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Looking for the best sand wedge for bunkers? In this article, we cover the best sand wedges by category type. If you’re interested in various types of wedges, you’ll also want to read our article on the 11 Best Golf Wedges to Shave Strokes.

Based on their name, you can probably ascertain that sand wedges are designed to help you escape the sand trap. After reading this guide, you will know our top picks for the best sand wedge for bunkers in 2023 and how you find your ideal pick.

I have included a variety of sand wedges that cater to high, mid, and low handicap golfers, as well as ladies golf wedges to cover all bases.

You will find that these wedges vary in their forgiveness, launch, spin, and accuracy, which is why I have stated which option best suits different skill levels.  

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Here are the best sand wedge for bunkers separated by category:

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Overall Best Sand Wedge For Bunkers

1. Callaway CB Mack Daddy Wedge

Best Sand Wedge for Bunkers is the Callaway CB Mack Daddy Wedge shown in a beautiful silver color with red, black, and silver lettering.


  • Optimal forgiveness
  • Produces consistent spin
  • Higher MOI promotes greater accuracy
  • The sole promoted skid Enhanced spin
  • Offers both steel shafts and graphite shafts


  • No alternative sole grind options
  • The chunky profile may deter lower handicappers

The Callaway CB Mack Daddy ranks as our overall best sand wedge for bunkers thanks to its forgiveness, accuracy, spin, and feel. In addition, the W-grind promoted increased skid across the sand to help me strike my ball cleanly on most occasions.

I appreciated the cavity back design of the Mack Daddy as it spread the weight around the clubface perimeter for a higher MOI and increased forgiveness. It simplified keeping my club head aligned with my target line and maintained spin and ball speed on most open-face shots.

The JAWS full-face groove structure was effective at gripping the ball and imparting optimal spin out of the sand. As a result, it prompted drop and stop control for a go at the flagstick from the bunker.

Finally, Callaway engineers crafted the CB Mack Daddy sand wedge in a 54 and 56 degree profile. If you are unsure which sand wedge is better for your swing, save our guide to wedge degrees for later.

Best Budget Sand Wedge

2. Tour Edge Men’s TGS Triple Grind Sole Wedge

Tour Edge Men's TGS Triple Grind Sole Wedge


  • Entry-level price tag
  • Clean, compact pear-shaped profile
  • Generates a soft feel
  • Prompts rampant spin
  • Eliminates bounce


  • Minimal forgiveness on off-center hits
  • No alternative sole grind offerings

The Tour Edge Triple Grind Wedge highlights that quality, high performance, and affordability can go together. The classic pear-shaped wedge earns its place on our list for its entry-level price, soft feel, clean turf interaction, and impressive spin.

Despite its entry-level price, the Triple Grind produced impeccable revolutions per minute out of the bunker for drop and stop spin. This was prompted by the enhanced CNC milled grooves, which also provided a buttery-soft feel at impact.

The TPE insert enhanced the feel, reducing vibrations on off-center bunker strikes to protect your palms. In addition, I felt the Triple Grind produced restricted bounce to help you get under the ball with an open face for an optimal launch from the bunker.

Lastly, the Tour Edge engineers crafted the Triple Grind wedge with a single sole option, which may deter superior golfers. Plus, the sand wedge is available in the classic 54 and 56-degree loft profile.

Most Forgiving Sand Wedge

3. C3i Sand Wedge for Men & Women

C3i Sand Wedge, Lob Wedge for Men & Women


  • No-friction sole
  • No need to change your setup
  • Promotes a high launch
  • Ample spin as a more forgiving sand wedge
  • Glare resistance
  • Legal to use on the golf course


  • Chunky profile
  • The weaker lofts may create gaps between your pitching and sand wedge.

Granted, Autopilot Golf is the lesser-known brand on this list. However, their C3i wedge has consistently proven its worth for senior golfers. The no-friction sole glides smoothly across the sand to strike your ball cleanly and save you from setting up differently for bunker shots.

The C31i adds consistency to your setup because the face is designed to help you aim square, swing naturally, and enjoy optimal results. This eliminates the challenge of opening your stance and trying to judge how far left of your target to aim. 

Autopilot opted for a different loft setup on these wedges, employing a 59-degree sand wedge and a 65 degree lob. I felt the weaker lofted wedges made it a breeze to get my ball airborne and out of the bunker before prompting a soft landing.

Besides its ease of use for the average senior, the C3i Sand Wedge also features a glare-resistant black and red face. In my experience, it proved effective in combating rays. Finally, the grooves proved efficient on this wedge and gripped my ball adequately for an adequate spin.

If you’re looking for other wedges for more forgiveness, you’ll want to read my article on the Most Forgiving Wedges to Enhance Your Short Game.

Most Accurate Sand Wedge For Bunkers

4. Cleveland Golf | RTX ZipCore Tour Satin Wedge

Cleveland Golf | RTX ZipCore Tour Satin Wedge


  • Promotes straighter shots
  • Available in 3 sole grinds
  • Aggressive grooves for higher spin
  • Increased stability at impact
  • Produces controlled flight


  • I struggled with the glare
  • Slightly chunky profile

Opening your clubface and adjusting your aim for bunker shots can cause erratic accuracy from the sand. The Cleveland RTX ZipCore overcomes these challenges by producing a high MOI wedge for enhanced stability and to keep your clubface on target at impact for greater accuracy.

The ZipCore pushes the center of gravity (CG) higher to promote a lower controlled launch that low and mid-handicappers will appreciate. In addition, the raised MOI and enhanced stability keeps your club head stable at contact to maintain spin and velocity across a wider area of the clubface.

Next, the heat-treated UltiZip grooves proved their worth as the durable construction generated excellent spin on bunker shots. The sharp, deep, and narrow wedge grooves bit into my golf ball and imparted increased revolutions per minute on the ball for drop and stop control.

Although Cleveland RTX ZipCore Wedge offers the 3 Sole grinds, the full grind performs the best from the sand trap. The Sole grind design offers greater forgiveness on open-face shots for consistency from the sand. Finally, the RTX ZipCore sand wedge is available in a 54 and 56-degree profile.

Best Glare Resistant Sand Wedge 

5. Callaway Golf Mack Daddy 5 JAWS Wedge

best golf wedge for bunkers - Callaway Golf Mack Daddy 5 JAWS Wedge


  • Glare resistance finish
  • High spinning grooves
  • Micro-grooves boost friction on off-center hits
  • Two sole grind options
  • Easy wedge to launch


  • Moderately expensive
  • Not the most forgiving sand wedge

Glare is an issue for golfers as it can weaken our eyesight and obliterate our focus at address. The Callaway Golf Mack Daddy 5 JAWS Wedge features a black club head finish that looks attractive and fights glare to shield your eyes and prevent distractions during your bunker shots.

Added to its glare-resistant capabilities, the MD 5 JAWS sports Offset Groove-in-Groove technology for aggressive spin. Plus, micro-grooves sit between the main grooves to boost friction and spin on off-center strikes.

I found the micro-grooves made it easier to grip the golf ball with an open clubface ensuring adequate launch, spin, and landing. Next,  Callaway engineers equipped the MD 5 JAWS with two stock sole grinds. 

The average golfer may prefer the versatility of the S-grind. However, I liked the heel relief and limited bounce of the W-grind. Finally, the MD 5 JAWS sand wedges are available in the standard composition of 54 and 56 degrees.

Best Sand Wedge For High Handicappers

6. Cleveland Golf CBX2 Wedge

Cleveland Golf CBX2 Wedgeshowing the club head in a satin color.


  • Maximum Forgiveness
  • Easy to open the clubface
  • Versatile sole grind
  • Boosts friction
  • Glare resistant finish
  • Ideal for players with a high golf handicap


  • An oversized cavity back profile is not appealing to lower handicappers
  • No alternative sole grinds

Those with a high golf handicap need a sand wedge that is forgiving, versatile and produces ample spin. The Cleveland Golf CBX2 Wedge stood up and delivered in these areas. It also offered a soft feel on all shots thanks to its Gelback TPU insert.

Cleveland engineers decided on a single dynamic S-grind sole for the CBX2, which simplified opening the clubface and getting it under the ball. In addition, its hollow cavity design spreads mass to the perimeter of the golf club to preserve ball speed and spin on all shots. 

Although the Rotex Face Technology delivered a satisfactory spin, I was more impressed with the aggressively milled face. The setup increased friction between the clubface and golf ball at contact to impart consistent spin and control on most shots.

The Enhanced Feel Balancing Technology added a pleasant touch to the sand wedge, neutralizing vibrations on mishits for a soft hold. Lastly, the glare-resistant CBX 2 sand wedge range is crafted in a 54 and 56-degree offering.

Best Sand Wedge For Mid Handicappers

7. PXG V3 0311 Forged Golf Wedge

PXG V3 0311 Forged Golf Wedge


  • Classic-looking sand wedgeSuperb feel
  • Forgiving on open-face strikes
  • Optimal spin across the face
  • Glare resistant finish


  • Some mid-handicappers may prefer the option of more sole grinds
  • Expensive for a golf wedge

The PXG V3 0311 Forged Golf Wedge offers mid handicap golfers a classy, forged wedge design, superior feedback, high spin, and a versatile sole grind. I also enjoyed the glare-resistant finish and forgiveness, which I did not expect.

The High-Toe weighting design proved genius for bunker escapes as they centered the CG for better stability on open-face strikes. In my case, this produced cleaner contact for a less demanding lift out of the bunker.

Adding to its looks and forgiveness was exceptional spin, prompted by the full-face grooves. They performed well on open-face shots where I caught the ball closer to the toe, preserving ball velocity and spin.

Lastly, the forgiving, forged PXG V3 0311 is available in the standard 54 and 56-degree sand wedge composition. 

Best Sand Wedge For Low Handicappers

8. TaylorMade Hi-Toe 3 Wedge

TaylorMade Hi-Toe 3 Wedge in a beautiful copper color with black lettering.


  • Buttery soft feel
  • Optimal contact on open-face strikes
  • Generates increased spin
  • Attractive copper finish


  • The lower flight is not ideal for slower swing speeds
  • Some golfers may not appreciate the rusted face over time.

The milled grind sole and aged copper finish on the TaylorMade Hi-Toe 3 Wedge screams quality for low handicappers. Then you strike the wedge and enjoy a buttery soft touch, maximum spin, and a controlled launch. Your suspicions are confirmed, as this is the best bunker sand wedge for low handicappers.

The ZTP Raw, full-length scoring lines, and RAW Face Technology deliver maximum spin levels with an open face on short shots. These are great when you want the ball to drop and stop from the sand.

I appreciated the milled grind sole, which delivered minimal interaction with the ground and made it easier to slide my clubface under the ball. It also softened the feel of each strike to boost feedback and optimize distance control.

Finally, PXG offers the lower-flying TaylorMade Hi-Toe 3 in a 54 and 56-degree sand wedge with a standard bounce grind.

Best Sand Wedge For Women

9. Wilson Women’s Harmonized Golf Wedge

Wilson Women's Harmonized Golf Wedge in steel


  • Incredibly affordable
  • Versatile sole grind
  • Clean ground interaction
  • Promotes adequate spin
  • Generates a high launch


  • Only available in one loft option
  • Less forgiveness than its peers

The Wilson Women’s Harmonized Golf Wedge is an affordable, versatile and forgiving option for players on a strict budget. Despite the single sole grind option, ladies will find it simple to open the clubface and get under the golf ball.

A compact, classic blade profile awaits you with a high-polish finish and steel shaft. However, the glare may be challenging for those with weak eyes like mine. Glare aside, the versatile sole on the Harmonized wedge produces clean earth interaction promoting a clean strike from the sand.

In addition, the standard groove structure provided adequate spin for drop and stop control, but superior golfers may demand higher revolutions. However, the higher launch on this wedge makes up for it and promotes a softer landing.

Lastly, the entry-level priced Wilson Women’s Harmonized Golf Wedge is only available in a 56-degree loft profile. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Wedge to Get Out of Bunkers?

A 54 or 56 degree sand wedge is the best wedge to get out of the bunker as it offers sufficient loft, rampant spin, and control. Most golfers find it easy to open the clubface of a sand wedge and launch the ball out of the bunker without ballooning shot and losing control.

What is the Easiest Sand Wedge to Hit?

The Callaway Mack Daddy CB Wedge proved the easiest sand wedge to hit, thanks to its forgiveness, spin, and perimeter weighting. This wedge helps you preserve spin and ball speed on off-center strikes to keep your ball straight and help it out of the bunker. You’ll find it is one of the easiest wedges to hit in your golf bag.

What Loft do Pros Use in Bunkers?

54 and 56 degree sand wedges are the most commonly used lofts by pros out of the bunker. However, this depends on the ball’s lie, the distance remaining, and whether they want to stop the ball dead or let it run up to the cup. For more information, check out our article: Best Golf Wedge Degrees for Chip, Flop, & Bunker Shots.

Final Thoughts on the Best Sand Wedge for Bunkers

Sand wedges are versatile golf clubs that enable you to play pitch shots, chips, flops, and full shots from the fairway, rough, or bunker. However, sand wedges differ in their launch, spin, bounce, and forgiveness. Our best sand wedge for bunkers list highlights these differences.

If you are a high handicapper senior, you want a forgiving, cavity-back sand wedge for greater leniency on off-center strikes. However, mid-handicappers may prefer a forged, classic profile that enhances feel and spin without compromising forgiveness.

In addition, low handicappers are better suited to compact sand wedges with impeccable feedback around the greens. Female golfers should stick to a lighter, more forgiving, and easier-launching sand wedge, simplifying opening the clubface and launching the ball.

Our overall best senior sand wedge for bunkers in 2023 is the Callaway Mack Daddy CB Wedge. It is affordable, forgiving, consistent, and an easy-to-launch wedge; qualities that the average amateur can appreciate.

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