Top Golf Tips for Senior Ladies: Improve Your Golf Game Now

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Looking for the best golf tips for senior ladies?

In this 30-minute golf lesson, Head Golf Instructor Thad Coontz and senior lady golfer Colleen Gilbert cover topics such as pre-shot routine, stance setup, driver swing, iron swing, short game, and more.

Senior Golf Instruction

You’ll get lots of great tips specifically for senior lady golfers. So grab your clubs and let’s get started!

Lesson Summary: Golf Tips for Senior Ladies

Pre-Shot Routine: The Waggle

The first thing you need to do before you even start your swing is to develop a pre-shot routine. This will help you get into the proper mindset for each shot.

Once you have a pre-shot routine that works for you, stick with it every time you tee off.

Professional golfer Thad Coontz recommends the following steps before hitting your golf clubs:

  • Club on the ground (right behind the ball)
  • Step left, step right
  • Then you’re ready to go

Remember, you don’t have to practice for hours. Sometimes the more you practice, can make your golf swing worse. Focus on the essential details.

Golf Stance Setup

Thad Coontz covers the importance of the correct stance. Your stance is critical to a good golf swing. And while there’s no one perfect stance for everyone, there are a few things all good golfers should do when they’re setting up their stance.

First, make sure your feet are shoulder-width apart. This will give you a good foundation.

Driver Swing & Correcting a Slice for Senior Women Golfers

Golf Pro, Thad Coontz describes the ideal driver swing. An excellent drive should be shaped like a rainbow. Start with feet together and the ball on the ground. Your shoulders must be square. Make sure your head is back.

Colleen Gilbert hits the ball with sequence and motion, assisting with further distance. Most people make the mistake of hitting with their hands and arms first.

While flexibility is nice, the sequence is the most critical factor in a driver’s swing.

Depending on your golf goals, a slice may or may not be problematic. If you’re coming out to the golf course for fun, there’s no need to fret too much. However, according to Thad, there are ways to correct it with practice.

Iron Swing

Hitting an iron shot is similar to hitting a driver, except for a few key differences. Thad Coontz coaches Colleen Gilbert on using her irons to her fullest advantage. He discusses the importance of the lowercase “y” by rotating your torso and facing the target at the end.

People are often preached to keep their heads down. The only way to create the extension is to rotate your torso all the way through to the target.

Final Thoughts: Golf Tips for Senior Ladies

We hope you’ve enjoyed this 30-minute golf lesson with Head Golf Instructor Thad Coontz and senior lady golfer Colleen Gilbert! Golf lessons are a great way to get your game back on track.

Thad’s golf tips for senior ladies are perfect for various golfers. Remember these essential tips next time you head out to the golf course.

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Instructor Bio

Thad Coontz is the Head Teaching Professional at Isla Del Sol Yacht & Country Club in St. Petersburg, FL. Lessons are available by appointment. Contact Thad Coontz by email at

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