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Are you looking for the best putter for bad putters? Strokes can add up quickly! This article will cover our favorite putting tips and putters to solve your putting woes!

In golf, the putting green is where you win matches and produce low scores. 

You’ve hit the ball beautifully down the center of the fairway, gauged the distance, and stuck your approach close. But if you don’t sink your putt, or worse, don’t even manage a two-putt for par, that scorecard will have many more squares and nearly no circled numbers on it. 

It’s unlikely you’ll win your matches. After all, you know what they say, Drive for Show, Putt for Dough!

But what causes terrible putting? What putters can help you improve and best suit your putting style and stroke? This article will answer some of these questions, but I highly recommend reading our golf expert’s article with simple putting drills to practice at home.

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Here are the Best Putters By Category:

3 Most Common Putting Mistakes Golfers Make 

Senior golf putting on the green with his caddy from the senior golf tour.

Before diving into the equipment, let’s briefly look at some common mistakes golfers make when putting. 

1. Incorrect Putting Stroke, Ball, and Body Positioning 

An excellent and proper setup for putting begins with the hips. It would help if you bent forward from the hips, not the back or shoulders, to allow your arms to hang over the putter naturally and in line with your shoulders. This allows for more consistent motion of the arms.

Similarly, the putter and ball positioning is of great importance regarding the path of the stroke and, consequently, the line the ball starts on. 

If these positions are too forward or back in your stance, the track will open or close, causing an inconsistent putting stroke.

2. Swaying and Fidgeting Through the Stroke

Another frequent error made by those who struggle with putting is failure to keep the body steady through the putting stroke, especially on longer putts. This causes inconsistency in contact, speed, and direction.

A quick fix is to feel your weight evened out between both feet during the stroke. Likewise, your spine-angle, hip, and head position should have minimal to no dispersion through the stroke. 

Feel yourself firmly and evenly planted on the ground with your feet. 

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3. Poor Green Reading and Putt Pace

This area affects golfers of every ability. The primary key to successful putting is reading the undulations of the green and controlling how far your ball rolls. In other words, matching the line with the speed is what most successful putters do best. 

Those who need help with putting either never start the ball on the correct line or don’t hit the putt with the right pace, or worse, both! 

The Putter You Use Matters More Than You Think

article on the best putter for bad putters, showing senior golfer getting ready to putt.

The putter you use affects your putting because there are different sizes, shapes, and designs of putters that suit various putting styles and strokes.

These factors include:

  • Shaft Length
  • Grip Design
  • Head Design (Mallet, Blade, etc.)
  • Neck Design
  • Alignment Dots & Lines

The easiest putter for bad putters to hit is the mallet putter or blade style putter. Both types of putters tend to have a large sweet spot to help with overall control of the golf ball. Plus, you’ll have more success at making short putts.

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Here are the best putters for bad putters to improve your golf game. These range from the best putters for low to high handicapper putters and everything in between.

🏆 Winner: Best Putter for Bad Putters

Odyssey White Hot OG 2-Ball Putter

Odyssey White Hot OG 2 Ball - best putter for beginners

The Odyssey White Hot OG 2 Ball Putter is a premium design that helps senior players with consistency, alignment, and reduced face rotation.

The Odyssey 2 ball design was recently remodeled to go back to the original White Hot insert, which is one of the most iconic putter inserts you can purchase.

With a silver PVD finish and quite a bit of offset in the clubhead, this putter gives you more confidence. For this reason, it’s our top pick for the best putters for beginners.

Odyssey White Hot OG 2 Ball Putter Features

  • Style: Double bend face-balanced mallet
  • Finish: Silver PVD finish with fine milling
  • Shaft: Premium stepless steel shaft
  • Lie: 70°
  • Loft: 3°
  • Putter Grip: Gray DFX Rubber


  • Tour-proven model with exceptional feel and sound
  • Original White Hot urethane insert for a better feel 
  • Incredibly forgiving putter
  • Ideal for minimizing arc putting stroke


  • The top-down look is a bit bulky if you are used to a blade putter

🥈 Runner Up: Best Putter for Bad Putters

TaylorMade Spider GT Putter

TaylorMade Spider GT (Overall Best Putter)

TaylorMade has always been at the forefront of putter design, and the Spider GT is one of their latest home runs! 

This mallet-shaped putter is very forgiving in its performance and attractive design. 

It’s not only a favorite for those who struggle with putting. Quite the contrary, it has been used by the greatest players like Jason Day and Dustin Johnson

It’s a putter that’s well suited to players of all putting abilities, no matter how advanced or inadequate. It tops our list for the best putter for bad putters due to its quality and versatility.

Key Points to Consider on the TaylorMade Spider GT:

  • The Stable and Consistent performance of this putter is unmatched as one of the most forgiving putter options.
  • The right aluminum and steel composition balance allows you to strike the putter every which way without worrying about any offset. 
  • Pure Roll Face Insert enables you to roll the ball at a much flatter and more stable pace.
  • Sleek design with simple alignment makes you feel more confident with aiming and starting putts on line.


  • Stability
  • Consistency 
  • Maximum Forgiveness
  • Great alignment
  • Mallet design


  • Not many variants to choose from

🚺 Best Putter For Ladies 

TaylorMade Spider Ladies GTX Putter 

TaylorMade Spider Ladies GT Putter, womens most forgiving putter and best stable putter

The TaylorMade Ladies GTX putter helps women align and stabilize the putter head as they come through impact. What we love about this putter is that it was specifically designed for women golfers. And it’s a super forgiving putter on the golf course.

TaylorMade GT Putter Specifications

  • Head Shape: Mallet Style Putter
  • Putter Grip: SuperStroke GT 1.0
  • Shaft: TM Fluted Feel; Single-bend hosel
  • Weight: 365 grams
  • Lie: 70°
  • Loft: 3°

In addition, a PureRoll2 insert was put in to help firm up the feel and get the ball rolling into the hole with some force. 

For our top putters for women, you’ll want to read our full article on women’s putters.


  • Very stable design, mallet style putter 
  • Great control on short putts 
  • High MOI design 
  • PureRoll2 insert
  • Includes headcover


  • Only one color choice option in the women’s model

💰 Best Luxury Putter

Titleist Scotty Cameron Phantom X 11

Titleist Scotty Cameron Phantom X 11

Titleist golf manufacturers established themselves as the flagship brand in golf. Their no-nonsense approach to golf equipment and design is why over half of the golfers worldwide have at least one Titleist club, golf ball, or another article in their golfing arsenal.

The Titleist Phanom X 11 Putter is being used by some of the greatest in the world, but the question is, is it one of the best mallet putters for high handicappers?


  • Slick design
  • Precision milled clubface
  • Firm but soft feel


  • Unforgiving on off-center hits
  • Not suitable for beginners, high handicap putters

🎯 Best Alignment Putter

Odyssey Eleven Triple Track Putter

Odyssey Eleven Triple Track Putter

The Odyssey putter series from Callaway has produced yet another marvel in the Triple Track putter. 

It’s easily identified thanks to the triple track alignment technology on its head that enables you to align putts more effectively. 

Why You Should Consider the Odyssey Eleven Putter:

  • The obvious selling point with this putter is its alignment-aiding triple track lines. This is especially one to consider for those who struggle with alignment. 
  • Recommended for players of all abilities. Especially those with a straight-back-straight-through putting stroke. 


  • Triple track alignment 
  • Promotes straight back straight through stroke


  • Pace a bit off on slower greens
  • Pricier

Read some of the excellent reviews for this putter on Amazon.

⛳️ Best Blade Putter for High Handicappers

Odyssey White Hot OG Double Wide Stroke Lab

Odyssey Mens  White Hot OG DW Putter

This is one of the very best blade putters for high handicappers. It promotes a straight putting stroke with minimal curve and face dispersion. 

The slick design clicks with many, and the White Hot trademark face insert produces brilliant stroke sound and feel.

The blade putter is enlarged from the back, providing more control. It’s a double-wide blade with both a blade’s slickness and a mallet putter’s smooth stroke. 

There are also two adjustable 10 and 15-gram weights as well as steel and stroke lab shafts to choose from, respectively.

The Odyssey blade-style putter is available in a premium stepless steel shaft or multi-material Stroke Lab shaft. Either option comes with a DFX Rubber Grip for an optimal look and feel.


  • Suitable for beginners or high handicap putters
  • White Hot Face Insert
  • Double-wide blade putter


  • A bit heavy for some
  • Not recommended for single handicappers

🧍‍♂️Best Standing Putter

S7K Standing Putter  

S7K Standing Putter

S7K Standing Putter literally stands up on its own allowing you to take a look from behind the ball and straight down the line for better adjustment and alignment. This enables you to roll putts dead-center! 

Golfers love this revolutionary technology, and in case you’re wondering, it’s absolutely legal!

Key Features of the S7K Standing Putter:

Here are some selling points for you to consider since you’re looking for the best putter to improve your game.

  • The stand-alone address feature allows the ultra-light shaft, combined with a special sole shape, allows the putter to stand on its own.
  • Triple Line alignment enables you to aim more accurately and start putts right on line.
  • The Momentum of Inertia of this putter is among the very best. This allows for great forgiveness on off-center hits.
  • The balanced construction helps ensure the ball stays on line and tracks toward the cup.
  • The foamy surface of the grip promotes lighter grip pressure and develops a feel like no other.
  • The Fly-Cut mill pattern on the face gives you an amazingly soft stroke for a great feel and feedback on the greens.


  • Ultra-soft golf grip
  • Triple line alignment
  • Standing putter


  • Too lightweight for some golfers 
  • Some experience rusting

💲 Best Budget Putter for High Handicappers

Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft 4 Putter

Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft 4 Putter

Cleveland has specifically developed this putter for controlling speed and developing a consistent stroke. It is one of the best putters for bad putters on a budget.

Cleveland’s trademark Speed Optimized Face Technology ensures the ball speed is uniform regardless of where on the face it was struck. 

Key Features of the Cleveland Huntington Putter:

  • A unique pattern on the face promotes consistent strikes and forgiveness.
  • 304 stainless steel ensures soft yet firm strokes giving you just the right balance of feel and feedback.
  • Speed Optimized Face Technology gives high handicappers the added benefit of achieving a pure roll, even with off-center strikes. 


  • Great feel & forgiveness
  • Unique face technology
  • Budget putter


  • Stainless steel causes glare 
  • The grip wears out too soon

Final Thoughts on the Best Putter for Bad Putters

Putting asks a lot out of a player, and high handicappers, in particular, just aren’t at that level yet. This shouldn’t mean they don’t deserve to sink 25-footers and avoid 3-putts. 

Thankfully, there are quality putters out there that have the technology that allows compensation for the lack of ability and helps you roll putts purely and sink them right in the center of the cup!

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