The Mystique of Golf… Why is Golf So Addictive?

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From a golfer with over 30 years on the course, this fun short read provides a unique look at… Why is golf so addictive?

Not Quite a Simple Sport

My sister, Maureen, once asked me about teaching her to play golf. She knew that I had been playing the game for many years and thought that maybe she would give it a try.

As she watched the pros on television she had the opinion that golf was a simple sport and that anyone could be good at it. The pros swung their clubs lazily and their putts dropped in the hole nearly every time; what was so difficult about this game of golf?

She also questioned why I never got bored playing the same course over and over; and after forty-some years of playing why I was not shooting par. Well, I suppose to the novice, these were good questions.

Maureen continued to point out that if I played bridge or chess for that long that I should be pretty darn good, another good point. Well, to explain the golf game to someone who knows nothing of the game is quite a challenge, but I thought I would give it a try.

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Golf Addiction is REAL

In a nutshell; golf is a perfect game for stubborn, arrogant, and conceited individuals. Now hear me out as I listen to the cries of; that ridiculous it’s a game of comradery, fresh air, and exercise.

Those are good points, but the true fact is that most golfers get hooked into the golf game like a drug addict going after cocaine.

It takes a little time but after the new golfer learns the game of golf and swing mechanics, he or she is off to the course. Now the trouble begins.

The new golfer perhaps shoots a score in the 100’s and appears happy with the game, but that is just a farce when in reality he or she is dreaming of breaking 100. This is just the beginning as the new golfer, like the drug addict, wants a better high.

Golf Lady Luck Strikes Again

Why is golf so addictive?  777 shown on a slot machine photo.  It's just like gambling the article discusses.
Why is Golf So Addictive? It’s the thrill of Lady Luck

It never ends; as the golfer works hard to get under 100 in her score and finally achieves a 99 score, she is totally hooked. Now the fun part starts, “Lady Luck” as the game is known to me begins to weave her spell.

On any given day “Lady” will be in your favor, a birdie is thrown your way, your drives are a beautiful thing, and putts magically begin to drop. You are on Cloud 9; everything is right with the world and you are on a roll. Bliss, what a wonderful thing!

Then low and behold your game takes on a new meaning. Your drives suddenly start to slice, fairway woods are chunked and a three putt green is your new norm. What has just happened!

The golfer then is mad and discouraged. In my case, the occasional golf club may be thrown down and kicked. Then after a minute you are embarrassed due to your poor exhibition and begin again.

Your confidence is now lagging and humility is right around the corner. You finish your round vowing to quit the game, sell your clubs, and take up a new hobby.

Then low and behold your friend calls you to join her in a round and off you go hoping this time that Lady Luck is good to you; minimal slices or pushes, fewer three-putt greens, and staying out of sand traps.

The round is finished and you have played decently, in fact, not bad. Life is looking good again and happiness reigns. Maybe, I will keep my golf clubs a little longer and that new driver in the pro shop seems to be calling out to me.

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Final Thoughts: Why is Golf So Addictive?

Overall, just another day on the course; always keeping in mind that Lady Luck may or may not be in a good mood today and I may be her next victim.

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Colleen was born in Michigan and has been playing golf since she was 19 years old. She currently has a 12 handicap and is continually striving to improve her game. As a Senior Golfer, she spends her time playing golf, writing and investigating new golf courses.

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