Top-Rated Backyard Golf Practice Equipment in 2024

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Practicing golf at home is one of the best ways to increase the speed at which you get better. There are so many great ways to work on everything from a short game to a full swing. The key is to have the best backyard golf practice gear and have a plan! 

Our handpicked selection of the best backyard golf practice tools can help make it happen. Get set to build a backyard golf setup that’ll be the envy of your golfing buddies!

Golf Training Aids to Practice Golf at Home

If you want to make backyard golf practice more effective, it makes sense to include some training aids in the process.

Training aids include alignment tools and balancing devices to make you a better player the next time you head to the course. Below are some of our favorites that hold up well and make learning more fun. 

Scratch Stick Golf Training Aid

Scratch Stick Golf Training Aid

The Scratch Stick Golf Training Aid is a relatively new tool that you can use for full swing and short game practice. When collecting training aids, it’s important to consider tools that work for multiple areas of the game. 

With Scratch Stick Golf, you can line up your full swing shots or short game shots. In addition, there is a mirrored finish on the putting stick helps ensure your eyes are lined up during your putting stroke.

One final feature here is the ability to record your golf swing using the monopod recording stake. 

Orange Whip Orange Peel Balance Trainer Aid for Improved Golf Balance

Orange Whip Orange Peel Balance Trainer Aid for Improved Golf Balance

Orange Whip makes some great training tools when it comes to increasing swing speed and improving tempo, but now they have moved into the balance space.

The Orange Whip Orange Peel Balance Trainer helps golfers that are looking to strengthen their legs and core. 

We love this tool for senior golfers trying to prevent sway and be prepared for those difficult angles that golf courses can create.

The Orange Whip Orange Peel is easy to use and holds up really well outdoors. 

Purchase it with the Orange Whip Trainer Aid to improve your swing tempo and golf swing plane.

SuperSpeed Golf Swing Speed Training System

SuperSpeed Golf Swing Speed Training System

The SuperSpeed Golf Speed Training System is for golfers that need to work on clubhead speed. This system is a little pricey compared to other speed training devices, but it does come with a training program to make this process more effective. 

With SuperSpeed Golf Speed Training, you don’t need to swing a club; you swing these sticks they give you. The program helps you to gradually gain clubhead speed, and it does work if you stick with it. 

Chipping Practice Golf Tools 

Some backyards are big enough to hit full chip shots; others require a bit of an adjustment. To work on chipping in the backyard, you may be able to use real golf balls, or foam golf balls could be a better fit.

The key is having the right thing to aim for so you can transfer the practice to the golf course. 

Callaway Chip Shot Practice Golf Net 

Callaway Chip Shot Practice Net 

The Callaway Chip Shot Practice Golf Net is a quick and easy pop-up chipping net. This can be used with real golf balls or foam balls and allows you to work on chips, lob shots, and pitches. When you are done using it, the Chip Shot Practice Golf Net folds flat into a 12-inch diameter. 

What we like about this tool is that you can vary the distance you stand from the golf net to work on the trajectory of your golf shots. When you get to the course, getting your golf ball closer to the hole will be easier. 

GoSports Battle Chip Chipping Game 

GoSports Battle Chip Chipping Game

If you think golf practice chip shots gets boring, you won’t after you play with the GoSports Battle Chip. If you have a family of golfers in your home, Battle Chip is a great solution to get everyone involved. This backyard golf practice tool comes with a 3” x 2” target, a hitting mat, and color-coded foam balls. 

We don’t recommend leaving the GoSports Battle Chip permanently set up, but there is a carry case that everything easily fits into. It will stay in much better shape keeping it out of the elements.

The game is played as if it is nine holes, and you essentially try and score more points than those you are playing against. When you don’t have anyone to play with, the Battle Chip can be a great practice tool. 

Jef World of Golf Short Game Chipping Net

The Jef World of Golf Short Game Chipping Net has four adjustable targets that let you fine tune your chipping skills. This short game practice tool lets you work on the flop, lob, pitch, chip, and punch shots. 

When finished practicing, you can simply fold this up and put it away. We love this for senior golfers that are working on making up for lost strokes.

If you feel your swing speed is starting to slow down, the short game is the place to make up for it, and the Jef World of Golf Short Game Chipping Golf Net will get it done. 

Tools to Practice Your Full Swing 

Most golfers don’t have enough room in their backyard to hit full swing shots without a golf practice net. However, in addition to a golf practice net, you must also think about a mat and the type of golf ball you will use for backyard golf practice. 

GoSports Golf Hitting Mat 

GoSports Golf Hitting Mat

The GoSports Golf Hitting Mat is made with a commercial-grade synthetic turf material. It does a great job of simulating real golf course conditions at a very fair price. The bottom of the mat has a 15mm layer non slip foam padding that helps the mat stay more stable. 

With 6 different teeing positions, both left and right handed golf players can use the Go Sports hitting mat, and it comes with three rubber tees. Outdoor hitting mats can get really expensive, but GoSports keeps the pricing in check without sacrificing quality. 

Divot Board Golf Swing Training Pad

Divot Board Golf Swing Training Pad

One complaint golfers have about backyard golf practice is that it feels much different than the course.

If you want immediate feedback to give you more information on your results, the Divot Board Golf Swing Training Pad is a great solution. 

Each time you swing, the Divot Board gives you a visual representation of the golf ball flight and trike quality. You can check on how well you hit the ball and whether or not your path is down the right line.

The Divot board works for both left and right-handed golfers, and they hold up for thousands of swings. In addition, you can use it with or without a golf ball. 

Hit Run Steal Heavy Duty Backyard Golf Net 

Hit Run Steal Heavy Duty Golf Hitting Net

There are plenty of backyard golf nets on the market to choose from. Some of these can be over $1000. However, one that we found to be good for affordability and functionality is the Hit Run Steal Heavy Duty Golf Hitting Net. One of our biggest pet peeves is when a hitting net can’t stand alone. 

You need to have full confidence in your ability to hit a great shot, and the hitting net will stay in place. With the Hit Run Steal Hitting Net, you have plenty of room. The net is 10 feet wide by 7 feet high, so it does a great job of catching most shots. 

Even though the Hit Run Steal Heavy Duty Golf Hitting Net Is our favorite backyard practice golf net, it does not fold down quite as easily as some of the premium models. 

Birdie Ball Golf Practice Balls

Birdie Ball Golf Practice Balls

The Birdie Ball Golf Practice Balls are so much better than foam golf balls because they tell you about the spin and flight that you would get with a real ball.

The Birdie Ball won’t fly more than 40 yards, but it is effective and fun to use for full swing and chip shots. 

Birdie Ball also sells a hitting pad that you can launch these from, but you can also hit them directly from the turf. 

Best Tools for Practice Putting at Home

Think you need a sprawling backyard green to sharpen your putting skills? Think again! With a range of compact putting greens, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, you’ll find one that fits.

These budget-friendly greens are more than a convenient practice tool; they’re your secret weapon for improving consistency and lowering your scores.

And to really up your game, check out our Top Putting Drills for Beginners to conquer the greens like a pro!

Rukket Golf Putting Green 

Rukket Golf Putting Green shown with a wide green putting area.

The Rukket Golf Putting Green allows you to practice with four different putting cups as well as take advantage of the ball return feature. With the Rukket Golf Putting Green, you will find that it is surprisingly large and can feel more like an actual putting green. 

We found that the Rukket was a great option to put on a patio as it held up quite well over time and increased the likelihood of walking over and taking a few putts. 

Boburn Golf Putting Green 

Boburn Golf Putting Green 

Not only does the Boburn Golf Putting Green have a great feel (similar to a real golf course), but it also looks nice. If you love the idea of having a putting green in your backyard but can’t quite pull the trigger on the full spend, the Boburn Golf Putting green is a great choice. 

This heavy duty mat is 5 x 10 and takes up a good amount of space in a great way. You can approach the ball from several different angles and ensure that you are not practicing the same thing over and over again. 

Golf Launch Monitors for Outdoor Use

Launch monitor technology can make backyard golf practice more effective. Having some data and stats about how you are hitting the ball makes your time spent working on the game that much more useful. 

Of course, this all depends on how large of a backyard you have. If yours is no larger than a small patio, you’ll want to skip this section.

Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor 

Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor 

The Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor has ranked well in independent testing for both accuracy and ease of use. With the Rapsodo, you simply attach the device to your phone and get instant feedback and data bout your golf game. 

With the Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor, you can get instant feedback and work on the areas of your golf game that need the most attention. Pricing on this handy tool has decreased through the years; investing in something like this makes sense if you are on a mission to lower your scores. 

Flightscope Mevo 

The Flightscope Mevo is a lightweight and portable launch monitor. The standard Flightscope Mevo model has 8 data parameters and can track distance and spin performance. The Mevo will also record a video of your golf swing, giving you a visual to compare everything to. 

One of our favorite ways to practice with the Mevo is by using the skills challenges. You can get involved in long drive competitions, range competitions, and challenges to keep you occupied while you practice. 

Our 4 Simple Golf Tips For Backyard Golf Practice 

Here are a few of our best tips of advice to make sure your backyard golf practice is worth the time and money you spend:

  1. Start with a small purchase like a chipping net and see how often you use it before purchasing more 
  2. Find golf gear and golf training aids that can be folded up and put away; you may not want your backyard to always look like a golf training center. 
  3. If you are purchasing golf technology like launch monitors and simulators, always look for something that is indoor and outdoor compatible. 
  4. Come up with fun games and challenges that inspire you to spend more time practicing. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions we get about the best backyard golf practice gear. If you want to improve your game at home, it usually takes a few simple pieces of equipment to get this done.

It’s also important that you have the right golf clubs to suit your needs. Check out our best golf clubs for men and women for more information.

Can you golf in your backyard?

Golfing in your backyard is not hard to do if you have a golf net, a mat, and some training aids and tools. In addition, some golfers will purchase a simulator that brings the golf course to them. 

How can I practice golf in my backyard?

The best way to practice golf in your backyard is to focus on short game and skill development. You may not be able to fully work out that slice in the driver, but you can certainly work on perfecting your chip shots or learning how to control trajectory on your pitches. 

How can I practice my golf swing at home?

One of the best ways to practice golf at home is to get a golf net and mat and a portable launch monitor. These small launch monitors have dropped in pricing quite a bit since their release just a few years ago. The launch monitor is a perfect solution if you want data about your golf game and what you need to work on. 

How many hours a day should you practice golf?

PGA Tour professional golfers will spend 6 to 10 hours a day working on the game. For most amateur golfers, spending one hour a day should be plenty to get results that will carry over to the golf course. For more seasoned players, incorporate some other types of game improvement, like mental game work and physical training, into your practice session. 

Final Thoughts

At this point, you should be feeling more prepared to get in a great practice session in the backyard. The time you spend working on your game in the backyard will translate to better scores on the course.

Keep your golf practice intentional, schedule time for it each week, and take advantage of all the good weather you can. 

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