The 5 Best Golf Club Storage Racks & Organizers

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Golf gear requires great commitment for maintenance. You could buy the best clubs, shoes, bags, etc., but if you don’t store them properly, they’re as good as wasted. Other than environmental factors, whether you use or don’t use a storage rack makes a significant difference.

The Mythinglogic and Milliard golf racks are the two top picks for golf club storage. They both have wide models with plenty of storage space for bags and shelves for your smaller gear items. In our opinion, the best golf club storage organizer must be durable and easy to assemble.

This article will give you a rundown on the 5 best golf club storage racks on the market and a short guide on what you should require from them.

Best Golf Organizer & Rack Options

The pros and cons collected were based on user reviews to give a realistic outlook of each product. Each of these products is highly rated, so you should choose what fits you rather than focusing on the ranking.

5 Things To Look for When Choosing a Golf Organizer

The first rule of any purchase is knowing your requirements and choosing accordingly. You may be confused about why your golf rack is such a big deal, but you should understand its role. It’s protecting all the investments you’ve made in your golfing gear.

So once you’ve crunched those numbers, you’ll sober up quickly. When buying an organizer for the off-season or day-to-day storage, make sure you’ve thought about everything you’ll need.

If you don’t know where to start, here are 5 points you should remember when choosing a storage rack. It should:

#1 Store All Your Golf Equipment

Since golf racks can cost a pretty penny, you shouldn’t have to buy multiple.

First, consider all your belongings, such as club sets, bags, golf balls, shoes, etc. Once you’ve assessed how many items you have and how much space they’ll take, choose the size or model of your organizer.

When choosing a model, you’ll find a different number of compartments or shelves. There may be shelves for shoes, space for two bags, separate areas for clubs and bags, and so on.

You can see what the world of golf offers before making your choice.

#2 Be Easy to Assemble

Surprise, surprise, as with any piece of furniture, you’ll have to do some building here.

However, the good news for those who can’t stand it is that you can buy your organizer based on the skill required to set it up.

Some racks are a breeze to build and don’t need extra tools. They also come with instructions, so you have a reliable guide if you’re inexperienced. You can make customizations during the construction bit, add or subtract features based on your taste, to personalize it for yourself.

#3 Be Durable and Stable

My biggest anxiety with golf racks comes from feeling they will topple over. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stared at it and braced myself to watch it fall. Or pushed it up against the wall for support. Worst case scenario, I put it together, and it falls apart. It could just be me, but I’m always up to arguing how safe is too safe.

So as you can tell, build and quality is non-negotiable for me. I need to feel relaxed about putting my clubs in a rack, and so should you.

Be sure to search what material a rack is manufactured from and read reviews others have left. Make an informed decision if you don’t want to end up with a crooked or dented club.

#4 Protect Your Gear

Since we were already on the safety topic, this is a must-mention.

If someone’s rack is a simple metal set-up, that’s great if it works for them. However, if you want something extra, you can always look for it.

Some models have foam attached to the top, where you’d expect the clubs to be exposed, to keep them safe from scratches. Others have shelves with a net cover to keep your golf balls in place. You can find different solutions for any specific worry you might have.

#5 Meet Your Individual Needs

Most importantly, the rack has to bring you some comfort in life.

Do you want to keep your gear in your garage? It should be big or small enough to adjust. Your age and physical limitations may make it difficult to carry your stuff around. Organizers that have wheels make it easier to move around.

Golf organizers aren’t cheap, so you shouldn’t have to compromise on them. Find what ticks most, if not all, the boxes on your list. You can look for them in shops or online, look around and find a good one. Don’t settle on random product reviews or catchy advertisements.

Best Overall Golf Club Storage Rack

Mythinglogic Golf Storage

Mythinglogic Golf Storage features a large size, adjustable feet, and supportive bottom.

The dimensions are 40.4″(L)x15.7″(W)x34.3″(H), which makes it ideal for 2 bags and a side rack for separate clubs.

The feet of the rack are made to keep stable on any surface. And lastly, the bottom is made of a steel board, with a front rod to stop bags from tipping over.

Easy to assembleX Poor instructions manual
Good quality
Ample space 
Durable and sturdy 

Runner Up Best Golf Club Storage Rack

Milliard Golf Organizer

Made with anti-rust carbon steel, Milliard Golf Organizer has a long life ahead of it, so you don’t have to worry about replacing it anytime soon.

Its dimensions are 36 “x16” x37”, with a 26” main compartment that can hold two bags at-a-time.

The best part is the bottom wheels that assist movement and can be locked to keep it in place.

Simple to assembleX Mesh and steel appear thin
Spacious X May have missing nuts and screws.
Fits in the desired areax Expensive
Convenient to move 
Useful features 

Heavy-Duty Golf Club Storage Rack

SafeRacks Golf Equipment Organizer

The SafeRacks is a heavy-duty rack, weighing 40 pounds with the dimensions of 18” Deep x 43” Wide x 40” Tall.

The 2 bag slots are 14.5” wide x 18” deep, allowing one tour-sized cart bag on each side. Bottom wheels help with mobility, especially since it is heavily weighted.

Good quality and sturdyX More Expensive
Easy to moveX Heavy
Easily assembled 
Plenty of room 

Most Compact Golf Club Storage Rack

Suncast Golf Bag Garage Organizer

The smallest in this list, the Suncast Gold bag garage organizer, has dimensions ‎of 32 x 16 x 37 inches. It’s a straightforward rack that takes beginners 20-30 minutes to assemble.

You can store two average-sized bags and accessories with ease on a Suncast Golf Organizer.

Easy to assemblex Instructions may be missing
Compact sizex Small for cart bags
Economical compared to other options 
Good quality 

Budget Friendly Golf Club Storage

Home-it Dual Golf Storage Organizer

The Home-it Dual Golf Storage Organizer is a large golf storage rack with dimensions ‎of 44 x 15 x 40 inches.

It’s made of sturdy steel and holds two bags, at one time, on either side. This keeps them from squishing together if one is larger than the other. It also has plenty of space for accessories.

Plenty of spacex Poor instructions
Great look 
Quick to assemble 
Budget-friendly price 

Best Overhead Storage for Golf Equipment

HyLoft Overhead Storage System

One of the most interesting and efficient ways to store your golf clubs and equipment is by installing overhead garage storage.

As the name suggests, you attach an organizing rack for your golf clubs to the ceiling of your garage or even inside your home!

Let’s see why you’d want to do that.

Pros of Using Overhead Storage

Installing overhead storage requires commitment, but so does playing golf! Plus, you get many benefits such as

  1. Safe long-term storage: Using overhead storage is a safe way to store your golf equipment for a longer time, especially during the off-season and winters.
  2. Takes less space: Overhead storage can be quite efficient in consuming space. You can store a great deal of equipment on top of it and hang some down as well while leaving plenty of room.
  3. Affordable storage: You can get an overhead storage rack for around $60.

Cons of Overhead Golf Club Storage

It’s understandable if overhead storage isn’t everyone’s go-to. There can be some problems, such as

  1. Installment issues: Having to mount something on your wall isn’t an easy job for everyone, especially seniors. You’d need quite a bit of help to piece the storage rack together and then attach it to the ceiling and walls.
  2. Access: For those who aren’t tall or have back issues, it’ll be harder to reach items stored in the back of the organizer.
  3. Tidiness: You never realize you’re making a mess until the damage is done. Since you’ll move things around and place them as far as you can reach, you’ll have to regularly reorganize the storage space. However, if you’re not moving things around frequently, you’ll do just fine.

Storing Your Golf Equipment at Your Home

Keeping your golfing gear safe at home isn’t impossible. It may take more compromising and planning, but it’s doable. Everyone doesn’t have the luxury of open garage space, so you can opt for an economical and smart scheme for your apartment or home.

First, you need to identify any possible threats in your living space. That includes harsh temperatures, indoor humidity, pets, and your kids (no matter how much you love them).

Then you need to tally the number of items you’ll need to store, be it the clubs, bags, or other accessories. And finally, calculate the amount of space you can spare with optimal conditions.

You should go for a smaller and compact golf rack that can keep your belongings in one place without eating up too much square footage. You should also avoid your laundry room, kitchen, or other moist room. 

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Q. Where Should You Keep Your Golf Club Organizer?

You can keep it in any open space, where it’s away from children and pets. Most people prefer their garage for easy loading and storing.

Q. Do You Need More Than One Golf Rack?

No, you can buy one large-sized rack for all your gear. Some organizers have connectable designs to accommodate a new section if you want to expand.

Q. How Often Should You Update Your Organizer?

As often as you need. If your collection grows, you might need a new one once space runs low. But if your set is complete, you can use the same one as long as it’s standing.

Final Thoughts on Golf Club Storage

You’ll find multiple golf racks for your golfing needs. The best one across the board is the Mythinglogic Golf Storage model, with a 4.8-star rating on Amazon. It’s the largest from the group mentioned, with easy assembling and room for customization.

Take care of your equipment and it’ll take care of your scorecard!

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