The 8 Best Golf Clubs for Senior Women [Expert Review]

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Looking for the best golf clubs for senior women? Then you’ve come to the right place. At Senior Golf Source, we focus on your needs first.

Overview of the Top Women’s Senior Golf Clubs

Don’t have time to go through the entire article? Here are the 10 Best Golf Clubs for Senior Women, separated by category.

🥇 Best Overall Senior Ladies Golf Clubs: Cobra 2021 Fly XL Set

Best Budget Value Set: Founders Club Believe Set

Best Transitional Set: Wilson Profile SGI

Best Introductory Set: Strata Women’s Complete 14 Piece Set

Best Intermediate Set: Aspire Pro-X Ladies Set

Best Intermediate Luxury Set: TaylorMade Kalea Set

Best Beginner Luxury Set: PXG 0211 Z Full Set

Best Anti-Slice Set: Cobra AIR – X 12 Piece Set

Preparation for a Wise Investment

There are a few factors that need to be covered prior to selecting the best senior women’s set for you. One of these factors is the type and weight of metals used in the design. Sets that tend to cost less will have a common theme regarding the weight and type of metals used. The most used heavy alloy metals in less expensive sets are stainless steel and aluminum. These heavy alloy metals tend to lack feel and will break down over time.

Metal such as titanium on the other hand is stronger, more lightweight, and costs more. Engineers can enhance the performance of titanium metal because it’s so light. Titanium metal can be stretched thin without sacrificing its strength and integrity allowing faster swing speeds that directly affect distance.

The second factor that separates a less expensive set from a premium set is the type of putter that is included. If you compare complete sets, you will find that the greater the cost, the better the materials. In golf, the goal in putting is to use 2 or less putts per hole. For most players that shot scores in the range of 90-110, will often accrue 36-42 putts per round. One of the easiest ways to lower your scoring average is to commit time to putting and understanding club design.

Putters are either blades or mallets by design. A blade putter has a thin design while a mallet putter is bulky. The thin design of the blade putter coincides with an unbalanced putter face that requires an arching stroke type. The mallet putter is face-balanced and requires a more straight back and through stroke type. If consistency is desired, it is recommended to putt with a face-balanced mallet putter.

The last major factor to consider is your size and height. Some sets come standard in size while others offer various lengths. Your body type and height play a big role in your abilities. Playing with clubs that are too long or short will deeply impact your trajectory as a player. Here is a chart to help you identify what length of clubs you should be selecting:

🥇 Best Overall Golf Club Set for Senior Ladies

Cobra 2021 Fly XL

Cobra 2021 Fly XL - one of the best golf clubs for senior women

What is most appealing about this set is the quality of the metal and the engineering that went into this design. There aren’t many complete sets that come equipped with a titanium driver and 3, 5, and 7 woods under $1000 dollars. One of the most notable differences between a $400 dollar box set and a $1000 dollar box set is the metal used in the construction of the driver.

Titanium is a lightweight metal that packs a powerful punch. Most sets under $1000 dollars come equipped with a stainless-steel driver that is often heavy which reduces swing speeds. There is a noticeable difference in the overall weight and feel of the two metals.

The Cobra 2021 Fly XL Set is specifically engineered for senior women golfers with its ultra-lightweight construction. The design team even took the players’ height into account offering two different sizes. The Standard Size fits women between 5’3’’ – 5’8’’ and the Petite Size (5’2’’ and under).

What’s Included:

  • Titanium Over-Sized Driver has strategically placed weight in the heel that helps stabilize the clubface at impact.
  • 3, 5, and 7 Woods with shallow face profiles that allow an easy-to-strike design.
  • 5 hybrid iron to increase your distance consistency with longer shots.
  • 6-9, PW and SW Cavity Back Irons with Perimeter Weighting which promotes higher lofted shots.
  • Mallet Style Putter
  • Stylish Cart Bag (Standard Size Comes in Black-Olive or Silver Plum. The Petite Size only comes in Black-Olive)
  • Headcovers for your hybrid, fairway woods, and driver.

Pros – Titanium Driver to Maximize Distance, Color Options and Sizes, Cavity Backed Irons

Cons – The putter will need to be upgraded eventually.

Best Budget Women’s Complete Golf Set

Founders Club Believe Ladies Complete Golf Set

Founders Club Believe Ladies Complete Golf Set - Senior Ladies Golf Club Set

This might be a perfect solution if your friends want you to start playing golf, but you don’t want to break the bank doing so. One of the best features this set offers is how organized it is. Taking on a new sport can be a daunting task for most. Not only are you learning new movements, but you’re also learning new rules and measurements.

One of the largest hurdles in learning golf is understanding how different clubs yield different results. Having an organizational system that allows you to sequentially keep things in order will accelerate your learning curb. For example, you can use the bag to stage the clubs in either an ascending or descending order to assist you in learning which club to use. The 14 individual slots for your clubs in this bag, will provide a platform that will help you generate greater knowledge and consistency.

The ultra-lightweight construction of this set is geared towards senior women to increase their ability to maintain their swing speeds throughout the round. Other sets that omit the importance of the overall weight of their clubs are not built with the customer in mind.

It’s recommended to stop by your local golf shop and ask to see and feel the difference between inexpensive and expensive sets. Minimizing stress on your joints and muscles with ultra-lightweight equipment will extend your playing time and enjoyment. As a bonus, you will be able to keep up with the younger ladies on the course!

What’s Included:

  • An ultra-lightweight, 13-degree driver designed to hit the ball high and straight.
  • A “Fly High” 3 wood with a shallow face design that makes hitting off the ground an easy task.
  • A 4 and 5 hybrid iron that will help maintain your off-centered strikes with longer shots.
  • 6-9, PW and SW are designed with a cavity-backed structure and graphite shafts allowing higher lofted shots to increase your distances.
  • A stylish lightweight cart bag with 7 zippered pockets, an umbrella sleeve, and 4 headcovers.
  • A mallet-style putter.
  • The Founders Club company will donate $5 dollars per set sold towards providing free mammography exams.

Pros – Ultra-lightweight construction with a highly organized cart bag system.

Cons – The driver is composed of stainless steel. The putter will need to be upgraded once you improve your technique. The wedges provided in this set will limit your abilities around the putting green.

Best Intermediate Women’s Golf Set

Wilson Women’s Profile SGI (Super Game Improvement) Complete Package Set

Wilson Women’s Profile SGI,

If you are starting to lose some distance overall or need equipment that will permit advanced short game skills, this might be an option to regain some yards and stick it closer around the putting green. The most notable feature this set offers is the EZ Launch SW. This club is designed specifically for short greenside shots that tend to plague the average beginner/intermediate golfer. This is one of the valid excuses where you can blame your equipment.

“Fore” example, if the SW is designed with a cavity back construction, then the player tends to struggle with hitting short greenside shots on hard surfaces due to the roundness of the bottom of the club.

Bulky wedges can also cause issues with getting out of the sand. An easy way to understand what wedge is going to work well for you is understanding the term, bounce. Bounce refers to the roundness of the sole of your club. If you are playing in firm ground conditions, you will want a wedge will less bounce. If the ground conditions are soft, then you want to use a wedge with high bounce.

Another feature that stands out is its ability to be customized to your height. This set comes in 3 variations: Petite (4’11’’-5’3’’), Standard (5’3’’-5’9’’) and Tall (5’9’’-6’1’’).  Considering your height plays a major role in your body posture which directly affects your ability to swing. Being fitted for a set of clubs will increase your abilities and reduce the amount of tension and stress your body absorbs.

What’s Included:

  • A HL (High Launch) driver with lightweight graphite shaft.
  • A 5-wood with lightweight graphite shaft.
  • A 5-hybrid iron designed to hit longer shots higher and further.
  • 6-9, PW and SW with lightweight graphite shafts.
  • A heel/toe perimeter weighted putter with soft grip.
  • Cart bag with easy lift handle.
  • 3, flannel lined headcovers.

Pros – Priced under $500. Lightweight construction is ideal for senior women. Customized to your height. EZ Launch SW is designed to enhance your short game abilities.

Cons – Left-handed option is only available in Standard Size.

Best Beginner Golf Clubs for Senior Women, Runner-up

Strata Women’s Complete 14 Piece Set

Strata Women’s Complete 14 Piece Set

Coming in a close 2nd place finish for “Best Introductory Set”, the Strata Women’s Complete 14 Piece Set is no slouch for a box set. The stylish looks and simple construction geared towards new golfers are practical and budget savvy. This set is recommended for senior women that are regularly active and don’t mind swinging some clubs with a little more weight.

Strata’s parent company is one of the world-renowned industry leaders, Callaway Golf. This box set comes in just under $500 and has many useful tools designed to learn the game.

If you tend to hit the driver higher than average, this set might be the right solution to your problem. The heavier weight paired with the lower loft (10.5) of this driver will help produce a lower ball flight that should yield more roll. This could also be useful if you tend to play in breezy conditions because the ball will be restricted from climbing up in the wind.

Looking like a golfer is half the battle. This set has 3 different color options: Pink, Purple, and Teal. Confidence is key when it comes to learning the game. If you don’t like what you’re looking at or have little trust, it’s going to be a difficult journey.

What’s Included:

  • A 10.5-degree driver with graphite shaft.
  • A 5-wood with a graphite shaft.
  • A 5-hybrid with a graphite shaft.
  • 6-9, PW and SW with graphite shafts.
  • A mallet style putter with steel shaft.
  • A stylish stand bag.

Pros – Priced under $500. Equipped with game improvement technology and style.

Cons – Overall weight of these clubs are heavier than most senior women’s clubs. Only comes in one size and right hand only.

Best Ladies Intermediate Complete Set

Aspire PRO-X Ladies Women’s Complete Set

Aspire PRO-X Ladies Women's Complete Set

You might find this set helpful if you are starting to improve your skills but need some more distance off the tee. This set was specifically designed to increase distance across the bag for senior women. The driver is composed of thin-faced titanium and an ultra-lightweight graphite shaft. The engineers also accounted for iron shaft technology (Premium V6 Shafts) that makes the club head end of the shaft more flexible. This can contribute to producing higher lofted shots that will fly higher and longer.

Some of our favorite features about this set are how beginner or advanced players can maximize their potential. If increasing your yardage off the tee is important to you, this set can be beneficial for all skill levels. The 4 and 5-hybrid irons are a wonderful way to increase your accuracy and carry distances for longer approach shots.

One key factor to keep in mind is to swing the hybrids like they are irons. Too often players see a larger clubhead and try picking the ball off the turf. Hit down to maximize your potential when using hybrids.

What’s Included:

  • A titanium 12-degree driver with an ultra-lightweight shaft.
  • A 3-wood.
  • A 4 and 5-hybrid iron.
  • 7-9 irons, PW, and SW.
  • A mallet-style putter.
  • A stylish cart bag with 8 pockets.

Pros – Priced under $700 dollars. This set can be used by all skill levels. Titanium driver and Premium iron shafts.

Cons – Missing a 6 iron in set make-up. Only comes in right hand, petite and standard sizes.

Best Intermediate Luxury Set

TaylorMade Kalea Set

TaylorMade Kalea Set

If you are interested in increasing your carry distance and clubhead speeds, then you might find a solution with the TaylorMade Kalea Complete Set. This luxury set is not only super ultra-lightweight but it is composed of high-quality components. This set is noticeably lighter than most senior women’s complete sets on the market. TaylorMade Golf has led the industry in many different categories such as driver, fairway woods, hybrids, irons, putters, and balls.

The ultra-lightweight design of these clubs allows the engineers access to create very low centers of gravity which affect the launch and carry distance. The titanium-faced driver, fairway woods, and hybrids allow for maximum ball speed transfer to increase total distances. The Speed Pocket Technology helps provide increased distances also.

While we are on the topic of the TaylorMade Kalea Set, you should try the TaylorMade Kalea Balls. This ball was engineered to cater to slower swing speeds. There are a few equipment changes that can directly affect your distance and control. Playing a consistent ball will help you develop a feel for shots; especially around the green.

What’s included:

  • Premium Titanium 12-degree driver with Speed Pocket Technology.
  • Premium 3-wood and 5-wood with Speed Pocket Technology.
  • 5-hybrid and 6-hybrid with Speed Pocket Technology.
  • 7-9 irons, PW, and SW.
  • Premium Spider Putter with premium grip and Pure Roll Technology.
  • 3 color options: Charcoal/Blue, Black/Violet, and Grey/Green.
  • Premium Cart Bag with 5 headcovers and Spider Putter cover.

Best Beginner Premium Golf Club Set

PXG 0211 Z Full Set

PXG 0211 Z Full Set

If quality and style are important to you then the PXG 0211 Z Full Set is a bold and luxurious statement. This set offers some of the latest and greatest technologies on the market. The fashionable black driver, 3-wood, and 5-hybrid all have an adjustable sleeve (tool included) to change loft and face angle to maximize your potential. The head covers are premium quality and specifically made for each fairway metal.

Take full advantage of what PXG has to offer and get fitted. With state-of-the-art technology, the fitting professionals at PXG can assess your height and swing to handcraft a custom set just for you.

The tour quality lightweight stand bag presents a professional tone. The premium “Hellcat” putter has a fantastic balance, look, and feel. The 0211 irons are equipped with toe/heel perimeter weighting to stabilize your clubface through impact yielding higher straighter shots.

What’s Included:

  • All custom built to your unique specifications set.
  • An adjustable titanium driver, 3-wood, and 5-hybrid.
  • 6-9 irons, PW, and SW.
  • A Hellcat premium putter.
  • 4, PXG headcovers.
  • A PGX hat.
  • A premium lightweight PXG stand bag.

Best Anti-Slice Golf Club Set

Cobra AIR X 12 Piece Set

Best Golf Clubs for Senior Women, Cobra AIR X 12 Piece Set.

If you’re interested in straightening out your slice and don’t have the patience or time to resolve your swing issues then the Cobra AIR – X, 12-Piece set sounds like a fantastic option for you. This set is specifically designed to reduce the slice and increase swing speeds. The offset driver, fairway woods, and hybrid, and irons will increase your chances of arriving at impact with a square clubface position. Over the years I have placed countless senior women into this set. I have found this set particularly helpful for women that struggle with slow swing speeds. One key factor that must be maintained with slower swing speeds is the launch angle. The 15-degree driver head will increase your chances of hitting the ball high.

The clubs are equipped with Cobra Ultralight Graphite shafts which play a major role in clubhead speed and launch angle. The lofts of the irons are higher than the standard levels of most manufacturers. If you find yourself getting tired in the middle of a round, you should consider the Cobra AIR-X Set.

What’s Included:

  • An offset, 15-degree driver with a carbon crown top built for lightweight speed.
  • An offset 3-wood and 5-wood with carbon crown tops built for forgiveness and anti-slice.
  • An offset 5-hybrid iron designed for maximum length and accuracy.
  • 6-9 irons, PW, and SW with high lofts to encourage longer carry distances.
  • A premium mallet putter.
  • A 14-way divided cart bag with a specific putter holder, 9 zippered pockets, and a built-in beverage cooler.
  • Headcovers for driver, 3-wood, 5-wood, hybrid, and putter.

Pros – Offset design to reduce the slice. Premium quality components designed for maximum speed and accuracy.

Cons – If you fix your swing, you could develop a hook or pull due to the design of the clubheads. Limited to right-hand only and standard size.

Final Thoughts – Best Golf Clubs for Senior Women

So there you have it, the 10 best golf clubs for senior women. Golf is a great game for seniors and with the right clubs, it can be enjoyed by anyone. With the right set of clubs, you’ll be sure to enjoy many rounds of golf and improve your game.

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