16 Best Grandpa Golf Gifts That He Will LOVE in 2024

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Are you looking for the perfect golf gift for your golf-loving Grandpa? From our discussions with senior golfers, we compiled a list of some of the wishlist items for an ultimate guide to the best Grandpa golf gifts.

My late father was an avid golfer and a top-notch Dad and Grandpa. Some of my fondest memories were celebrating special occasions with him on holidays such as Father’s Day or our birthdays.

He always took such good care of us, I wanted to buy him the perfect gift. So, what do you get a golfer that has everything?

In this article, we will cover something for every type of golfing Grandpa based on category:

  • Best Grandpa Essential Golf Gifts
  • Best Golf Gadgets
  • Best Golf Gifts under $50

Whether your Grandpa is a golfing professional or just starting out, the gifts in this article will surely put a smile on his face and help him on and off the greens.

We also recently covered father’s day gifts, personalized golf gifts, retirement golf gifts, and funny golf gag gifts if you need more ideas too. Here are the best golf gifts for Grandpa for 2024.

Best Grandpa Essential Golf Gifts

Victorinox Swiss Army Golf Tool

Victorinox Swiss Army Golf Tool


  • Compact golf tool
  • Versatile for about everything on the golf course
  • Durable, quality build that is highly rated.


  • Not suitable to have around kids

This stainless steel golf tool/pocket knife is an excellent implement in one’s pockets for several situations that present themselves both on and off the golf course. 

Your Grandpa would greatly appreciate the smart design and compatibility of this tool. Its durability and compactness are second to none, and it fits in your pocket like a set of keys. 

Whether Grandpa needs to repair a divot on the golf course or restart his car’s engine, this tool would come in handy in several situations. 

The Swiss Army Golf Tool is made in Switzerland, the home of the best knives and tools in the world. It also comes with a money-back guarantee. That speaks volumes about its quality and durability. 

Grandpa Golf Divot Tool & Ball Marker

Grandpa Golf Divot Tool & Ball Marker has a wood looking finish with two golf clubs on front with Grandpa written on it.


  • Stainless steel
  • Modern looking golf accessories
  • Dual feature as a divot tool and a golf ball marker


  • Sharp tool may damage clothing

This sharp-looking divot repair tool would be a welcomed addition to your grandpa’s golf bag. It also comes with a Teak wood ball marker with the word “Grandpa” engraved. 

The magnetic ball marker sticks back onto the tool for easy carriage and convenient usage. The stainless steel tool ensures no rusting and durability.

This budget-friendly gift is among the best grandpa golf gifts under $50.

SuperSoft Callaway Golf Balls

Best Grandpa Golf Gifts - showing a box of the Callaway Supersoft


  • Quality golf balls at a reasonable price point
  • More distance for seniors
  • One of our top-rated golf balls we prefer to use


  • Not suitable for fast swing speeds

As a man ages, his ability to hit the golf ball slowly diminishes, and regular golf balls don’t go nearly as far as they used to. That’s where these Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls come in. 

The multi-material composition of this golf ball allows for incredibly fast ball speeds with higher trajectory, lower spin, and a softer feel. All adds up to more distance and greenside control for senior golfers. The perfect gift for your grandpa!

The hexagonal or HEX shape dimples reduce drag on the ball and enhance its ability to lift through the air, increasing overall carry and ball flight. 

For golfers with lower handicaps and faster swing speeds, we recommend the Titleist Pro V1.

Adidas ZG21 Golf Shoes | Golf Shoes for Seniors

Adidas ZG21 Golf Shoes (For Seniors)


  • Lightweight, highly-rated golf shoe
  • Solid grip
  • Pricier than less-known brands


  • The upper sole could be more durable

Adidas ZG21 Golfing Shoes make a great gift when you’re thinking about golf gifts for your Grandpa. 

Old folks get fatigued easily and need all the comfort and support they can get, especially on their feet. 

Golfers also need solid traction because their body swerves when swinging, especially when setting up awkward lies.

These fully synthetic golf shoes, developed by Adidas, provide excellent comfort and traction. They’re as light as golf shoes get, and the TPU spikes provide solid traction. 

SKLZ Golf Putting Cup Trainer

SKLZ Golf Putting Cup Trainer


  • Compact, easy to carry
  • Versatile
  • Durable


  • Not overly technical; a simple device that allows for accurate putting.

Every golfer could save more than a few strokes on the putting green. Whether your a low or high handicap, putting is a lifelong challenge. With the SKLZ Golf Putting Cup Trainer, Grandpa can practice putting wherever he would like at home, traveling, and the golf course.

The SKLZ trainer helps break putts in that it makes the player sink his putts from the high side of the hole. It can also be used for general putting accuracy. 

Bionic Golf Glove | Stable Golf Glove Grip

Bionic Golf Glove with Stable Griop


  • Durable quality with genuine leather
  • Washable
  • Try before you buy option for prime members


  • Loose at the wrist for some

A solid grip on the club is essential for golfers to play effectively and the golf glove you wear has a massive bearing on this. 

The Bionic Golf Glove is durable and made of genuine leather, with an extra pad added to the palm that provides additional support and reduces wear. 

This glove also fights fatigue in the fingers by increasing the grip on the club without having to use force. 

Just what your Grandpa might need! It’s also washable, making it durable and long-lasting. Amazon also allows you to try before you buy on this golf glove, to ensure they love it on the golf course!

Buy Now on Amazon

Callaway Hyperlite Golf Bag | Sunday Golf Bag

Callaway Hyperlite Golf Bag


  • Lightweight and quality design
  • Comfortable, easy-to-use
  • Perfect for Sunday Golf Bags
  • Less than 3lbs


  • The protruding handle can be a hassle

Carrying golf clubs around the golf course can be a hassle, especially for senior golfers. This light-as-a-feather Callaway Golf Bag weighs less than 3 pounds and is their lightest.  It is an ideal Sunday Golf Bag!

It also features strong and lightweight legs made of carbon fiber. Plus it has many different compartments so you can store golf balls, tees, gloves, keys, and more!

Another attribute is its padded OptiFit strap that adjusts to the shape of your shoulders and has self-balancing technology available in single or double straps.  All adding up to ultimate comfort for Grandpa!

Best Golf Gadgets | Best Golf Gifts for Grandpa

Callaway Izzo Rangefinder

Callaway Izzo Rangefinder


  • Excellent quality
  • Pricier golf gift for Grandpa
  • A fun gift for golfers to receive


  • Some customers experience issues with customer service department

Now here’s a gift that a golf Grandpa would appreciate.

An avid golfer always feels more comfortable knowing the exact number of yardage he needs to hit to a specific location or check whether a hazard is reachable.

This Izzo Golf RangeFinder rivals the latest ones in slope reading, magnification, and accuracy. It is on our list of the best golf rangefinders under $200.

One of the features that we love is the Pin Acquisition Technology with Pulse which provides vibration to confirm that it’s locked on the pin.

Golf Rangefinder Features:

  • Accurate slope measurement
  • Can view accurately view multiple targets
  • Maximum zoom technology

Garmin Golf GPS Watch

Garmin Golf GPS Watch S10 shown in black

Knowing your yardage and hazards to avoid is crucial to playing good golf. This easy-to-use Garmin S10 Golf Watch is controlled through your smartphone via Bluetooth. 

The slick, lightweight design fits comfortably on the wrists for convenient usage. 

The watch provides yardage from your standpoint to the front, back, and center of the green and also helps navigate dogleg holes and avoid hazards. 

It also keeps score and gives feedback. It’s rechargeable and works up to 12 hours on GPS mode. A tech-edge for Grandpa!


  • Budget-friendly fun gift
  • Accurate yardage
  • Scorekeeping ability
  • One of the highest-rated GPS golf watches with over 13,000 reviews


  • Slope feature is sometimes problematic

Grandpa Golf Gifts Under $50

Best Grandpa by Par Golf Shirt 


  • Comfortable
  • Witty golf printing
  • Great price


  • Half sleeves are usually not preferred by senior golfers

These printed casual shirts come in a wide range of colors. The solid colors are made entirely with cotton, whereas the heather colors are a mix of cotton and polyester. 

Ths high-quality golf t-shirt has a great golfing pun for your grandpa. ‘Best grandpa by par.’ It’s one of the best father’s day golf gifts as well.

The shirt features pull-on closure for no extra fussy buttons, zips, or such. They can be machine-washed and provide a lightweight and easy fit for grandpa to feel at home.

Custom Heat Sensitive Photo Mug

Custom Heat Sensitive Photo Mug


  • A special message mug makes a unique gift idea for golfers.
  • Highly rated coffee mug
  • You can personalize it


  • Message only appears when hot.

While this is not specifically a golf gift, this Custom Heat Sensitive Photo Mug is one of the best Grandpa Golf Gifts you can buy. Over the years, I’ve purchased a couple of special message mugs for grandparents, which are still used over and over years later.

Keep in mind, the special personalized message you create only shows up when you add hot liquid.

Go on a golf outing, and take photos! You can surprise your Grandpa with this mug on Father’s Day. As they say, photos are worth a thousand words – and will forever capture those special memories. He’ll see them every time he drinks his favorite hot beverage.

Best Grandpa By Par Towel

This towel is of excellent quality, which is a must, especially when gifting it to your grandpa! 

Best Grandpa By Par Towel


  • Excellent quality with a saying that golfing Grandpas would appreciate
  • Made in USA
  • Effective cleaning towel


  • While a golf towel may not make an exciting gift, it is one that all golfers need.

If you don’t want to get your grandpa a t-shirt, you can get him the Best Grandpa By Par Towel. A high-quality towel is one of the essential golf accessories.

The premium quality microfiber golf towel effectively removes dirt, sand, grass, etc., and immediately dries off your club, making it ready to use. 

Best Grandpa by Par Golfing Socks

Grandpa by Par Golfing Socks


  • Cozy, fun gift
  • Bright colored golfing socks
  • An ideal gift idea that easily fits in any gift bag


  • Thin material and style may not suit everyone

These fun golf socks will warm your grandpa’s feet and his heart every time he wears them! 

The socks are up to 85% cotton, spandex, and elastic for ultimate coziness, comfort, and warmth. They can be worn to the golf course or right at home to relax and rejuvenate. 

No need to worry about the size either. One size fits most! Men US size 6-13 and women US size 7 onwards. So most adults wouldn’t have a problem with these.

You can get one of these golfing socks and combine it with another gift to make a gift bundle as well.

The Golf Father Shirt or Hat or Mug

Golf Father's Day Mug - The Golf Father


  • Keeps the liquids cool or hot
  • Superior printing
  • Quality gift at a good price point


  • Only comes in the one design color (black)

This high-end design and printed tumbler takes the well-known Godfather movie and puts a Golfy spin on it. 

It’s designed by Michigan artists and screen printed by skilled illustrators.

If you like the Golf Father Tumbler design, you’ll want to check out the t-shirt and baseball cap to match!

The softness of the t-shirt fabric is as good as it gets, made with 100% US-grown cotton. A high thread count and tightly knit fabric ensure incredible comfort, making it one of the best golf gifts for your Grandpa.

Pint Glass With a Real Golf Ball

Pint Glass With Real Golf Ball


  • Highly-rated by customers
  • Hand sculpted drinking glass
  • Golf ball embedded


  • Not suited for everyone’s style or tastes.

Golfers are known to enjoy a pint or two after a round, and if grandpa had his dedicated pint with an actual golf ball embedded in the side, it would be an absolute treat! 

The optimum quality glass has some weight to it and holds a proper 16-ounce pour, which is safe to drink from. 

Each glass is sculpted by hand at the glass workshop in Wisconsin for a unique masterpiece every time.

Custom Grandpa Golf Balls

Grandpa Golf Balls


  • Actual golf balls
  • Made for Grandpa – ideal for Father’s Day Gift


  • Don’t function quite like standard balls

Nothing quite like having your custom golf balls. These balls come in sets of two and are standard in size and shape, so they can be used for actual play. 

They arrive in neat packaging of a plastic presentation case. There are two golf balls in each set. 

One reads “perfect grandpa” with crisscrossing golf clubs in the background, while the other features a senior golfer swinging a golf club with the words “#1 Grandpa” written below.

Buy Now on Amazon

The Eternal Summer 

Titleist Vokey SM8 - 46 degrees 


  • Highly rated with many 5-star reviews
  • Excellent historical read


  • You’ll want to check to see if your golfing Grandpa already has it since it’s a longtime favorite.

My Dad used to love reading about all the golfing greats before he passed away.

The Eternal Summer is a book about Ben Hogan, Jack Nicklaus, and Arnold Palmer, in the summer of 1960.  I know as a Grandpa, my Dad would have loved this book from my son. It’s also on our list of the best golf books of all time.

On a rainy day when he can’t get to the golf course, this easy-to-read book provides helpful insights to improve their golf game (while learning remarkable golf history).

Final Thoughts on the Best Grandpa Golf Gifts

Golf is an excellent sport for Grandpas to stay active, socialize with friends, and enjoy the outdoors, so any of these gifts will enhance the experience on and off the green. 

We hope this list of Grandpa golf gifts helped you find the ideal gift for your golf-loving Grandpa. Whether you get him golf accesories or a GPS golf watch,  in the end, your Grandpa will appreciate your thoughtfulness. 

One last thought to leave you with on the best Grandpa golf gifts. The truly best gift on this list is your time. Spend time golfing together or do something you’ll both enjoy. He’ll treasure this special day together.

If you’re looking for more Grandpa golf gift ideas, please check out our other articles listed below.

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