8 Absolute Best Hybrid Iron Sets in 2023 [Expert Review]

senior golfer hitting from tee box at a beautiful southwest golf course

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10 BEST Cavity Back Irons in 2023 + Expert Buyers Guide

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2 Hybrid vs 5 Wood | Which is Best For Golfers Over 50?

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Fred Couples WITB 2023 | Boom Boom’s Top Golf Clubs

Fred Couples Golfing at the Tiburon Golf Course in Naples, FL 2023

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Ultimate Golf Club Distance Chart for Seniors [All Skill Levels]

The Best Golf Club Distance Chart for Seniors: Men & Women

Regardless of age, any golfer’s shot distance is a significant concern. So a golf club distance chart for seniors holds the same importance at any age. As we get older, our performance on the golf course naturally changes. You might control some elements to an extent through exercise and nutrition, but certain factors are part … Read more

6 Best Armlock Putters 2023 | To Make More Putts

senior golfer putting on the green.

Armlock putters are a genius design that helps golfers keep the putter face square and stabilize it through impact. The result is superior accuracy and distance control on the green. This post reviews the best armlock putters 2023 edition to see which are best for low, mid, and high handicappers. By the end of this … Read more

8 Best Golf Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis for Men Over 40

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Looking for the best golf shoes for plantar fasciitis? It can be a real pain, literally! According to the Foot and Ankle Institute, investing in new shoes is the most important tip to improving your heel pain on the green. Since this is a common issue among golfers from 40 to 70 (including the golfers … Read more

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13 Best Golf Balls For Seniors 2023 [Ultimate Buying Guide]

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The best golf balls for seniors 2023 edition range from affordable two-piece distance balls to high-end urethane tour golf balls. Our list focuses on predominantly low compression balls that are easier for the average senior to launch high and long. While many options on our list are low-spinning distance designs, I have included some premium … Read more