Our 9 Best Used Drivers to Buy to Save BIG

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Looking for the best used drivers to save big ? Here are some of our top picks that can be purchased at markdown prices.

Second hand golf clubs are an intelligent option to save money and still acquire high-performing equipment. In this post, I’ll share the best used drivers to buy to preserve ball speed, lower spin, and optimize distance off the tee.

My objective in this post is to show the array of quality used drivers available on the market. Despite their age and cosmetics, these golf drivers produce superb yards and accuracy for low, mid, and high handicappers.

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Overall Best Used Golf Driver Under $200

Mizuno STX-220 Driver

Price not available

Updated on 2024-06-23

Best Used Driver

best used drivers 2023, Mizuno STX-220 Driver

The Mizuno STX-220 delivered outstanding speed, distance, forgiveness, and durability for under $200. I also appreciated the glare-resistant finish and its compatibility with my moderate swing speed. Although the draw bias construction restricted my workability, I did minimize the impact of my slice shots.

I produced consistent ball velocity off the Forged SAT2041 Beta-Ti face, owing to its multi-thickness CORTECH technology. The CORTECH enhanced rebound off the club face, boosting my energy transfer and zip while limiting spin.

Mizuno stationed additional mass in the lower portion of the club head to encourage an effortlessly high launch. I did lose a few yards with the high launch, but I welcomed the consistent carry distance.

The Quick Switch Adaptor is handy if you wish to tweak your loft and lie angle to identify the optimal settings for your swing. It enabled me to strengthen and weaken the loft by 2-degrees each way. Mizuno offers lighter, flexible designs if slower-swinging seniors struggle to launch the ball with the stock shafts. 


  • Generates maximum ball speed
  • Glare resistant clubhead
  • Durable club face
  • Launches high
  • Draw bias combats slices


  • Not the longest driver I have swung
  • The draw bias minimizes workability

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Best Used Driver for Seniors

Tour Edge Exotics EXS220 Driver

est. $142.99 – $189.99

Best for Seniors

Tour Edge Exotics EXS220 Driver, best used driver for seniors

I find the Tour Edge Exotics EXS220 a suitable construction for senior golfers seeking a fast clubface, forgiveness, and an effortless launch. I also appreciate the entry-level price tag, forgiveness, and adjustable hosel. Tour Edge is also the preferred choice of clubs for PGA Tour Champions players Bernhard Langer, Mike Weir and Alex Cejka.

The EXS220 sprung off the clubface and hoisted my ball high and long, owing to its Diamond Face Technology. The high-springing clubface received an additional boost from the low-density, thin titanium material.

Tour Edge employed Triple Carbon Tech on the heel, toe, and crown to optimize weight distribution. The engineers saved mass across the clubhead to reposition low and deep for an elevated lift off the tee.

I am also a fan of the stability of the clubface at contact, initiated by its high moment of inertia (MOI). The stable clubface preserved ball velocity and contained spin for a powerful launch and consistent carry distance.


  • High-launching golf driver
  • Super affordable, second hand golf clubs
  • Adjustable hosel
  • Maximum Forgiveness
  • Increased MOI


  • Not the prettiest-looking driver
  • The higher launch may cost faster swingers distance.

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Best Used Driver for High Handicapper

Cleveland Launcher XL Driver


Updated on 2024-06-23

High Handicapper

Cleveland Launcher XL Driver

The Cleveland Golf Launcher XL outclassed its peers as the most forgiving, high-launching, and stable best used golf drivers. Their easy launching, lenient and affordable nature are valuable for high handicappers searching for consistent flight and distance off the tee.

I like the extra large clubhead design, which leaves ample surface area for the average player to strike the ball. I managed to retain ball speed and lower my spin rate on strikes across the face. This led to an ideal launch, flight, and landing on all shots.

The Rebound Frame was my favorite feature. It enhanced my energy transfer from the clubface to the ball, conjuring up faster ball speed and low spin. These components helped me launch my golf ball high and long consistently, which high handicappers desperately need.

I always enjoy an adjustable hosel to help me alter the loft and lie angle of my clubface. I do not do this frequently, but it is nice to have when I wish to test other specifications. My only dislikes are the lack of an adjustment wrench and the reduced workability owing to the enlarged clubhead.


  • Super forgiving
  • High launching design
  • Maximum stability at impact
  • Adjustable hosel
  • Optimizes energy transfer


  • The oversized head is unattractive
  • Reduces workability

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Best Used Driver for Mid Handicapper

Product Badge

The medium launching, straight flying, and moderately forgiving Cobra LTDx outclassed the best second hand drivers for mid handicappers. I was further impressed by the low spinning and rapid clubface that generated ample carry distance.

The PWR-COR Technology was my stand-out feature, accounting for my reduced spin rate. Cobra engineers placed weight low and forward to minimize revolutions, retain ball speed and prompt a towering launch.

I felt the flight was more neutral than the Cobra LTDx Max, which allowed me to work my ball around dog legs. The H.O.T Face Technology and CNC Milled Infinity Face delivered outstanding forgiveness on off-center strikes. 

The components expanded the active zone off the face to boost energy transfer on all shots. I appreciated the stability of the LTDx at impact, which further enabled me to prevent ball speed drop-off and spin surges.


  • Explosive driver face
  • Forgiving
  • Adjustable hosel
  • Medium launch
  • Low spin


  • More expensive than other best second hand drivers
  • Less forgiving than the Cobra LTDx Max

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Best Used Driver for Low Handicapper

Low Handicapper

Srixon ZX7 Driver, best second hand driver for low handicap golfers

The Srixon ZX7 appeals to skilled golfers seeking a tour-inspired shape, accelerated pace, and low spin. Our best used driver for low handicappers also offered an element of forgiveness and an adjustable hosel to alter the clubface loft and lie.

Despite its compatibility with low handicappers, the ZX7 was lenient at impact. The Rebound Frame boosts your power into contact, maximizing energy transfer and ball speed while keeping spin to a minimum.

Srixon optimized the mass distribution of the Carbon Crown, positioning the weight low to moderately elevate your launch. Low handicappers will appreciate the tour-inspired shape of the crown, which is a pleasure to look down on at address.

I liked the adjustable weights and hosel on the ZX7 to tweak my shot shape and launch characteristics. The two weight ports allowed me to set the driver for a fade or draw bias. The Project X HZRDUS Smoke Black 60 is the stock shaft and delivers limited spin and low launch for faster clubhead speed.


  • Increased rebound at contact
  • Moderately forgiving
  • Adjustable hosel and weights
  • Rapid ball speed
  • Low spin


  • Not suited to slow swing speed golfers
  • Not available in a 12-degree loft

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Most Forgiving Used Driver

Callaway Epic Speed Driver


Updated on 2024-06-22

Max Forgiveness

Callaway Epic Speed Driver

The Callaway Epic Speed proved its worth as the most forgiving driver thanks to its versatile profile, distance, forgiveness, and aesthetics. I found the mid-launch and semi-draw bias setup ideal for mid-handicappers demanding length without sacrificing leniency.

The Jailbreak A.I. Speed Frame was instrumental in increasing my ball speed and minimizing spin. Horizontal and torsional stability across the surface delivered adequate pace and spin revolutions on all strikes for consistent carry and total yards.

My moderate clubhead speed appreciated the aerodynamics and acceleration of the clubhead from the top down. The Cyclone Aero Shape obliterated drag on my downswing and accelerated through to the ball for increased energy transfer.

I enjoyed the forgiveness of the Epic Speed, especially pertaining to ball speed. The semi-draw bias also marginally reduced the severity of slices, but not as well as the Epic Max. I also appreciate the loft profiles that cater to low, medium, and high launch preferences.


  • Produces outstanding distance
  • Adjustable hosel
  • Aerodynamic clubhead
  • Generates rapid ball speed
  • One of the best golf drivers for superb forgiveness


  • Medium driver spin
  • No adjustable center of gravity (CG) weights

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Best Premium Used Golf Driver

TaylorMade Stealth Driver


Updated on 2024-06-23

Luxury Driver

Best Premium Used Golf Driver

The TaylorMade Stealth earns the right of best premium driver for its looks, optimized launch, feel, and forgiveness. The Stealth highlights TaylorMade’s transition to carbon woods. I find the change in material lightens the driver and enhances clubface flexibility and forgiveness.

TaylorMade employed 60 layers of carbon to form a lightweight driver clubface, which is thin, flexible, and explosive. It enhances rebound to accelerate ball speed and contain spin for maximum length. 

The Stealth boasts a superior MOI profile, which helps amateurs resist twisting the clubface leading into impact. This assisted me to square the face to amplify speed, minimize spin and produce straighter ball flight.

I thought the Asymmetric Inertia Generator and Thru-Slot Swing Speed Pocket paired well together. The Inertia Generator increased aerodynamics and club head speed on the downswing, while the Thru-Slot Speed Pocket enhanced clubface flex into contact.


  • Fast, forgiving driver
  • Promotes straighter ball flight
  • Preserves ball speed
  • Lowers spin
  • Aerodynamic clubhead


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Best Used Driver for Beginners

TaylorMade SIM2 Max Draw Driver

Price not available

Updated on 2024-06-22

Product Badge

TaylorMade SIM2 Max Draw Driver

The TaylorMade SIM2 Max Draw Driver provides maximum forgiveness, a towering launch, and a draw-bias design for straighter shots. I find it suitable for beginner golfers who intend to play regularly and need a reliable option to hit more fairways in regulation.

The draw bias profile was the most striking feature of the SIM2. It simplified squaring my clubface at contact to generate straighter flight and minimize slices. The Speed Injected Twist Face further stabilized the clubface to preserve ball pace on heel and toe mishits.

In my experience, the SIM2 Max D encourages a towering launch to optimize carry distance. This works for slow and medium swing speeds, struggling to get the ball airborne off the tee. Slower swingers receive additional acceleration on the downswing thanks to the aerodynamic Asymmetric Inertia Generator.

I enjoyed consistent ball speed and low spin with the highly lenient SIM2 Max D. The Thru-Slot Speed Pocket increased clubface flex into contact, enhancing energy transfer and ball zip while lowering spin.

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  • Forgiving
  • Built to reduce slices
  • Wide sweet spot
  • Launches high
  • Adjustable hosel


  • The adjustment tool is not included in the purchase
  • The large face is unattractive

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Best Used Golf Drivers Under $100

TaylorMade R15 Driver

The TaylorMade R15 Driver offers a high launching, adjustable, and stable used driver for under $100. Despite its age, it generated ample ball speed at contact. Plus, I appreciated the adjustable weights to optimize my shot shape.

I thought the Front Track System did well to minimize spin and accelerate ball pace across an expanded area. This led to minimal ball speed drop-off on heel and toe strikes to get the ball airborne and flying long.

The Sliding Split weights boost the versatility of the R15 driver, allowing you to produce a draw, neutral or fade bias. High handicappers may prefer the slice fighting draw bias setting, which I found easier to square the clubface at contact.

Adding to the versatility was the 4-degree loft sleeve, enabling me to strengthen or weaken the loft of the driver.


  • Entry level price
  • Forgiving
  • High launching
  • Adjustable hosel
  • Moveable weights


  • Predominantly available second hand in strong lofts
  • It feels heavy

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Expert Tips for Buying Used Golf Drivers

showing a club fitter shop with a golf simulator, a club fitter can help with fitting the best used golf clubs for you.

Used Golf Driver: Good Value For the Money?

Used golf drivers typically offer a more affordable approach to acquiring quality golf equipment. You can pick up second hand drivers for considerably less than their brand-new relatives. However, not all used drivers offer outstanding value. 

For example, the new and used Callaway Rogue ST Max LS golf drivers are currently within about twenty to thirty dollars of one another. Despite being cheaper, I may fork out the additional capital to get a new golf club because the discount on a used driver design is minimal.

Ensure your used driver is significantly cheaper than a new design before finalizing the transaction.


Used drivers are classed according to cosmetic damage and performance. The more banged up a driver is, the cheaper the seller prices it. I recommend sticking to drivers with no or minor cosmetic disfigurement because it highlights the care the previous owner took of the clubs.

If you do not mind a scratched clubhead and live for discounts, then you may settle for a driver with moderate or high cosmetic damage.

Sellers Reputation

Purchasing used drivers is always tricky because you never know the actual condition of the clubs until they arrive. That is why I recommend sticking to reputable retailers like Amazon or GlobalGolf. They tend to run stringent checks on the quality of the clubs and generally offer drivers in fair condition.

Quality aside, there is always the risk of unscrupulous characters taking advantage of your needs. Ten years back, I ordered a Titleist Pro Titanium 905R on eBay. Once the deal was finalized, the seller disappeared, and I could never get my money back. Credit to eBay, they now cover you with their Money Back Guarantee, but that did not exist when I needed it.

Stick to sites that will intervene and return your money if the seller disappears or the goods never arrive.


Used drivers might not offer the luxury of loft options due to their limited supply on the market. If your first-choice driver is unavailable in your preferred loft, turn to your second choice. I advise against choosing a driver if it does not match your optimal specs.

Slower-swinging senior golfers should search for the best golf drivers with a 12-degree loft. The weaker lofted design will prompt a higher launch for consistent carry and total distance. Moderate swing speeds often prefer the medium launch of a 10.5-degree driver, while fast swingers prefer the low launching 9-degree profile.

Shaft Flex

The first prize is to find a used driver that carries your perfect shaft flex, rendering it golf course ready. However, it is not a train smash if your desired driver is fitted with the wrong shaft. Acquire the driver and take it to a club fitter to apply the ideal shaft flex and weight for your swing speed.

True Spec Golf advises that players swinging a driver between 72 to 83 mph should stick to a senior flex shaft. Clubhead speeds dipping below 72 mph should apply a light, whippy ladies flex to the driver.

You may perform best with a regular flex if your driver clocks 84 to 96 mph. Higher swing speeds exceeding 96 mph better suit stiff and extra stiff golf shafts.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what golf driver to use?

When it comes to finding your best golf driver, your swing speed, launch preference, and shot shape determine which to use. High handicappers tend to perform best with a slice fighting, high launching draw bias driver. A moderate swing speed mid-handicap golfer suits a mid-launching driver with a semi-draw bias.

Are new golf drivers really better?

No, new golf drivers are not necessarily better, as a wealth of used drivers offer equal forgiveness, speed, distance, and accuracy. I hit my 20-year-old TaylorMade R500 more consistently than any modern driver because I am comfortable with it, and it suits my golf swing.

Is buying used golf clubs a good idea?

Yes, buying the best used golf clubs is an astute approach to saving money and still acquiring your desired golf equipment. Stick to reputable retailers like Amazon or Global Golf to ensure you are protected if there is a hiccup with the deal.

Final Thoughts on the Best Used Drivers

My best used drivers to buy highlights an abundance of affordable, fast, high-launching, and long drivers. Despite their age and cosmetics, these drivers are forgiving and consistent, and most of them will thrive for years to come.

The most significant factor to consider before purchasing used drivers is the reputation of the seller and the condition of the driver. I suggest looking at reputable sites like Global Golf and Amazon, which are stringent in their selection process of used golf clubs and offer superb buyer protection.

I was overall impressed with the value, performance, and condition of the drivers on our list. However, the Mizuno STX-220 was a class above the rest. It is an affordable, forgiving, durable, and high-launching driver which generates superb distance.

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