Cleveland Smart Sole Chipper: The Solution to Chipping Woes

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The Cleveland Smart Sole Chipper is one of my favorite clubs in my golf bag. In this article, I will share critical details on this fantastic golf chipper.

Hunting for a Used Golf Chipper

A few months back, I was shopping at the PGA Superstore in Sarasota, FL. As part of my shopping ritual at this store, I checked out the used golf clubs just in case there might be something new to try. EBay is also another great place to find used golf clubs.

Nestled in the rack, I spotted a chipper golf club. I have wanted to purchase one of these for some time, so this appeared to be a good opportunity.  The club was a Cleveland Smart Sole Chipper, a golf chipper that I had heard of but was not familiar with its use.

I am a young senior golfer who currently carries a 12 handicap. I feel I am fairly confident with my driver and fairway woods, but my short game using irons has not been my strong suit.

Many of my friends use golf chippers from assorted manufacturers and swear that is the way to go for their short game. So, for the price, I went ahead and bought it.

If you’re unfamiliar with Cleveland, you may want to read our expert article on Cleveland golf clubs. They are known for making some of the best wedges on the market these days.

Cleveland Smart Sole Chipper 4 Review

Cleveland Smart Sole Chipper Review
Cleveland Smart Sole Chipper Review

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I did a little research on the club and manufacturer. The reviews were primarily positive, and Cleveland appears to be one of the best leaders in short game clubs. Ok, I was sold. Let’s give it a try.

After watching a YouTube video on how to use this chipper, I was amazed at how versatile the club actually is.  The golf club looks similar to an 8 iron with a broad side; the loft is approximately 42 degrees.  Using a putting stroke as the video instructed, I was able to chip around the green with somewhat accuracy.

Just remember, don’t jab, use a pendulum putting stroke. That is all you need to create some effortless chip shots. This golf club works well to prevent chunking and working with tight lies, as we have in Florida.

I have also used this club for slightly longer distances, such as 40 to 50 yards out. It is also a champion when it comes to bump and run shots around the green or getting out of the rough.

New Cleveland Smart Sole Chipper

Cleveland Smart Sole 4 Chipper


Updated on 2024-05-28

Lofts 42•, 50•, 58•

Cleveland Smart Sole 4 Chipper

While I have the older model of this club, the newer version is also getting rave reviews.

The Cleveland Smart Sole 4 Chipper has an extra wide three-tiered sole, that provides maximum forgiveness for your short game shots. It has improved Feel Balancing Technology from the hosel which allows the center of gravity to be moved closer to the center of the clubface.

It also has newer aggressive milled grooves to gain better spin performance from various golf course conditions.

Cleveland Smart Sole Chipper Specs

  • Golf Club Flex: Wedge
  • Loft: 42 Degrees, 50 Degrees, and 58 Degrees
  • Club Head Material: Alloy Steel
  • Shaft Material: Steel Shaft

The cost for a new Cleveland Smart Sole 4 Chipper is very reasonably priced and easy to purchase on Amazon.


  • Reasonable price point
  • Ideal for those that struggle with chip shots
  • Quality manufacturer


  • Chippers are not for everyone

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Final Thoughts | Cleveland Golf Chipper Review

Regardless of your skill level, I would recommend this chipper golf club for anyone who wishes to improve their short game and lower their scores.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a golf chipper?

A golf chipper is a club specifically designed with a wedge shape and a shorter shaft. Paired with an angled face, a chipper has the ability to send the ball in an upward trajectory using a putting stroke. This makes it easier to hit chip shots allowing for better control over the golf ball to loft it up more easily and efficiently. 

Are golf chippers legal?

The USGA guidelines state that golf chippers are legal. However, there are illegal versions of golf chippers that include two striking faces, as well as having a putter grip.

What are golf chippers best used for?

For those that struggle with their short game, golf chippers are an ideal club. They are perfect for the rough to help get you on the green.

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