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Looking for an honest PopStroke Review? In this article, I divulge my experience with PopStroke sharing pros and cons and some helpful tips to save you time!

Recently, our family celebrated a family gathering at PopStroke in Sarasota, Florida. Our group, comprising of three generations of amateur golfers and non-golfers met for a family celebration. While I have been to PopStroke before, I wanted to get a three generational perspective to gain a consensus.

In this unbiased PopStroke review, I aim to provide an engaging, detailed account of what PopStroke offers and why it’s more than just your traditional mini golf course. And just to further clarify for readers, we were not paid or sponsored by PopStroke to write this piece. The PopStroke photos seen below were taken at the Sarasota location.

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What is PopStroke?

If you’re like me, I asked this exact question to my husband. To quickly summarize, PopStroke is a unique putting golf course with quality food and entertainment for all ages. There are two mini golf courses, one easy, one hard. Unlimited rounds of play for one low price. Each player gets to keep a PopStroke TaylorMade golf ball with their round of golf.

As the slogan indicates, “Eat. Putt. Drink.” You could truly spend all day at this Tiger Woods designed course. While it’s similar to mini golf, it offers a lot more amenities. You can golf or you can come here to eat and play other outdoor games – the choice is yours.

PopStroke Things to Do:

  • Two, 18-hole golf courses (Tiger and Cub course)
  • Kid’s playground
  • Gaming tables (ping pong, corn hole, foosball)
  • Ice cream shop
  • Full restaurant and bar
  • Rooftop seating and TVs

Founders and Partnerships

PopStroke was originally founded in 2018 by Greg Bartoli. It is a joint venture between Greg Bartoli and Tiger Woods’ TGR Ventures.

Since then, the establishment has grown and diversified, expanding to new locations. In 2023, TaylorMade Golf Co. made a significant investment, further strengthening its ownership group.

The PopStroke Experience

Popstroke review: Popstroke photos and collage by Senior Golf Source showing the fried chicken and french fries, golf course, and bar and playground.

What distinguishes PopStroke from other golfing venues is its fusion of golf and gastronomy. Each location features two 18-hole putting courses constructed entirely with synthetic turfs.

These courses are designed to mimic a traditional golf course, complete with fairways, bunkers and rough, making for a realistic golfing experience within a family-friendly, compact environment.

PopStroke offers customizable food and drink packages, making it an ideal location for parties or events.

PopStroke App

For regular visitors, there is a PopStroke App which offers a loyalty program called PopBucks. Items can be redeemed for merchandise, food, and drinks. The PopStroke App is also convenient for ordering drinks from anywhere on the course. With each dollar you spend at PopStroke, you’ll score a $10 buying credit on a future order.

Family-Friendly Golf & Fun for Everyone

PopStroke Playground showing covered playground with rubber flooring.

While playing golf is the primary attraction at PopStroke, the venue caters to non-golfers as well. In particular, families with children will appreciate the kids’ playground and gaming tables for all ages.

Conveniently attached to the restaurant, the playground features an ADA accessible ramp for strollers or wheelchairs, and the entire area is fenced for safety.

Parents and grandparents can enjoy their meal or a beverage while keeping an eye on their kids as they play. You don’t have to pay for golf to enjoy these options. In fact, I’ve been to PopStroke just for the games and outdoor dining area!

PopStroke Restaurant & Bar

popstroke sarasota reviews: PopStroke Restaurant and Bar seating showing the spacious covered patio and bar in Sarasota.

PopStroke Restaurant and Bar serves up hearty, delicious food in a fun, lively atmosphere that’s perfect for both casual dining and celebratory occasions.

The appetizers such as nachos are perfect for sharing with a group. They offer a range of culinary delights, from small bites like wings to more substantial fare.

I tend to get the same two entrees, smash burger and the chicken tender meal with french fries and/or coleslaw. However, they offer a wide variety of sides to cater to different tastes.

Plus, the PopStroke Bar has draft beers, craft cocktails, and wine available. The drinks have fun names like the Tiger Red, Double Eagle, and Kick Your Putt Margarita. You can sit at a table or get served on the course.

Homemade Ice Cream or Milkshakes

PopStroke ice cream shop and milkshakes are also among my favorite items. With their impressive selection of 24 flavors of premium ice cream, you can pick indulgent options like the C is for Cookie and Peanut Butter Fudge.

While my son usually goes for ice cream, their milkshakes are very popular with kids. With favorites like Peanut Putter Perfection, families can all have a tasty beverage to enjoy.

PopStroke Locations

PopStroke Sarasota outside with palm trees

As of 2023, PopStroke has multiple locations across the United States. These mini golf locations are as follows:

  • Fort Myers, Florida
  • Sarasota, Florida
  • Port Saint Lucie, Florida
  • Orlando, Florida
  • Wesley Chapel, Florida
  • Houston, Texas
  • Glendale, Arizona
  • Scottsdale, Arizona (Fall 2023)
  • Delray Beach, Florida (Fall 2023)
  • Tuscaloosa, Alabama (Fall 2023)

Future plans are to continue to expand the PopStroke brand. So, don’t be surprised if you find one coming to your area next.

PopStroke Pricing & Hours

Popstroke photos: PopStroke course showing where you play mini golf at Pop Stroke in Sarasota.

PopStroke offers one price for playing golf. So whether you play all day or play once, it’s the same price. So, if you’re looking for a cheap miniature golf experience, this isn’t it. Adults pricing ranges based on location. My visit to PopStroke Sarasota cost $30, and kids and seniors in are group paid discounted rates of $15 and $20.

I recommend making it an experience like I did with my family. You can play two golf courses, eat delicious food, and enjoy the other games and playground activities. If you plan to spend part of day here, the cost is actually pretty cheap in comparison to Top Golf.

PopStroke Hours

Here are the current PopStroke hours, but you’ll want to check your location in your area prior to your visit.

  • Sunday – Thursday, 10 am to 11 pm
  • Friday – Saturday, 10 am to 12 am
  • PopStroke Restaurant and Bar opens daily at 11 am

It’s important to note that no reservations are accepted. I’ve been a few times, and it can get busy with wait times especially on the Tiger course. However, I find that there is enough to keep busy while you wait for a table or to play golf.

PopStroke Coupons & Discounts

PopStroke photos - Putters at the mini golf course

PopStroke offers discounts depending on the day of the week. You’ll want to verify their website for latest pricing details.

  • Monday: Senior Discounts
  • Tuesday: Kids’ Day Discount with Ice Cream
  • Wednesday: College Discount Day

PopStroke Tournaments

PopStroke offers competitive play beyond just a round on the course. Did you know you could a combined total of over $600,000 in prizes? PopStroke Tour Series (PTS) has multiple events that lead up to the PopStroke Tour Championship.

A fun way to meet new people is to play on a PopStroke League. Currently, the golf leagues play on Tuesday nights for 10 weeks which offers prizes. In these leagues, you can gain points to potentially qualify for the PopStroke Tour Championship.

PopStroke Reviews Pros and Cons

Erin at her PopStroke Review at the PopStroke Sarasota location. Photo showing the Popstroke Sarasota putt putt

When looking for a leisurely outing, I highly recommend PopStroke. While it’s not the same as my home golf course, this is ideal for date night or group outing.

As I mentioned earlier, I even take my family there without playing golf because I love the layout that much. You can eat and play on the playground at the same time. All three generations agreed, it is ideal for getting a group together because you have multiple forms of entertainment with great food and drink options.

For individuals like myself who have had skin cancer, there is the lack of covered areas when playing golf. So what we tend to do is go early or late in the day to avoid too much direct sun exposure and wear a hat. PopStroke does a good job by allowing drinks on the course and cool towels.

I should also note that PopStroke Sarasota has received positive reviews for its unique mini-golf courses and delicious food options. So while I may have one opinion, it’s good to see what others are saying too.

Here is a short list of the main pros and cons I found with PopStroke.


  • Convenient locations
  • Lots of family-friendly things to do for all ages
  • Quality food and drink offerings, including on-course drink service via PopStroke App
  • Private event spaces available
  • Outdoor gaming area and playground


  • Golf pricing is expensive unless you play more than 18-holes
  • No reservations and pace of play can be slower at times
  • Course is not covered; varying weather conditions

Comparison to Other Golf Venues

PopStroke in many ways doesn’t compare to any other golf venue or miniature golf course out there. Every hole feels similar to an actual hole, instead of a mini golf experience.

The Tiger Woods putt putt designed course with quality synthetic turf and sand bunkers, make it truly unique. Plus, once you finish your 18-holes, there is another 18-holes you can play next or head over to their sports bar and restaurant. The closest quality experience would be Top Golf, which has a completely different setup.

Final Thoughts | PopStroke Review

Hopefully, you found my PopStroke Review to be useful for your upcoming visit. Tiger Woods putt putt establishment represents a fresh and unique approach to golf. Regardless of your golf handicap or age, PopStroke offers something for even non-golfers.

With its unique blend of golf, casual dining, and other amenities, PopStroke guarantees a memorable experience for families and golf enthusiasts alike. After my family’s unforgettable weekend, I can confidently say that PopStroke is set to revolutionize the golfing experience for families.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is PopStroke real grass?

No, the grass is not real. It is a high quality synthetic turf made to look like a golf course rather than a putting green.

Do you bring your own putter to PopStroke?

PopStroke Putters

You can bring a putter to Pop Stroke. They also have putters available to use if you don’t mind using a basic putter.

What course is harder at PopStroke?

The Tiger course is more challenging than the Cub course. Both courses are 18-holes.

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