Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5 Review: Is it the Right for You? 

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In 1993, Bernhard Langer put Scotty Cameron putters on the map when he stroked the Classic I Tour model to victory at Augusta. In this post, I conduct a Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5 review to see if the brand’s mallet head putters feel, sound, and roll as smoothly as the blade structures.

After reading this review, you will know whether the almost face-balanced mallet putter works for your stroke. Besides the technology, I discuss the stock shaft and grip offerings best equipped to stabilize the clubface at contact for a smooth and accurate roll.

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Overview of the Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5: Design and Aesthetics 

Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5 mallet head

Mallet Head

Unlike the classic blade design of yesteryear, the Scotty Cameron Phantom X5 is an enlarged winged mallet head. I found the construction effortless to stabilize at impact, helping me generate optimal friction, topspin, and a clean roll.

I have traditionally putted with a blade because of the enhanced feel and feedback my previous flat stick offered. However, I thought the Scotty Cameron Phantom X5 mallet delivered a satisfying touch on all putts while ensuring forgiveness and consistency.

Milled 303 Stainless Steel

Staying true to their ambitions to craft high-end putters, the Scotty Cameron Phantom X line is designed from 303 Stainless Steel. The material softened my touch on every putt, enhancing my feedback and ability to judge how hard to strike each putt.

I also found the milled clubface increases friction at impact, imparting optimal topspin onto the golf ball across the surface. This improved my distance control to get the ball within the vicinity of the cup on longer putts.

Textured Pistolero Plus Grip

Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5 golf grip

Scotty Cameron employed the Pistolero Plus grip with less taper on the lower hand, encouraging less wrist action. I found it helpful to produce a pendulum motion and minimize face rotation through the stroke.

I appreciated the textured feel of the grip, which enhanced my control of the putter in all conditions. The improved feel also made it easier to know how hard I struck the ball. This helped me adjust my power for improved distance control.

Readers who produce excess wrist action in the putting stroke should consider switching to the Pistolero Plus for a thicker design. One option is the Matador range from Scotty Cameron, or you can find your ideal handle in our best golf grips for seniors guide.

Single Milled Sight Line

The alignment aid is a simple Single Milled Sight Line, which I am accustomed to on Scotty Cameron putters. It is not a robust game improvement alignment aid, but it gets the job done. The line sits on the topline of the putter, making it easy to align with the arrow on your golf ball.

Mid-Bend Shaft Technology

I welcomed the Mid-Bend Shaft Technology because of its ability to minimize face rotation and square the putter at contact. It also suited my rather straight stroke, preventing an arch shape for improved accuracy on the green.

Near Face Balanced

The single mid-bend design of the shaft created a near face balanced putter head suited to straighter putting strokes like mine. I found the putter easier to control on the backstroke and square at contact to start my ball on the intended line.

A face-balanced design is not ideal for golfers with arched strokes. These players will produce better results with a putter carrying moderate to extreme toe hang.

Shaft Lengths

I noticed the Scotty Cameron X5 is available in three shaft lengths to suit all postures. I continued with the standard 34” length, but taller golfers may find the longer 35” shaft more comfortable to stroke.


Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5 showing the putter cover with a single bend shaft


The Phantom X5 provided outstanding forgiveness on all strokes thanks to the optimal moment of inertia (MOI) and an enlarged sweet spot. I still conjured up ample ball speed and topspin on heel and toe strikes owing to the enlarged active zone on the putter.

Besides consistent roll, I appreciate the stability of the putter face through the stroke, restricting deviation. This allowed me to strike the ball cleanly and square the clubface at contact to send my ball on the desired line.


The increased MOI and a milled clubface combination saw me generate superb friction, topspin, and ball speed across the surface. The result was a consistent and smooth roll on all strokes to improve my distance control. I also found my ball skidded less off the clubface, producing a precise roll.

Reduced Clubface Rotation

My straight stroke relished the rotation resistance of the Phantom X 5, helping me generate a pendulum motion. The putter combated arching during the stroke, remaining straight and encouraging a square face to connect with the ball and optimize accuracy.

If you operate with an arch putting stroke, I suggest looking at the Phantom X 5.5 with additional toe hang. The added toe hang will drive your putter face shut at impact to help you square the face and start the ball on the intended line.

The near face balanced design offers limited assistance on your follow-through, leaving you susceptible to opening the putter face at contact. An open putter face causes you to push the golf ball, sending it right of the cup.

Comfort and Feel

close up of the Scotty Cameron Phantom X5 and a single bend shaft

Alignment Aid

The alignment aid on the Phantom X 5 is a simple single line positioned on the topline of the putter. I found it effortless to align my golf ball arrow with the putter line, pointing my face at the intended target. 

I feel it works for experienced golfers who only require little assistance with alignment on the green. However, beginners seeking maximum help to boost putting accuracy may consider a top game improvement putter for bad putters. These models feature robust alignment aids and ample forgiveness.


I experienced that classic ‘tink’ sound as the putter face made contact with the ball, which is not my personal preference. I prefer the toned-down acoustics generated off face inserts because the think noise makes it hard to decipher where the clubface struck the ball. It sounds the same off the heel, toe, and sweet spot.


I am always skeptical when testing mallet putters because I find they often produce a less satisfying feel than a blade. Scotty Cameron proved me wrong and crafted a winged mallet design that feels smooth off the face, helping me feel how hard I struck each putt.

Value for Money

Titleist Phantom X 5 Putter with a single bend shaft and showing the new sole plate design

The Scotty Cameron Phantom X5 is a premium quality putter that feels incredible and offers forgiveness and a clean roll. However, its elevated price tag compared to competitor putters deters me from adding it to my bag on a permanent basis.

I feel the average golfer is better off with a significantly more affordable putter like the Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft 11. If you have deep pockets and can justify spending top dollar on the Phantom X 5, it will last you close to a lifetime.

Scotty Cameron Putter Weights

Phantom X 5 Putter showing a close up of the clubhead

Each Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5 shaft length is accompanied by two fitted weights for added balance and stability. The 33” shaft carries two 20-gram weights in the sole, while the 34” sports a dual 15-gram weight. A 35” Phantom X 5 is equipped with two 10-gram weights.

You can keep these weights in place to enhance the face balance of the putter to suit straight strokes. Alternatively, you can remove them for good or add additional Scotty Cameron putter weights to achieve your desired stroke weight.

Testing & User Reviews

Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5 review showing with golf ball

For the Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5 review, the Senior Golf Source staff member provided the below overview.



The Scotty Cameron Phantom X5 is an incredible looking putter with a great design. The aesthetics of the putter assisted in my confidence when putting. Lining up the putter is easy, and the design is not as distracting to me as some other tested putters were.



Due to my straight putter stroke, the design of this putter increased my accuracy and reduced my misses. I don’t have a lot of rotation in my putting motion, so this putter was a perfect fit for my needs. Due to my straight stroke and reduced rotation, I needed a mallet head face balanced putter like the Scotty Cameron Phantom.



I find that Phantom X5 rolls extremely well. I don’t get any bouncing or skips when putting with the Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5. My loft is configured for 3.3°.



The Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5 feels solid in my hands. I trust that my putting stroke will be on target and distance consistent with force applied. The milled 303 stainless steel face feels very crisp on contact.

I utilize the standard Pistolero Plus grip on my Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5. It has reduced my wrist action and led to a more consistent stroke action when playing golf. I was using an oversized SuperStroke grip on my previous putter, which was a poor choice for my needs.



I find the Scotty Cameron Phantom X5 very forgiving with mishits, although those are happening less and less due to how well this putter works with my putting stroke. This putter has saved me at least 3-5 strokes per rounds due to its forgiving design.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Scotty Cameron Phantom X5 face balanced?

The Scotty Cameron Phantom X5 is a near face balanced construction. That means it has a touch of toe hang but insufficient to impact a straight putting stroke. Overall, the compact design remained stable through the stroke and helped me keep the face square leading into impact.

What is the difference between the Phantom X5 and X5.5?

The difference between the Phantom X5 and Phantom X5.5 is the hosel. The Phantom X 5 is fitted with mid-bend shaft technology, while the Scotty Cameron Phantom x 5.5 carries a small slant hosel. The Phantom X 5 produces a face-balanced design ideal for straight strokes, and the Scotty Cameron Phantom x 5.5 putter has an enhanced toe hang suited to arched strokes. 

What are the differences on the Phantom X putters?

The differences on the Phantom X putters are the hosels, toe hang degrees, alignment aids, and winged or full mallet putters. Full mallets typically have a longer alignment aid running from the flange to the topline. Conversely, winged mallets like the Phantom X5 feature it on the topline.

Final Thoughts on the Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5 Review

My Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5 review displays a premium feeling, smooth rolling, and forgiving winged mallet putter design. It performed well for my straighter putting stroke, stabilizing the putter head on my back and through stroke for a square face at contact.

Once my putter face struck the ball, I produced adequate friction and ball speed for a smooth rolling putt. I relished my distance control and feel with the Phantom X 5 in hand, and I would recommend it to straight-stroking golfers. The biggest downside is its high-end price tag which is unsuitable for players on a budget.

However, the Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5 is an investment. The quality of the materials, consistency of the stroke, and its leniency will serve you well as a high, mid, and low handicap golfer.

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