Senior vs Ladies Flex | Which Is Best for Your Swing Speed?

sunset photo of golf balls, golf tee, and golf iron up close.

Senior and lady golfers typically produce slower than average clubhead speeds, requiring a soft, flexible golf shaft. In this post, I examine the Senior vs Ladies flex golf shaft’s features, benefits, and downsides. Before assessing their performance, I will take you through these golf shafts’ flexibility, weight, and torque differences. By the end of the … Read more

How to Get Out of a Golf Slump | #1 Worst Word to Golfers

Colleen is on a Michigan golf course.

Feel like you’re in a golf slump? Then you’ll want to read this personal article on a common issue that affects most golfers, including Colleen Gilbert. The Dreaded “S” Word In my book the worst word in golf begins with the letter S; no it is not shank or slice, it is the word slump. … Read more

23 Best Golf Tips For Seniors to Enhance Your Game in 2023

Best Golf Tips For Seniors

Looking for the best golf tips for seniors to improve their golf game in 2023? Read on for must-know strategies from our golf expert. As you enter your senior years, you start to produce less clubhead speed, ball velocity, and distance, which is a frustrating experience. However, it is a mere transition in your golfing … Read more

Ultimate Golf Club Distance Chart for Seniors [All Skill Levels]

The Best Golf Club Distance Chart for Seniors: Men & Women

Regardless of age, any golfer’s shot distance is a significant concern. So a golf club distance chart for seniors holds the same importance at any age. As we get older, our performance on the golf course naturally changes. You might control some elements to an extent through exercise and nutrition, but certain factors are part … Read more

10 Best Golf Swing Tips for Seniors That Actually Work

Golfer hitting into the sunset showing his golf swing.

Trying to find the best golf swing tips for seniors? Let us help. Professional Class A Golfer, Brittany Olizarowicz assists with critical golf tips all players need to know. Introduction: Tips for Senior Golfers Swinging the club as a senior is a little different than swinging the golf club as a junior. Having worked with … Read more

Super Senior Golf is Here to Stay & Why Golfers Love It

super senior golfers three chatting with white shirts, two men and one woman chatting next to golf green.

Super senior golfers, rejoice! There has never been a better time for you to play golf. While golf associations worldwide are excited to see the number of youngsters taking up the game during the pandemic, the seniors and super seniors still drive the majority of course traffic. According to a National Golf Foundation (NGF) research … Read more

How To Prepare For A Golf Tournament In 16 Easy Tips

bellaire country club golf tournament photo of the green and golfers in the distance.

In this article, we cover the core basics of how to prepare for a golf tournament in 16 simple golf tips. Read on, for valuable information on keeping you golf fit and focused on the golf course. I have played golf tournaments since I was 6, ranging from 9 hole local junior competitions to the … Read more

10 Simple Tips for Senior Golfers To Improve Your Golf Game

tips for senior golfers, gentleman playing golf

Looking for helpful advice & tips for Senior Golfers? As we age, we go through physical changes. Here are our top golf tips for improving your golf game as you age. Aging can adversely impact your golf game, your swing in particular. Losing your flexibility as the years add up amounts to losing the ability … Read more

How Many Wedges Should You Carry? Ideal Set Up for Seniors

how many wedges should you carry article showing a wedge club head in the sand trap with a golf ball.

How many wedges should you carry is a common question for golfers. Read on for a better understanding of the various golf wedges. Simple…and Long Answer The simple answer to how many wedges should you carry is 3 at a minimum. While I highly recommend carrying a minimum of 3 golf wedges for optimal short-game … Read more

Golf Mental Game: 8 Tips to Master the Mental Side of Golf

male golfer showing his arms crossed as he looks over the course, the mental game of golf.

Looking to improve your golf mental game? Here are a few tips from a Class A PGA Professional Golfer to get you back in the swing of things. All golf professionals can hit the ball far and straight. Yet week in and week out, some pros struggle to make the cut and stay on the … Read more