Golf Club Lead Tape: When to Use & How to Apply It

I’ve never really been into tinkering with my own golf clubs. Of course, I can change my grips, but when it comes to lie and loft changes, I leave that to the experts.  When I was 12, I was playing with a set of ladies’ irons that felt just a little too light for me. … Read more

19 Best Golf Cart Accessories to Drive in Style [2023 Edition]

golf cart tires in the sand with a golf cart on the beach with kids sitting in itt.

Looking for the best golf cart accessories? Here are some of our top golf cart accessories, gadgets, and golf cart decorations to make the most out of your ride. Golf carts are more than a mode of transport to traverse the links. They are now popular on our roads in many gated communities across the … Read more

Golf Handicap Simplified | Pro Tips to Drop Your Score Today

Male senior golfer teeing off from the tee box.

Trying to understand your golf handicap? Plus handicap, negative handicap (+ vs – handicap), and other terms can sound very confusing. Our golf expert breaks it all down to save you time! Golfers know their handicap, but very few understand what goes into the handicap and how your index or course handicap actually changes. I’ll … Read more

GOLFTEC Review: Honest Review of Lesson & Fittings [2023]

Golftec review collage of Golftec Sarasota location

Looking for an honest GOLFTEC review on GOLFTEC lessons and information on their fittings? As a golf professional and former teaching professional, I know a good golf lesson from a bad one. With more and more golf facilities opening up where you can get swing analysis, fitting, and more, we thought it was time to … Read more

12 Best Golf Bags for Push Carts in 2023 + Buyer’s Guide ⛳️

best golf bags for push carts

Push cart golf bags tend to weigh less than a standard golf cart bag but still provide an organized top structure and a wealth of storage space. In this post, I reveal the best golf bags for push carts 2023 edition. After reading this review, you will understand what separates a push cart bag from … Read more

16 Best Lightweight Golf Bags for Comfort on Long Fairways

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Looking for the best lightweight golf bag? Our guide provides expert tips to help you find a bag that balances comfort, durability, and style. Lightweight golf bags offer walking golfers a comfortable, practical, and compact solution to carrying clubs. As a walking golfer, I will reveal the 16 best lightweight golf bags to help you … Read more

The 9 Best Golf Cart Fans & Golf Cart Heaters in 2023

Best Golf Cart Fans - showing golf cart and family on a hot beach with palm trees

Golf is an excellent way to enjoy nature and the weather. As temperatures fluctuate, you will want to find ways to be comfortable no matter the climate! Adding a fan to your golf cart or heater is a simple way to avoid a heat stroke while enjoying a good round of golf.  Golf cart fans … Read more

Golf Watch vs Rangefinder: Which is Best for Your Game?

Between golf watches, GPS units, and rangefinders, there are many options for obtaining accurate yardage on the golf course. Some golfers still pace off their yardages, which is something I don’t recommend at this point.  The golf watch vs rangefinder debate comes down to what type of player you are, what matters to you on … Read more

John Daly WITB 2023 | A Long Hitters Golf Clubs of Choice

John Daly WITB 2023 at the En-Jolie Golf Course

John “The Lion” Daly is one of golf’s most colorful characters. He has entertained for three decades with his Santa Clause-style beard and statement-making fashion at free living. By the end of this post, you will have a clear idea of the John Daly WITB 2023 setup. The gentleman from Carmichael, California, had a tough … Read more

Perfect Your Golf Stance to Gain Accuracy [Expert Review]

senior golfer working on his golf stance setting up with his golf driver

Master your golf stance with our comprehensive expert guide by Class A Professional Golfer, Brittany Olizarowicz. This article is a must-read for golfers looking to improve their game using proven techniques. Where do you get your power in your golf swing? If you are new to the game, it probably feels like it’s coming from … Read more