking a few putts with the affordable mallet flat stick, I was in awe of its delicate touch, clean roll, and glare-resistant finish. 

I felt my stroke tempo was more fluid owing to the counterbalanced technology, resulting in clean contact with my golf ball. Despite its affordable price, I thought the milled face performed consistently, preserving ball speed and topspin for a smooth roll.

I was also impressed with the robust alignment aid design, which simplified reading putting lines. The design helped me frame my ball and line, making it easier to start my ball on target for improved accuracy. These features combined make it a suitable option for high handicappers seeking an affordable, forgiving putter.


  • The counterbalanced design produces a fluid stroke.
  • Affordable
  • Glare resistant
  • Enlarged alignment aid
  • Forgiving


  • Not suited to heavily arched strokes
  • It is not an attractive putter

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🎯 Best for Low Handicap Over 50 Golfers

Customize Options

Ping PLD Milled DS72 Putter

The Ping PLD Milled DS72 Proto putter guided Viktor Hovland to record one of the 20 lowest overall putts per round on tour. Since us mortals do not have access to tour-only putters, Ping crafted the PLD Milled DS72 to pay homage to the Norwegian. 

While it is not exactly the same as Viktor’s putter, I appreciated the firmer feel, consistent stroke, and topspin from the putter. The factory specs of the putter do not match a counterbalanced design. Like Hovland, I had to fit a counterbalanced putter grip from Winn, which cost over $25.

I relished the double bend stock hosel on the DS72, as it complimented my marginally arched stroke. The mid-mallet design provided ample MOI, which helped me stabilize the putter face at contact, preventing topspin drop-off.


  • Premium finish
  • I experienced limited skid
  • Clean alignment aid
  • Suits a straighter stroke


  • You have to fit it with a counterbalanced grip
  • Expensive putter

We may earn a commission, at no additional cost to you.

🤑 Best Budget Counterbalance Putter

Tour Edge HP Series #1 shown in white color

High handicappers on a tight budget will appreciate the flow, affordability, and looks of the Tour Edge HP Series #1. I was also aided by the elevated MOI in the clubhead, which allowed me to control the putter through the stroke and enjoy consistent speed and topspin across the putter face.

I welcomed the elevated friction levels engineered by the face insert. It caused me to produce consistent topspin on my putts, resulting in greater distance control on the dancefloor. It was not the softest putter I have struck, but I actually enjoyed the moderate firmness.

The 38″ shaft took a bit of getting used to, but after learning to grip down on the putter, I conjured up a fluid putting stroke. Tour Edge employed an additional 60 grams of weight to the butt end of the grip, which did wonders for the stability of the putter.


  • Affordable
  • Maximum stability
  • Available in 36″ and 38″ putters
  • Attractive white putter head finish
  • Forgiving


  • The heavy head is a lot to adapt to after putting with a two-sided blade for most of my life
  • Not suited to severely arched strokes

We may earn a commission, at no additional cost to you.

What is the Best Counterbalanced Putter Grip?

A counterbalanced putter grip distributes weight to increase your balance and stability, requiring less muscular effort. Perfect for seniors!

You can attach a counterbalanced putter grip to your non-counterbalanced putters to simulate the counterbalanced putter’s sensation and increase the equilibrium point.

These grips with the additional weight could be used with any standard putter. The goal was to elevate the putter’s balance point higher and far from the head, similar to counterbalanced putters.

One of the best examples of a counterbalanced putter grip is the SuperStroke CounterCore Pistol GT 2.0 or the Gravity Grip. This type of counterbalanced grip design encourages greater accuracy and helps golfers have a square feel before and after hitting the ball.

Final Thoughts

The Odyssey White Hot Limited Edition Jailbird 380 topped the best counterbalanced putters list for its feel, roll, acoustics and forgiveness. Despite its premium price tag, I valued its all-around performance. For being the most frequently used club in your bag, it’s a worthy investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Rickie Fowler’s putter counterbalanced?

Yes, Rickie Fowler’s putter is counterbalanced. He putts with the Odyssey Versa Jailbird Putter, which offers him better control through the stroke for improved accuracy on the green.

How do you know if a putter is counterbalanced?

You can spot a counterbalanced putter thanks to its longer shaft length, and grip that stretches past your hands.

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