10 Best Golf Balls for Senior Women [Expert Review]

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Looking for the absolute best golf balls for senior women? Then we got you covered!

As our time ages on the golf course and in life, there are some factors that directly affect your ability to improve or simply maintain desired abilities. Our vision, strength, and control off the tee and green greatly impact our ability to score.

Today we are going to break down an often-overlooked equipment hurdle, the golf ball. Over the years many things have improved and developed in the game of golf but most attention is focused on what driver you have in the bag. Putting the proper ball in place for avid golfers will enhance their abilities throughout the game.

What Golf Ball Should I Use?

This is a common question that comes up. Here are our top picks that you must check out before your next golf game.

Winner: Best Golf Ball For Slower Swing Speeds

Callaway HEX Tour Soft Golf Balls

Callaway HEX Tour Soft Golf Balls

If you’re searching for extra distance and reducing sidespin, then you might find the Callaway HEX Tour Soft Golf Ball a wonderful fit.

The interconnected “hexagonal” pattern improves the aerodynamics of ball flight by reducing drag. This “hexagonal” pattern allows the Callaway HEX series balls to achieve 100% dimple coverage. The average dimple coverage of a circular dimpled golf ball only covers roughly 85% of the exterior cover. The other remaining 15% is void space which can contribute to sidespin inconsistencies.

If you are not playing a ball that matches your swing speed, it’s difficult to estimate long, mid, and short game shots on a consistent basis. Understanding your average swing speed will directly contribute to your ball’s flight accuracy and distance.

Swing speeds that are under 75mph will need to play a mid-to-low compression ball. This ball has a 3-piece ionomer solid core with an injection molded surlyn cover. The Callaway HEX Tour Soft has a great feel around and on the putting surface.

Best Soft Compression Senior Women’s Ball

Maxfli Softfli

Best Soft Compression Senior Women's Ball, Maxfli Softfli Golf Balls comes in a blue and white box.  12 balls in a box.

If you are dealing with physical ailments like arthritis or osteoarthritis the abundantly soft feeling of the Maxfli Softfli could be the right ball for you. With an extremely low compression rate of 35, this ball will dampen the impact blow to your hands, arms, and shoulders.

This ultra-low-compression ball not only facilitates a soft feel but the 332 Dimple Design on the cover increases the launch and decreases spin.

This ball is a great solution for those of you that cannot generate the clubhead you used to have. When our swings start to slow down the ball stops flying high and true.

Most commonly, senior ladies give up the game or avoid playing certain holes with longer carries. Eventually, we all grow up and slow down; it’s paramount to your success to make sure the rest of your equipment matches your capabilities.

Best Value Soft Compression Senior Ladies Ball

Callaway Super Soft Golf Balls

Best Value Soft Compression Senior Ladies Ball, Callaway Super Soft Golf Balls.

The Callaway Super Soft Golf Ball comes in a close runner-up position to the Maxfli Softfli with a compression rating of 38. As swing speeds get slower, side spin tends to increase. The interconnected HEX (hexagon) shaped dimples encompass 100% of the Paraloid Impact Modifier hybrid cover of the ball. This design eliminates void areas on the surface of the ball that can cause sidespin errors.

The inner core is a 2-piece design that transfers high launch and low spin energy through impact. This ball is recommended for lowball hitters that need an extra boost of power. This ball is also offered in a slightly larger diameter (Super Soft Max) which might be easier to hit for mid to high-handicap golfers.

One of the best characteristics of this ball is its ability to spin around the greens. Most distance balls tend to have one thing in common, they shoot across the putting green like a field mouse! Distance balls like TopFlight or Pinnacle tend to be used by women on a regular basis.

If you find yourself struggling with spin control around the green or the ball explodes off the putter face, you should consider the Callaway Super Soft Golf Ball.

Best Soft Compression Senior Women Ball (Runner-Up)

Wilson Duo Soft+ Golf Balls

Best Soft Compression Senior Women Ball, runner up

The Wilson Duo Soft+ Golf Ball also has a low compression with a 362-dimple count. This ball could be ideal for a senior lady looking for an instant boost in feel and distance.

The inner core is equipped with VelocitiCOR which supports Wilson’s claim to the “world’s softest and the longest premium 2-piece golf ball”. The surlyn cover on this ball permits a great feel around the green but is subjectable to damage if your swing speed exceeds its threshold.

Although this ball is subject to damage, players who swing under 90mph will benefit from distance and spin. This ball is also available in a bright “Optix” green, red, and yellow for the visually challenged golfer.

Some reviews have pointed out that the “Optix” green and red can blend in the grass depending on the time of the season. Overall, the concept design of this ball is a solid choice for a senior lady golfer.

Finding the right ball sometimes is a trial-and-error process. Don’t discredit this ball because of the color limitations. If you’re struggling with slow swing speed and need a boost in performance, this could be your diamond in the rough.

Best High Launch – Low Spin Golf Ball for Seniors

Srixon Soft Feel

Best High Launch - Low Spin Golf Ball for Seniors.  The Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls come in a bright pink box.

The Srixon Soft Feel (also available in bright matte finish) is a low (70) compression ball. Their newest technology, FastLayer (2-piece) Core, allows the center of the core to be soft while the outer core is firm. As a result, there is a faster transfer of energy at impact for the slower swing speeds. You should expect a higher launch with lower spin in normal conditions with these balls.

If you are concerned this high launch/low spin ball will not hold the green on short game shots, you might be surprised with the results. The super-soft ionomer cover paired with the 338 Speed Dimple Design helps the ball grab the putting surface. A solid understanding of ball placement vs. club selection will greatly affect your ability to control spin around the green.

For example, if you play a 56-degree SW with the ball in the back of your stance, you will most likely increase the rate of backspin. This will allow the ball to be struck cleanly with a descending blow.

In this scenario, the ball will climb up the grooves on the clubface and generate more spin. If you substitute the SW with an 8 iron and set up with the ball in the back of your stance, the backspin will be reduced so the ball will roll out like a putt.

Best Luxury Ball for Senior Women

Bridgestone B330 – RXS

Bridgestone Golf Balls, Best Luxury Ball for Senior Women.  Comes in this green and white box.

For the senior club champions and senior long drivers out there, the Bridgestone B330 – RXS is a tour proven winner. This ball is most notably played by the fan favorite, Fred “Boom-Boom” Couples. What sets this ball apart from its competitors is the REACTIVE iQ cover plus the Hydro Core Technology.

The REACTIVE iQ cover can recognize different thresholds of speed at impact. For example, a faster driver speed impact hardens the cover and generates a more “reactive” power combustion. On the opposite side, the cover becomes softer with short game shots allowing the player to increase spin around the green.

This “tour level” ball has a relatively low rate of compression (65). The Hydro Core Technology is like the Srixon Soft Feel. The outer core is firm while the inner core is soft. This technology will activate the soft center core and give the player a solid feel at impact.

Best Golf Ball for Visibility

Volvik Vimax Soft

Best Golf Ball for High Visibility, Volvik Vimax Soft.  Photo shows box of Volvik balls.

The Volvik Vimax Soft Golf Ball is a relatively low-cost, high-performance ball for senior women. If you are constantly searching for your ball because you simply can’t see it, then you might regain some confidence in where and how far you are hitting your shots.

This ball is specifically designed to enhance the visualization of your ball not only in-flight but also when it comes to rest. The vibrant colors separate themselves from hiding in the rough, unlike traditional white golf balls.

Although this ball is known for its high visibility, it is also well known in the lady-golfing world for its distance and performance.

The Icosahedron Dimple Design promotes a highly balanced ball flight due to how symmetrically the dimples are positioned on the cover. This dimple pattern and placement allow for higher launching shots with a minimal spin off the tee.

Best Overall Value Golf Ball for Senior Women

Titleist TruFeel

Best Golf Ball for Senior Women, photo shows Titleist TruFeel Red Box of golf balls.

The Titleist TruFeel is an overall, great senior ball. This ball is composed of a large 2-piece core designed for high launch and enhanced spin control. Plus, the cost is relatively cheap compared to other similar balls on the market.

Over the years, Titleist has proved its presence on and off tour. This ball could be a good fit for a senior player looking to maintain a solid feeling ball off the tee and around the green. If you are playing the ProV1 this might be a good transitional ball if your swing speed is starting to slow down. The Titleist TruFeel is the softest ball in the Titleist lineup.

Also, if you are playing the ProV1 and notice that the ball flight is not as high as it used to be, this is a signal that you should explore a softer compression ball.

Pro Tip: Generally, swing speeds above 100mph benefit from a higher compression ball. On the other hand, swing speeds under 100mph benefit from a lower compression ball.

Best Style Senior Ladies Ball

Vice Pro Soft

Best Style Senior Ladies Ball, Vice Pro Soft comes in a yellow-green box.

The Vice Pro Soft is a 3-piece, high-energy speed core ball designed to not only perform well but also look great. While it is relatively new to the golf ball market, it seems to be gaining status from club to club.

The cover is composed of urethane and yields a compression rate of 35 for slower swing speeds. The only downside to this ball is its high spin factor. If you’re looking to increase total distance, you should explore the other 35 compression rate balls within this article.

However, if you are seeking a feel close to a Titleist ProV1, this ball is a great option. The exterior dimple design and font script appeal to the eye as a premium ball.

As Vice continues to grow its brand continues to attract new golfers with style. You can purchase these balls at a much more reasonable price than its top competitors.

Best Golf Ball for Beginner Women

TaylorMade Tour Response

Best Golf Ball for Beginner Women, TaylorMade Tour Response

The TaylorMade Tour Response is a unisex ball great for slower swing speeds. This ball comes in three variations, Tour Response White, Tour Response Yellow, and Tour Response Stripe.

The Tour Response Stripe has a solid yellow band that serves a great purpose in alignment and stroke evaluation on the putting surface. The 40-compression core allows for maximum power transfer for slower swings.

You might find this ball particularly helpful around the green with its 100% cast urethane cover. One of the most recognizable features of this ball is the soft “tour” quality cover. This ball presents a professional look while supporting a developing golfer.

The overall durability of this ball is supported by the world-famous brand name. A large portion of professional golfers trusts the quality of the TaylorMade brand.

This low-cost tour-feeling ball could allow you to develop your short-game skills with its increased wedge spin while assisting your slower swing speeds off the tee.

Final Thoughts – Best Golf Balls for Senior Women

There’s no need to break the bank when shopping for golf balls. These options represent the best golf balls for senior women, offering excellent value for money.

From well-known brands to lesser-known gems, there’s something on this list for everyone. So now that you know the best options, get out there and enjoy your game!

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