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We caught a glimpse of the new Annika Sorenstam WITB 2023 setup during a practice round at The Annika driven by Gainbridge at Pelican annual tournament. Senior Golf Source founder Erin Blakely followed the 10-time major winner around the Pelican Golf Club.

Keep reading to discover the unique setup of the greatest female golfer of the 21st century. You will find that she is loyal to Callaway and swings forgiving clubs resembling the bag of a mid-handicapper at your local club.

Annika Sorenstam WITB Quick Facts Table

Annika Sorenstam at The Pelican Golf Club being interviewed in 2023.
BirthdayOctober 9, 1970
BirthplaceBro, Sweden
Year Turned Pro1994
Tournament Wins72
Major Wins10 
Career Earnings$22,583,693
Lowest Score59
Equipment SponsorLohla Sport, Callaway

What clubs does Annika Sorenstam use?

Annika Sorenstam What's in the Bag - showing her Callaway Golf Bag

Driver: Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond (10.5 degrees)  
Shaft: XLink Tech (Stiff)

3 Wood: Callaway Paradym HL (16.5 degrees)  
Shaft: XLink Tech (Stiff)

5 Wood: Callaway Rogue ST Max (18 degrees)  
Shaft: XLink Tech (Stiff)

3 and 4 Hybrid: Callaway Paradym (18 & 21 degrees)

Irons: Callaway Paradym (5-9)

Wedges: Callaway JAWS MD5 (48, 54, 58 degrees)

Putter: Odyssey AI-One #7

Annika Sorenstam WITB Video by Senior Golf Source

Driver – 10.5•

Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond used by Annika Sorenstam

The 3 time Women’s PGA Championship winner carried the low-spinning Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond. It is the only club in her setup that is not suitable for the average golfer. I find it suits players with faster swing speeds and those seeking a lower launch and superior workability off the tee.

As an alternative, mid and high-handicap golfers may want to consider the elevated launch of the Paradym X driver.  

Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond - 10.5 Degrees


  • Low spin
  • Workable flight
  • Adjustable hosel
  • Explosive clubface


  • Premium price
  • No 12.5 degree option

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Callaway Paradym 3HL Fairway Wood

“Ms.59” opts for the Paradym 3HL to elevate her launch off the deck, a feature that benefits every amateur golfer.

In my experience, the Callaway Paradym HL also encourages a straighter ball flight, which suits amateurs prone to slicing their long approach shots.


  • High launch
  • Optimal forgiveness
  • Enlarged sweet spot
  • Easy club to launch for senior golfers
  • Adjustable hosel


  • Reduced workability
  • Not ideal for golfers looking to minimize spin

We may earn a commission, at no additional cost to you.

Callaway Rogue ST Max Fairway Wood

The dame from Bro turns to the Callaway Rogue ST Max range for her 5-wood needs. It is another example of the lenient nature of her golf clubs.

I appreciate the lightning-fast club face, clean turf interaction, and enlarged sweet spot, encouraging clean contact with the ball.


  • Fast clubface
  • Clean turf interaction
  • Enlarged sweet spot
  • Optimal stability


  • No adjustable hosel
  • I am not the biggest fan of the oversize profile

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3 Hybrid & 4 Hybrid

Callaway Paradym Hybrid

Annika employs the Callaway Paradym 4 and 5 hybrid for clean turf interaction, a high launch, and added shot-stopping power. In my experience, the Cutwave sole glided swiftly through the fairway and the rough, allowing me to make clean, consistent contact with the ball. 

I also like the addition of an adjustable hosel, allowing you to alter the loft and lie to my specs.


  • Smooth turf interaction
  • Elevated launch
  • Enlarged sweet spot
  • Enhanced shot-stopping power


  • Pricey for a hybrid
  • No other complaints

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Callaway Paradym (5 - 9 Irons)

I was surprised to see the Callaway Paradym irons in the golf bag of the lady with the 4th most Major wins of all time. It makes her all the more relatable.

The Paradym hollow body irons produce rapid ball speed, a smooth feel, and a consistent launch, prompting optimal distance on approach.

As a veteran golfer, there is no shame in leveraging technology to gain additional yards in your long and mid-game.

Callaway Paradym (5 - 9 Irons)


  • Fast clubface
  • Consistent launch
  • Impressive distance
  • Dampens vibrations


  • Expensive
  • Limited offset for high handicappers

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48, 54, 58 Degrees

Callaway JAWS MD5 Wedges (48, 54, 58 Degrees)

The 3 time U.S. Women’s Open champ prefers the soft feel and high spin of the Callaway JAWS MD5 in her short game. Annika carries the 48, 54, and 58 degree lofts. The stronger lofted wedges launch slightly higher than their lower counterparts to enhance control and spin around the green.

I find that mid and low-handicappers perform best with the JAWS MD5. I encourage high handicap senior ladies to consider a more lenient design like the Callaway Mack Daddy CB.


  • Progressive launch profile
  • Decent spin
  • Soft feel
  • Clean turf interaction


  • Not suited to high handicappers
  • Slightly chunky profile

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Annika Sorenstam WITB showing her Odyssey Putter up close

The 53-year-old is proof that over 50 golfers have no trouble adapting to modern equipment with the Odyssey AI-One #7 putter. I find the winged back mallet design provides superb stability at contact, and the reduced toe hang suits players with less arch in the stroke.

Besides its design, the Ai-One insert produces the feel of the famed White Hot Insert along with consistent topspin and ball speed for a pure roll.

Annika with her putter on the green in November 2023 at Pelican Golf Club


  • Forgiving
  • Suits strokes with minimal arch
  • Generates consistent top spin
  • Glare resistant finish


  • Expensive
  • Not suited to players with extremely arched strokes

We may earn a commission, at no additional cost to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Annika Sorenstam retire from golf?

Annika Sorenstam retired from golf to focus on her family and business endeavors. She surprised the golfing world by announcing her retirement at the age of 38, and still in the prime of her career.

What did Annika shoot at Colonial?

Annika shot a 59 at the 2003 Colonial, becoming the only woman in LPGA history to achieve the feat. It prompted her to earn the nickname Ms. 59.

Final Thoughts on Annika Sorenstam WITB

Our Annika Sorenstam WITB 2023 reveals that the 72-time LPGA Tour winner is enjoying her golf. She employs equipment powered by advanced game improvement technology for forgiveness, consistency, control, and feel.

Besides her driver and irons, the remaining clubs are suitable for the average golfer. They are lenient, easy to launch, fly straighter, and promote maximum yardage. My overall favorite club in Annika Sorenstam’s bag is the Callaway Paradym 3HL. 

I typically struggle to launch a 3 wood, but this golf club simplifies the task and guides me to greater consistency off the deck.

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