XXIO 13 Driver Review: Must-Have Advice Before You Buy

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In our XXIO 13 Driver review, we bring to light the qualities that make this driver an excellent choice for over 50 golfers seeking to enhance their distance game.

Before we get into the new XXIO driver details, let’s make sure you know how to annunciate it. XXIO is pronounced (ZEKS-E-OH). No worries if you get it wrong; it’s a bit of a mouthful!

Now that we’ve addressed the most complex thing about this brand, I’m going to give you an honest review and opinion on this pricey driver.

XXIO 13 Driver Review Quick Summary

XXIO 13 Driver Review

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✅ Explosive gains in ball speed

✅ Ultra lightweight build to increase your swing speed

✅ High quality components

✅ Minimal sidespin

✅ Highly reactive driver face


❌ Not adjustable

❌ Very expensive

❌ No upgrade shaft options

Why is the XXIO Driver So Pricey?

Direct from Japan, the XXIO 13 series driver is formulated to create impressive ball speed and accuracy for golfers with slower swing speeds.

Built with some of the world’s finest metals that deliver minimized directional loss, even on your mishits. Also, the Advanced ActivWing technology features two turbines on the top of the driver head that assist in club face control for moderate swing speeds. If a classic look with exceptional performance is in your sights, I recommend you try it out.

If you’re budget savvy golfer and prefer not to spend approximately $700, I completely understand. Fortunately, there are sites like Global Golf that allow you to trade in old equipment including clubs, golf tech, and even pull carts.

Compared to the current market, XXIO tends to have a niche following of people who enjoy the finer things in life. If you don’t mind spending extra money to add some yardage to your tee shots, this driver is an excellent choice.

Although this driver is expensive, its appearance is very traditional. Unlike most other manufacturers, this driver has a fixed hosel that does not adjust the loft, lie, or face angle. This driver is known for its lightweight construction and highly reactive use of premium metals.

Along with the limited shaft options, this driver is available in:

  • 9.5° loft (RH)
  • 10.5° loft (RH & LH)
  • 11.5° (RH)

So, if you’re a lefty who struggles with launching the ball, this might not be the driver for you. However, if gains in total yardage are what you’re looking for then see if there is a demo day that you can attend.

Perhaps the lightweight shaft (35 grams in regular flex & 40 grams in stiff flex) will help you launch the ball higher and boost it further.

XXIO 13 Driver Design & Technology

Photo of the XXIO Driver and cover taken by Senior Golf Source.

Here are some of the design key factors for the new XXIO 13 driver.

BiFLEX FACE Technology

Imagine a dynamic face that maximizes energy transfer from off-center hits. This innovative tech enhances flexibility, expanding the sweet spot area by 125% for XXIO 13 and 143% for XXIO X compared to previous models.

Result? Increased ball speed and impressive distance gains.

Advanced ActivWing Aerodynamics

The two-tiered “ActivWing” crown stabilizes the head, reducing swing disruptions and increasing power. It’s like having an aerodynamic assistant ensuring stability, especially in the downswing.

Rebound Frame Technology

The four layers that compose the “REBOUND FRAME” combined with the “6-piece bulge & roll design” ensures remarkable ball speed off the clubface, while also minimizing directional loss even on off-center shots. It’s a blend of titanium and expertise from previous XXIO models.

Precision Sound Tuning

The XXIO 13 offers a high-energy, invigorating sound, while the XXIO X delivers a satisfying, high-pitched resonance, enhancing your swing experience.

Innovative Lightweight Shafts

Tailored for optimal performance and maximum distance, the XXIO 13’s “XXIO MP1300 Carbon Shaft” and the XXIO X’s “Miyazaki AX-3 Carbon Shaft” strike the perfect balance between shaft flex and impact strength, boosting launch angle and swing speed.

Weight Plus Technology

To enhance the fluidness of your swing, the engineers at XXIO included brass and rubber weights that have been specifically placed under your grip to increase the chances of straighter shots and maximum speed.

No matter if you’re at the top of your swing or the first half of the downswing, you will feel comfortable with the balance point of this club.

SGS Testing Results: XXIO 13 Driver Review

Overall, each one of our testers recorded their fastest ball speeds with the XXIO 13 driver. What surprised us all was how much rollout there was after the ball landed.


Distance: 4.5 stars
Feel: 5.0 stars
Accuracy: 4.5 stars
Looks: 4.0 stars
Total: 4.75 stars

Tester #1 – High Handicap with Fast Swing Speed

Testing Data for Golfer #1 with a faster swing speed by Senior Golf Source for the new XXIO driver.
Testing Data for Golfer #1 with a faster swing speed of a male golfer showing the shot trajectory

Our first tester, JB, had an average of 107 mph clubhead speed and averaged 18 yards of rollout. This is particularly impressive given the fact that his backspin numbers were exceptionally high.

Tester #2 – Mid Handicap with Slower Swing Speed

Testing data for a male slower swing speed golfer by Senior Golf Source with the new XXIO 13 golf club
Senior Golf Source Testing data for a male slower swing speed golfer with the XXIO 13 Driver review. Showing the shot trajectory.

Our second tester, Joe, averaged 77 mph driver swing speed while averaging 16+ yards of rollout. Again, we did notice that the backspin numbers were high most likely due to the lightweight construction of this club.

Fortunately, the high backspin didn’t keep the ball from gaining ground yards like most other drivers would. Our tester also noticed that their normal slice was greatly reduced.

Tester #3 – Mid Handicap with Slow Swing Speed

Senior Golf Source Testing data for a male slower swing speed lady golfer with the XXIO 13 Driver.
Senior Golf Source Testing data for a male slower swing speed lady golfer with the XXIO 13 Driver.

Our third and final tester is our senior lady golfer, Colleen, who had a driver swing speed average of 63 mph and averaged 13+ yards of rollout. Note that she had 3 of her 10 drives rolled out over 20 yards. Whether you are gaining yards in the air or on the ground, it’s a win either way.

This extra 13+ yards can completely change how difficult your next shot could be.

For example, how would you feel if had an approach shot over a waste area or water and you could eliminate 13+ yards in the first place?

XXIO on the PGA TOUR Champions

Ernie Els photo taken by Senior Golf Source at the Chubb Classic 2024.  He's hitting his iron from the tee box.

Global ambassador, Ernie Els, is the newest tour player to game XXIO. Although XXIO is a lesser-known product here in the States, it has been the #1 golf equipment company in Japan for the past 17 years. 

Els is eager to reveal how XXIO engineers use some of the best materials on the planet you can find. For a full review of the Big Easy’s clubs, you’ll want to read our what’s in the bag article.

If you’re interested, XXIO not only make drivers; they also make irons, utility clubs, and fairway woods.

Final Thoughts

Although pricey, the XXIO 13 driver presents a classic look with high-performance results. Our testers can stand behind their experience with this luxury distance producer. Do yourself a favor and try one out to see what all the hype is about.

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