Nelly Korda WITB 2024 | 2x Winner of The Annika

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Nelly Korda WITB (what’s in the bag) is accurate as of November 2023, The Annika driven by Gainbridge at the Pelican Golf Club in Belleair, FL. I had the privilege this week to chat with Nelly Korda’s caddie, Jason McDede, who has been with her for about 7 years.

While Senior Golf Source usually writes WITB articles for senior golfers, Nelly Korda is a most-loved local golf celebrity from Bradenton, Florida. I spent the day on the course watching Annika Sorenstam and Nelly Korda playing in the ProAm event. Afterward, I got a peek inside the LPGA Major Championship winner’s golf bag.

Nelly Korda Quick Facts Summary

Left to right, Madeline Sagstrom, Annika Sorenstam, and Nelly Korda November 2032 at the Pelican Golf Club.
BirthdayJuly 28, 1998
BirthplaceBradenton, Florida
Year Turned Pro2016
Tournament Wins14
Major Wins1
Career Earnings$8,808,731
Lowest Score59
Equipment SponsorTaylorMade

Nelly Korda WITB Quick Summary

Driver: Titleist TSR1 (9°)
Fairway Woods: TaylorMade Stealth 2 (3 Wood & 7 Wood)
Hybrid: Ping G425 Hybrid (5 Hybrid)
Irons: TaylorMade P•7MC (5 Iron – PW)
50° & 54° Wedges: TaylorMade Milled Grind 3 Wedge
58° Wedge: Titleist Wedge Works T Grind
Putter: Scotty Cameron P5 GSS Prototype Tour

Nelly Korda WITB – Driver

Nelly Korda hitting her golf driver from tee box in November 2023.

Driver 9° Loft

Nelly Korda WITB - Driver photo of the TSR1

Nelly Korda is currently using the Titleist TSR1 Driver in her bag. It’s known for its ultra-lightweight clubhead that executes perfectly for her on speed and distance. The light feel makes it swing easy and helps with accuracy of shots. From watching Nelly on the course this driver has an incredible sound too.

If your an equipment nerd like me, you’ll appreciate the multip-plateau VFT design that builds the face inward layer upon layer that creates constant CT for maximum forgiveness. Plus, the deep center of gravity (CG) promotes that higher launch with faster ball speed.

Nelly Korda uses a 9-degree loft, but the driver can be purchased in a 9, 10, or 12-degree loft, which would be more suited to senior golfers. It also comes standard with a Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 golf grip and either regular or A flex shafts.


  • Ultra lightweight driver
  • Excels at speed and distance for golfers under 90 mph
  • Premium finish and sound


  • Expensive

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Nelly Korda Fairway Wood

Nelly Korda hit her fairway wood from the tee at Pelican Club in November 2023.  Show in her backswing.

3 Wood & 7 Wood

TaylorMade Stealth 2 used at the Annika Tournament in November 2023 showing a photo of the stealth 2

Nelly Korda’s bag features a meticulously selected set of woods, including a 15-degree 3 wood and a 21-degree 7 wood. The latter finds favor with her, especially for its ability to offer greater elevation en route to the green, an attribute that can be a game-changer on the course.

The Stealth 2 fairway woods, which she employs, are engineered with a carbon DNA framework, enhancing the MOI for superior performance and precision. This advanced multi-material construction is complemented by a range of shaft flexes—senior, regular, stiff, and extra-stiff—to cater to diverse swing profiles.

In the latest iteration, the Stealth 2 Fairway, TaylorMade has refined the center of gravity (CG) to an even lower position than its predecessor, enhancing the club’s forgiveness and stability. The reimagined 3D carbon crown shifts the mass from the high toe region, allocating space for a substantial internal weight at the club’s rear, fostering an optimal launch.

⛳️ Related: Most Forgiving Fairway Woods on the Market


  • Low CG
  • 3D carbon crown
  • One of the best fairway woods in 2023


  • Pricey

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Nelly Korda Hybrid

5 Hybrid

Nelly Korda WITB showing her Ping 5 Hybrid in her caddie, Jason's hands.

Next, in Nelly Korda’s bag is the Ping G425 Hybrid with a Fujikura Ventus Blue HB 7 S shaft. This is also one of my long-time favorites since it’s also in my golf bag.

The G425 hybrid line, benefits from Ping’s innovative Facewrap Technology and Spinsistency. These features enhance distance, launch, and spin reliability, critical factors for professional play.

Enhancements in the Ping G425 series don’t stop at ball speed and spin. Each club boasts a high Moment of Inertia (MOI), bolstered by a meticulously placed tungsten sole weight, yielding remarkable forgiveness. Additionally, a new alignment aid on the crown ensures golfers can address the ball confidently, suited to their visual preferences.


  • Excellent workability
  • Premium feel
  • Pricing is much better as prior release model


  • Harder to find a complete hybrid set since it’s a prior release

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Nelly Korda Irons

Nelly Korda hitting her irons of the tee

5 Iron – PW

Photo of Nelly Korda's irons in her golf bag

Nelly Korda, daughter of Petr Korda (1998 Tennis Austrian Open winner), hones her skills at the Concession Golf Club in Bradenton, FL.

Korda carries the TaylorMade P•7MC irons in her bag—a set as striking in performance as it is in appearance.

She opts for the stiff flex of AeroTech SteelFiber i95 CW shafts across her irons, from the 5 iron to the pitching wedge, which are all equipped with the standard Golf Pride Z-Grip 360 for optimal feel and control.

These irons are not just about good looks; they offer a tour-inspired design with a thin topline and just enough offset to appeal to players of Korda’s caliber. Precision-machined faces and grooves round out the P•7MC’s, ensuring exacting shot-making that elite players demand.

Nelly Korda Iron shafts shown in Nelly Korda what's in the bag


  • Highly rated by purchasers
  • Thin top line
  • Great for shaping shots
  • Soft feel


  • Not for beginners

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Nelly Korda Wedges

Nelly Korda shown at the bunker hitting her wedge at the Pelican Golf Club

50° & 54° Wedges

Showing Nelly Korda What's in the bag wedges at 50 and 54 degrees by TaylorMade. Show with 9-degree bounce and 13 degree bounce.

At the foundation of Nelly Korda’s wedge setup are her TaylorMade Milled Grind 3 wedges, one at 50 degrees and the other at 54 degrees. These wedges, chosen with an Aerotech SteelFiber i95cw stiff shaft, are engineered for precision and control. The Milled Grind 3 design incorporates a raw face, which is instrumental in providing enhanced spin and a more aggressive bite around the greens.

TaylorMade’s innovative Spin Tread technology plays a crucial role in Korda’s short game. Laser-etched into the face of these wedges, Spin Tread helps manage and channel away moisture, much like treads on a tire dispel water to maintain contact with the road. This technology ensures that Korda can maintain her deft touch and generate consistent spin, even in wet conditions.


  • Highly rated by reviewers
  • Forgiving
  • Maximize spin


  • Known to rust

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Nelly Korda WITB Wedges Cont.

Titleist Wedge Works T Grind

Nelly Korda rounds out her wedge lineup with a specialized 58-degree Titleist Wedge Works T Grid. These tour clubs were the brainchild of Bob Vokey, whose workshop is synonymous with unparalleled craftsmanship for the professional golfer.

The T Grid wedge in Korda’s selection is a testament to the precision and personalization that WedgeWorks stands for. With its limited edition design and the potential for personalized stamping, it’s not just a tool for the game but a personalized piece of her sporting arsenal. Such a wedge offers the performance, exclusivity, and attention to detail that a player of Korda’s stature appreciates.

If you’re interested in these wedges, look at the Titleist Vokey SM9.


  • Ideal for bunkers with less sand or firm soil conditions
  • T Grind has an aggressive toe and heel focused towards the leading edge
  • Super high quality


  • Custom design

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Nelly Korda Putter

Nelly shown putting on the green at Pelican Golf Club.

Nelly Korda’s standout club is her Scotty Cameron Circle T P5 GSS putter, weighing in at 350 grams. Known for exceptional design and craftsmanship, Scotty Cameron putters are a favorite among top players for their reliable performance and hand-finished beauty.

Though a new Scotty Cameron Tour putter can cost upwards of $9,000, and it’s usually hard to get your hands on one. We recently reviewed another popular Scotty Cameron putter, the Phantom 5.


  • Premium finish
  • Beautiful design
  • Hand crafted


  • Custom putter and super expensive

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Nellie Korda’s Caddie?

Nelly Korda Caddie

Jason McDede has been Nellie Korda’s caddie for nearly seven years. He resides in Melbourne, Florida.

Where does Nelly Korda play golf?

Nellie Korda is a member of the Concession Golf Club in Bradenton, Florida.

What clubs does Nelly Korda have in her bag?

Driver: Titleist TSR1 (9°)
Fairway Woods: TaylorMade Stealth 2 (3 Wood & 7 Wood)
Hybrid: Ping G425 Hybrid (5 Hybrid)
Irons: TaylorMade P•7MC (5 Iron – PW)
50° & 54° Wedges: TaylorMade Milled Grind 3 Wedge
58° Wedge: Titleist Wedge Works T Grind
Putter: Scotty Cameron P5 GSS Prototype Tour

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