5 Best Types Of Golf Games To Mix It Up On The Golf Course

senior ladies golfing and chatting together on the green. Types of golf games shown is a sramble.

Most of the time, I play golf how it was intended to be played, but now and then, there are circumstances where different types of golf games are offered for fun and challenge. The five types of golf games listed below are my personal favorites. For seasoned golfers, this information is old hat, but for … Read more

Golfing with Dementia | The Mental Health Benefits of Golf

Senior couple golfing and holding arms as they walk toward the green.

Looking at the mental health benefits of golf? In this article, golf writer Colleen Gilbert provides a personalized story on how golf can truly benefit anyone. There has been a lot said about the mental health benefits of golf. Numerous articles have been written about the attributes of how staying physically active contributes to good … Read more

All You Need to Know About Bobby Jones’ Mashie Niblick

Mashie Niblick 7 Iron

Who doesn’t love the name Mashie Niblick? Being one of the coolest golf club names and a favorite of Bobby Jones, we had to explore it further! Golf, like any sport, progressed through time with significant changes along the way. Within these modifications, the manufacturing of clubs was standardized, and they were renamed.  Learning about … Read more

7 Golf Life Lessons You’ll Actually Use | Wisdom of Golf

Granddaughter sitting our her grandfather's lap. Looking at a scorecard with her grapndparends in a golf cart.

In this article, golf writer, Colleen Gilbert provides golf life lessons that will remind you why you love the game of golf and the wisdom you can learn from it. A lot has been written about the philosophy of golf. Our modern game as we know it has been around since the 15th century. Scotland … Read more

When Do Golf Courses Open? States to Play Golf Year Round

Golf Tournament at Chubb Classic in Naples, Florida

You may be wondering when does do golf courses open for the year. Is there a standard golf season opening and closing day? Let us help. The snow is melting, the sun is shining, and it feels like time to hit the links. It may surprise you that the answer to this question depends on … Read more

Super Senior Golf is Here to Stay & Why Golfers Love It

super senior golfers three chatting with white shirts, two men and one woman chatting next to golf green.

Super senior golfers, rejoice! There has never been a better time for you to play golf. While golf associations worldwide are excited to see the number of youngsters taking up the game during the pandemic, the seniors and super seniors still drive the majority of course traffic. According to the National Golf Foundation (NGF) research … Read more

Who is Bernhard Langer? Remarkable Rags to Riches Golf Story

Bernhard Langer sand trap photo by Steven Newton

PGA golf professional, Bernhard Langer has one of the most remarkable stories of modern-day golfers. While he tends to go under the radar, don’t let that fool you! His story is one for the history books. If you ask the casual golf fan to name a few modern-day greats, you’ll probably hear names like Tiger … Read more

The Mystique of Golf… Why is Golf So Addictive?

Golfer raising his hands above his head in joy after a good round of golf on the putting green.

From a golfer with over 30 years on the course, this fun short read provides a unique look at… Why is golf so addictive? Not Quite a Simple Sport My sister, Maureen, once asked me about teaching her to play golf. She knew that I had been playing the game for many years and thought … Read more

Why is Golf So Fun? 8 Reasons Golfers Truly Love The Game

why is golf so fun article: showing two golfers on the green doing a high five after a good hole.

A question non-golfers tend to ask is, “Why is Golf So Fun?” Here are some factors you probably never considered and why avid golfers keep coming back for more! The Dreaded Weekend Golf Game Growing up in a family of avid golfers, I would often ask my parents, why do we have to go to … Read more