Types of Golf Clubs Explained: How to Best Build Your Bag

senior golfer hitting his driver off the tee at the En-Joie Golf Course in NY.

Although I’m fortunate to test an abundance of products every year, I’ve seldom changed my bag setup. Identifying the optimal 14 clubs for your bag is a journey, and once you find a build that works, I suggest sticking with it. In this post, I address the different types of golf clubs and provide tips … Read more

9 Best Putters for Seniors To Shave Strokes [Expert Guide]

short game tips for seniors, photo shows three seniors on the green with their putters.

Looking for the best putters for seniors? Then, you’ve come to the right place. The right putter can make or break your golf score.  One of my biggest pet peeves with senior golf students I worked with was the idea that a 2 putt was great.  Now, don’t get me wrong, there are times when … Read more

7 Wood Vs 3 Hybrid | Which Should I Carry? [Expert Guide]

7 wood vs 3 hybrid showing a versus photo of 7 wood and 3 hybrid against one another with a red background.

Deciding whether to use a 7 Wood vs 3 Hybrid on the golf course? In this article, we cover key tips including distance, spin, loft, and other need-to-know information to make an informed decision. For some reason, the decision to take a 3 iron out of the bag and put a fairway wood or hybrid in seems … Read more

Draw vs Fade in Golf: 5 Simple Steps to Shaping Your Shots

Photo showing Draw vs Fade in Golf with arrows demonstrating the differences.

A fade and draw are both handy golf shots to help you cut doglegs, avoid hazards and enhance your control around the golf course. This article teaches you when and how to play a draw vs fade in golf, along with the advantages and disadvantages of shaping golf shots. After walking away from this post, … Read more

The 6 Best PXG Golf Clubs for Seniors in 2023 [Expert Guide]

senior golfer on the tee box

Curious what the current best PXG golf clubs for seniors are in 2023? PGA Class A Professional golfer, Brittany Olizarowicz provides her top picks. With dozens of years of experience in the golf industry, there are two things that I have found the majority of seniors look for in golf clubs. The first is a … Read more

9 Best Golf Exercises for Seniors To Elevate Your Game Today

Are you looking for helpful golf exercises for seniors? In this article, we have free routines and some simple golf warm up exercises to improve your game. Spending two decades working in healthcare, I’ve had countless hours with seniors in retirement communities. Taking care of your body as you age is critical to maintaining independence … Read more

4 Top Favorite Golf Gambling Games [Rules & How to Play]

golf betting games can be a lot of fun - showing a four some yelling with excitment as the ball goes in the hole.

Looking for a fun way to pass time on the golf course? Why not try golf gambling games? Golf enthusiast Colleen Gilbert shares her favorite and best golf betting games and how to play them. In my previous article, I wrote of my favorite five different golf games. Scramble, Best Ball, Match Play, Stroke Play, … Read more

USGA Senior Amateur Golf: Your Guide to Competitive Golf

USGA Senior Amateur Golf with four golfers playing in a golf tournament

Maybe you were a competitive amateur or professional when you were younger, or maybe you got the golf bug later on in life. If you like to compete and you are a competitive person, there is really nothing better than tournament golf.  Let’s face it, with team sports, there is always an excuse, and with … Read more

Driver Ball Speed to Distance Charts: How to Hit Further 🚀

flying golf ball with sparks around it

Until two years ago, I struggled to compress the golf ball at impact, reducing my smash factor and ball speed and increasing spin. In this post, I’ll teach you the relationship between driver ball speed to distance and how you can increase yardage from the tee box. After walking away from this post, you will … Read more

Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5 Review: Is it the Right for You? 

Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5 Putter close up

In 1993, Bernhard Langer put Scotty Cameron putters on the map when he stroked the Classic I Tour model to victory at Augusta. In this post, I conduct a Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5 review to see if the brand’s mallet head putters feel, sound, and roll as smoothly as the blade structures. After reading … Read more

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