The Amazing Ben Hogan Golf Story: 5 Lessons to Inspire You

Ben Hogan is one of the most admired golfers of all time. Let’s explore further his history, golf swing, famous quotes, and more! Who is Ben Hogan?  Born, William Benjamin Hogan in 1912 he grew up poor with humble beginnings in Texas. The family hardship grew more troubling when his father committed suicide in 1922. … Read more

The 58 Greatest Golf Quotes of All Time

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The 34 Best Arnold Palmer Quotes on Golf, Life, & Success

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The 25 Best Golfers of All Time (2022)

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The Best Golfers of All Time has been a long debated and ever-changing topic. Golf has been a sport for over a century, and with that, there have been many great golfers. There are many ways to judge the best golfers of all time, You can look at their records, their tournament wins, their major … Read more