5 Best Putters for Women Over 50 to Win More Holes

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Let’s first address the elephant in the room. Is there really a difference between the best putters for women over 50 and a putter for men or women under 50? I believe there is. 

As a golf professional and female golfer, I have spent countless hours teaching retired and senior women golfers how to play the game. There are differences in the putting game as we get older, and using the right equipment can help make up for any of those differences. 

I’ll show you the best putters for women over 50 and why this club choice could be the most important one in your golf bag. 

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What To Look For In The Best Women’s Putters

Senior lady putting on the green

I want to show you the most important aspects to look for in a putter that will specifically benefit the female golfer over 50 years old. Can you learn to play with any putter that’s put in your hands? Maybe, but you won’t play as well. Take some time on this decision, as it will directly impact your scoring. 

Golf Putter Length 

The length of the golf putter you play with will depend on your height. A standard women’s putter will come in either 33 or 34 inches. The 33 inch putters are best for those that are shorter than 5’6”. If you are less than 5’4”, consider the 32 inch putter.  

Stability of the Clubhead 

As you age, it gets hard to hold a putter head steady at address and then keep it steady through impact. The stability of the club head is an important factor, and larger mallet type putters with high MOI tend to have the most stability. 

Alignment Lines and Visibility 

Alignment lines on your putter make it easier to set golf club down and ensure it’s lined up to the hole. There are two things to look for in alignment line technology. The first is the actual design of the lines. The second is the color. Contrasting alignment lines will help you have a better visualization of what your putt is going to do on its way to the hole. 

Putter Grips 

Most women golfers over 50 do well with a larger putter grip that ensures the putter stays stable in your hands. I have to give you one word of caution here. 

If you have very small hands (like me) and wear a golf glove that is size small, you may struggle with the jumbo putter grips as they can leave you feeling a little out of control. Instead, use a midsize or even standard pistol style putter grip. 

I know you hear and see so many golfers changing to jumbo size, but you have to make sure your hands are the proper fit for a puter grip that size. 

Here are the top 5 best putters for women over 50; you will notice they all feature the stability, alignment, and feel benefits that are important for golfers in this category. 

🏆 Overall Best Putters for Women Over 50 

Odyssey Women’s White Hot OG 2 Ball Putter

Odyssey Women’s White Hot OG 2 Ball Putter, best putters for women over 50

The first Odyssey White Hot 2 Ball putter I tried was when I was helping fit a senior lady for a new golf putter. The Odyssey representative was at our club that day, and I remember using this putter two or three time and then handing it to her and saying, this is it. 


The Odyssey White Hot OG 2 Ball putter is one of the most consistent and stable putters you will find. In addition, alignment is made easy with the design and look of the putter head. 

I won’t say that Odyssey putters fell off the map for a few years, but when they decided to bring back the original White Hot insert (hence the OG), it became much easier to rank this putter as the best putter for women over 50. 

The great news here is that I don’t need to qualify this as being a beginner, intermediate, or professional level putter, as it is all three. Regardless of where your golf game currently stands, there are feel consistency and distance control benefits from the White Hot OG 2 Ball. 


  • Rich silver finish 
  • Comes in standard lengths of 32 and 33 inches
  • Odyssey Pistol Grip is tacky and the right size for women 


  • Some women feel the need to close the clubface at setup because of the way the putter sits at address 

🎯 Best Women’s Golf Putters with New Technology

Ping Women’s G Le3 Ketsch G Putter

best putter for women with new tech - Ping Women’s G Le3 Ketsch G Putter shown with blue and white face

The first thing that is going to stand out to you about the Ping G Le3 Ketsch G Putter is the ability this club has to pick a ball up off the ground. Forget bending over; your putter picks the ball up for you. 

Although I love this feature for the woman golfer over 50 years of age, I wanted to focus a bit more on the actual performance of the putter head at impact. 

The Ping G Le3 features a two piece Pebax elastomer insert for a softer and more controlled feel. In addition, the shallow grooves allow for better roll as soon as the ball comes off the face. Ping did a great job of categorizing each of the G Le3 putters to work for specific strokes. 

The Ketsch model is a designed for the straight back and straight through stroke, but when I tried it, I noticed it would work fine for a slight arc. 


  • Optimized center of gravity 
  • Comes with a Ping Pistol PP59 Deep Sea Grip 
  • Stable at impact 


  • New release with slightly higher pricing 

💰 Best Value Putter for Women

Wilson Staff Women’s Infinite Bean Putter

Wilson Staff Women’s Infinite Bean Putter

The Wilson Staff putters are always a good place to look when it comes to value. I have tried many of the putters in the Wilson Infinite line, and I’ve been impressed with the Double Milled Face and the CounterBalanced Technology. 

One warning here: the way the golf ball comes off the clubface will be a little quicker and faster than something like the Odyssey White Hot 2 Ball OG. I like this model if you play slower greens. 

The Infinite Bean mallet putter comes with an oversized grip to help keep hands stable at impact. In addition, the putter head itself sits very low to the ground, making it easier to line up and repeat your stroke. 


  • Great value considering the performance 
  • Dark anti-glare finish makes it easier to see the lines 
  • Oversized grip increases stability 
  • Best value for mallet putters


  • The “hit” feels a little harsh until you get used to the putter technology 
  • No 32 inch putter length 

$$$ Best Premium Ladies Putter for Seniors

Evnroll ER2W Midblade Putter

The Scotty Cameron putters often take over the best premium category. I play with a Scotty Cameron right now, but for the senior woman golfer looking for a premium technology, I had to dig a little deeper to find a better fit. 

The Evnroll ER2W Midblade putter stood out among the best. 

You may have noticed that my other suggestions for women over 50 are mallet-style putters. The fact that this one is a blade putter means it will be best for the mid to lower-handicap women golfers over 50. 

The ER2W Midblade is a three-tiered blade putter with added forgiveness and MOI. The weighting here is really what helps the putter stand out. It’s a tour weighted design, making feel and consistency best for the player trying to one putt each green. 


  • CNC Milled blade putter
  • Added forgiveness, even if it is a blade style 
  • Tour preferred weighting 
  • Great for arc style putting stroke 


  • Won’t be as stable at impact 

🙌🏻 Best Putter For Shaky Hands

TaylorMade Spider GTX Ice Blue Single Bend Putter

Best putters for women, TaylorMade Spider GTX Ice Blue Single Bend Putter

The TaylorMade Spider GTX Ice Blue SB has a technology called a Back Weight Stability Bar. For any woman golfer over 50, this stability bar is a really important piece of technology. The face will rotate less and impact, and it becomes easier to make consistent putts. 

Spider putters have been really popular for a long time, and I love that this one is designed specifically with the woman golfer in mind. 

You will notice right away that the True Path Alignment makes it incredibly easy to set to your target and keep the ball rolling towards the hole. If you have ever wondered what to look at, how to aim, or where the putter head should be directed, the Spider GTX lays it all out for you. 

I know this one has a modern shape, but if your hands are even somewhat shaky and you miss those short putts, consider this Spider GTX Ice Blue SB. 


  • The stability bar decreases face rotation 
  • Black TPU Urethane insert improves topspin 
  • High MOI putter


  • Larger clubhead takes a little time to get used to 

Do Senior Women Golfers Need to Use a Women’s Putter? 

Luckily, senior women golfers are not limited to using putters specifically for women. The only thing to be aware of here is the putter length. Men’s putters come standard in 34 or 35 inches. Women’s putters come standard in 32 or 33 inches. Choose a putter that allows you to get your eyes over the ball when you set it up; the total length of the putter does matter. 

Here’s a putter length chart from Ping that helps explain which length is best for you.

Ping Putter Length Chart

Final Thoughts on Best Putters for Women

The putter is the golf club you use the most during a normal round of play. Taking a little time to choose a high-quality putter that matches the needs of your game is incredibly important. The Odyssey Women’s White Hot OG 2 Ball putter takes the top spot as the best putter for women over 50. Don’t leave strokes out on the course; get confident with your ability to make putts from all over the green. 

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