Bouncing Back | Guide to Golf After Knee Replacement [2023]

happy senior man swinging his golf club off the tee.

Our golf expert covers her professional tips related to golf after a knee replacement. When I was teaching golf full-time, one of my students came to me and said she was going to have a knee replaced. I was kind of surprised as she was in great physical condition and never complained of any pain, … Read more

5 Best Types Of Golf Games To Mix It Up On The Golf Course

senior ladies golfing and chatting together on the green. Types of golf games shown is a sramble.

Most of the time, I play golf how it was intended to be played, but now and then, there are circumstances where different types of golf games are offered for fun and challenge. The five types of golf games listed below are my personal favorites. For seasoned golfers, this information is old hat, but for … Read more

Golf Club Length | MUST Know Details to Improve Your Swing

fairway shot with a lady golfer on a Florida golf course

Golf club length is less discussed than the game improvement technology manufacturers dedicate their time and resources to. While we tend to focus on purchasing new training tools and other golf gadgets, the golf club length can sometimes be the issue on why you can’t hit the ball as desired. By the end of this … Read more

Jack Nicklaus Swing Evolution As He Aged | What We Can Learn 

Jack Nicklaus early years

The Golden Bear won 18 major championships in his PGA Tour career, and his success prompted many to unsuccessfully replicate his swing. Over time Jack Nicklaus altered his golf swing to account for a loss of flexibility and core strength. In this post, we journey through the Jack Nicklaus swing as he aged to see … Read more

8 Most Common Golf Injuries for Golfers & How To Avoid Them

common golf injuries - photo showing older woman with golf back injury and seeing a medical professional.

As a golfer, you are always at risk of getting injured so it’s important to be aware of common golf injuries. It’s not something unique to you but also to every other athlete – so here I’ll cover what most common injuries plague golfers and how to avoid them. You might be surprised to learn … Read more

How to Get Out of a Golf Slump | #1 Worst Word to Golfers

Colleen is on a Michigan golf course.

Feel like you’re in a golf slump? Then you’ll want to read this personal article on a common issue that affects most golfers, including Colleen Gilbert. The Dreaded “S” Word In my book the worst word in golf begins with the letter S; no it is not shank or slice, it is the word slump. … Read more

23 Best Golf Tips For Seniors to Enhance Your Game in 2023

Best Golf Tips For Seniors

Looking for the best golf tips for seniors to improve their golf game in 2023? Read on for must-know strategies from our golf expert. As you enter your senior years, you start to produce less clubhead speed, ball velocity, and distance, which is a frustrating experience. However, it is a mere transition in your golfing … Read more

Ultimate Golf Club Distance Chart for Seniors [All Skill Levels]

The Best Golf Club Distance Chart for Seniors: Men & Women

Regardless of age, any golfer’s shot distance is a significant concern. So a golf club distance chart for seniors holds the same importance at any age. As we get older, our performance on the golf course naturally changes. You might control some elements to an extent through exercise and nutrition, but certain factors are part … Read more

How To Prepare For A Golf Tournament In 16 Easy Tips

bellaire country club golf tournament photo of the green and golfers in the distance.

In this article, we cover the core basics of how to prepare for a golf tournament in 16 simple golf tips. Read on, for valuable information on keeping you golf fit and focused on the golf course. I have played golf tournaments since I was 6, ranging from 9 hole local junior competitions to the … Read more