Golf Club Serial Number Check | Real or Counterfeit Clubs?

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Golf After Hip Replacement: 5 Golf Pro Tips to Get Golf Fit

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Looking to golf after a hip replacement? Read on for our best golf tips from a golf professional to get you in top golf shape. Golf can be tough on the hips, and for some dedicated golfers, a hip replacement is the only way to enjoy playing the game again. Hip replacement surgery isn’t fun, … Read more

18 Best Golf Books of All Time | Golf Expert’s Top Picks

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Cross Handed Putting Grip (Left Hand Low): Ultimate Guide

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Ever tried the cross handed putting grip (left hand low putting)? In this article, we break down the pros and cons and which famous golfers love it! Golfers are constantly coming up with new techniques to improve their game, and with good reason. Golf is a challenging game to master, and any change in technique, … Read more

7 Short Game Tips for Seniors: Improve Your Golf Game Today

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Looking for simple short game tips to quickly improve your score? We have you covered with key tips focused on senior golfers. Golf gets more challenging as we age. Swing speeds start to slow down, and the ability to recover from a poor lie is only more complicated. However, one area where seniors can actually … Read more

5 Drills & Tips to Increase Golf Swing Speed for Seniors

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Are you looking for how to increase golf swing speed for seniors? If so, you’ll want to check out these beneficial drills from a professional PGA golf coach. 1. How to Increase Club Head Speed for Seniors Here is a drill that will increase your speed through impact: As you perform this drill, you will … Read more

Senior Shaft vs Regular Shaft: Which Is Best For Senior Men?

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Do you struggle to consistently launch your golf ball and achieve the optimal carry distance? Have you tried different game improvement clubs to fix the challenge but have yet to be successful? Your shaft may be ineffective for your swing. In this post, I analyze the differences between a senior shaft vs regular shaft. I … Read more

Closed Coil Golf Swing for Seniors: 4 Quick Steps & Drills

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My buddy’s father recently complained that his joint pain is causing him to reduce rotation and lose distance. He even mentioned hanging up the clubs, but I am committed to growing the game, not diminishing it. I explained that he should employ a closed coil golf swing for seniors. In this post, I will relay … Read more

Playing Golf with Glasses: 3 Top Tips to Know

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Playing golf with glasses? Here are some must-know tips for golfers to have the best experience on the golf course. I’m a golfer that uses prescription glasses on the golf course. If you wear prescription glasses, chances are you’ve wondered if it’s possible to effectively play golf while wearing them. The short answer is yes! … Read more

8 Most Common Golf Injuries for Golfers & How To Avoid Them

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As a golfer, you are always at risk of getting injured so it’s important to be aware of common golf injuries. It’s not something unique to you but also to every other athlete – so here I’ll cover what most common injuries plague golfers and how to avoid them. You might be surprised to learn … Read more