Ping Women’s G Le 2 Fairway Wood & Hybrid Review in 2023

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Looking to purchase a Ping Women’s G Le 2 Fairway Wood? Read on for must-know details on this golf club before you buy.

My favorite go-to club when I need a confidence boost is my Ping Le 2 seven hybrid. And here’s why…

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Why I Love the Ping Women’s G Le 2 Fairway Wood

I love the Ping Women’s G Le 2 Fairway Wood. Not only is it pretty in design and color, it works its magic for any shot around 110 yards. By choking down on it I can use it for around 95 to 100 yards which makes it very versatile.

When I hit practice balls before beginning my round, the 7 hybrid is the club I start with; it helps me to obtain a positive frame of mind while loosening up.

After hitting some great practice shots with my hybrid, I am ready to jump in with other golf clubs.

In past practices, I would start with a 7 iron which is pretty much the equivalent distance to the 7 hybrid and make my first practice hits.

Since I hit woods better than irons, beginning with iron was a recipe for disaster. Now I start my practice with a hybrid, then gradually work in my irons and other woods, creating a more favorable plan of attack for me.

I normally use my 7 hybrid in any situation that requires 110 yards of loft and a quick stop. If I want a low trajectory shot with more roll I use my Ping Le seven iron.

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Golf Club Specifications

Here are the specs on the Ping Women’s G Le 2 Fairway Wood. The grip is a Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360.

It comes with ULT 240 Lite or LUT 240 Ultra Lite stock graphite shaft. The primary difference between these two graphite shafts is that the Lite shaft weighs 48 grams and the Ultra Lite shaft option is 38 grams.

When purchasing the Ping Women’s G Le 2 Fairway Wood, the headcover is included.

Golf ClubLengthLoftCC
3 Wood42.5″19°177cc
5 Wood42.0″22°170cc
7 Wood 41.5″26°159cc
9 Wood41.0″30°147cc
Source: TGW

Some of the fairway wood features include:

  • The thinner and faster C300 maraging steel club face provides more forgiveness.
  • The Ping fairway woods have an adjustable hosel with eight various positions to help you fine-tune golf ball flight.
  • An optimized lighter club is helpful for slower swing speeds with the higher MOI club head.
  • The easy-to-launch golf club design makes these fairways wood versatile off the turf.
  • The Ping graphite shaft helps generate more club head speed and ball velocity while reducing overall system weight.
  • Internal heel-biased weighting helps produce a straighter golf ball flight.

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What Other Reviewers Think…

Ping Women's G Le 2 Fairway Wood new

The Ping Women’s G Le 2 Fairway Woods has outstanding reviews. The majority of large retail stores show a rating being 4.5 or higher.

Check out some of the recent reviews by golfers:

“Lowered my handicap. Love these clubs. Nicely weighted. Using less effort, hitting it sweeter and getting more distance. Had to reset my club distances as I was overshooting my targets!

– (Ping Women’s G Le 2 Fairway Wood review)

The Ping Women’s G Le 2 Fairway Wood is also rated by Senior Golf Source as the Most Accurate Fairway Wood in 2023.

Final Thoughts: Ping Women’s G Le 2 Fairway Wood

Overall, I would pick the Ping Women’s G Le 2 Fairway Wood over an iron anytime I can get away with it; due to its consistent reliability and forgiveness.

Most golf club manufacturers offer hybrids of some form or another; a club fitting may be the ticket to evaluate which hybrid works the best for you.

At World Wide Golf Shops, as one example, you can schedule your in-store demo fitting online and go into one of the many stores they own such as Edwin Watts Golf, Golfers Warehouse, etc. Golf Galaxy and PGA Golf Superstore also offer these benefits to their customers as well.

TGW offers a 30-day or 90-day playability guarantee when purchasing golf clubs online, which gives you some peace of mind if you’re not 100% sure if this is the right club for you.

How do you know what Ping Women’s G Le 2.0 loft to get?

Golfers who struggle to get the golf ball in the air will want a higher loft to help get the golf ball airborne correctly.

At the same time, hitting the golf ball too high can cost you distance and related issues. So, you would want a lower loft if you’re experiencing such issues.

Should I use a lite shaft or ultra lite shaft with the Ping Women’s G Le Fairway Wood?

If your swing speed is more than 60mph, it’s recommended to use the graphite lite shaft. If your swing speed is under 60mph you should consider the ultra lite graphite shaft.

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