9 Best Golf Exercises for Seniors To Elevate Your Game TODAY

Are you looking for helpful golf exercises for seniors? In this article, we have free routines and some simple golf warm up exercises to improve your game. Spending two decades working in healthcare, I worked countless hours with seniors in nursing homes and retirement communities. Taking care of your body as you age is critical … Read more

10 Best Golf Swing Tips for Seniors That Actually Work

Golfer hitting into the sunset showing his golf swing.

Trying to find the best golf swing tips for seniors? Let us help. Professional Class A Golfer, Brittany Olizarowicz assists with critical golf tips all players need to know. Introduction: Tips for Senior Golfers Swinging the club as a senior is a little different than swinging the golf club as a junior. Having worked with … Read more

9 Best Putting Drills For Beginners To Master The Green

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Looking for the best putting drills for beginners? These 9 golf putting tips and drills are sure to improve your short game and lower your scores. When I was growing up, my home golf course did not possess a driving range, which led to limited long-game training and hours on the putting green. In this … Read more

20 Best Golf Training Aids in 2023 [Golf Expert Review]

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16 Best Backyard Golf Practice Tools & Tips [Expert Review]

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Top Golf Tips for Senior Ladies: Improve Your Golf Game Now

golf tips for senior ladies

Looking for the best golf tips for senior ladies? In this 30-minute golf lesson, Head Golf Instructor Thad Coontz and senior lady golfer Colleen Gilbert cover topics such as pre-shot routine, stance setup, driver swing, iron swing, short game, and more. Senior Golf Instruction You’ll get lots of great tips specifically for senior lady golfers. … Read more

The Incredible Gary Player Fitness Routine + Diet Tips

gary player fitness routine keeps him active. Show here in his 80's and in shape wearing all white, and has a smile with a thumbs up.

The story of the Gary Player Fitness routine is one that can’t be missed for any age. If you’re looking to improve your golf game and overall health, this one is for you. Intro Gary James Player was born on the 1st of November 1935 in South Africa. He’s internationally recognized as one of the … Read more