Golf Political Cartoons from the 1900s That Take You Back

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Golf Political Cartoons, whether new or old, find a way to make light of the chaos or challenging times in ways most golfers can relate to!

Here at Senior Golf Source, we love sharing funny golf sayings, and golf cartoons (even political ones) to make light of golf game woes similar to the ups and downs of life.

The National Archives Museum in Washington D.C. has an excellent collection of golf political cartoons. Here are a few of our favorites!

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1. General Election Political Golf Cartoon

National Archives Elephant Golfing Cartoon.  Golf Political Cartoon.
National Archives Golf Cartoon by Clifford Berryman

This cute golf political cartoon is from the 1924 Presidential Race. The democrats were facing a problem that the current President, Calvin Coolidge ran unopposed, but they were having difficulty choosing a candidate.

The hostile debate continued “off the fairway” until they finally nominated Congressman, John W. Davis. But, we all know that that ended! A landslide victory for President Calvin Coolidge.

President Coolidge Golf Fun Facts

An interesting fact about President Coolidge is that he only played as part of the job duties, and tended to take double digits on almost every hole. One of his more memorable bad games was shooting an 11 on a 130-yard par 3. After Calvin Coolidge’s Presidential term was over, he left his golf clubs behind and never looked back.

2. President William Howard Taft

President William Howard Taft was on a mission in 1908 to fill the nine openings in his cabinet. The illustration by cartoonist Clifford Berryman was seen in the Washington Evening Star on November 29, 1908. Taft playing nine holes of golf symbolized his need for nine cabinet members.

President Taft Golf Fun Facts

President William Howard Taft is considered to be the first avid golfer of our Presidents that openly played golf. Back during this era, playing golf was not something that was always readily shared with the public since it was considered a sport for the rich. President Taft’s golf handicap was 20.

One of Taft’s famous golf quotes stated, “Golf is in the interest of good health and good manners.”

3. Walter Hagen Golf Cartoon

National Archives Golf Cartoon of Walter Hagen
Photo Credit: National Archives

American golfer, Walter Hagen snags the win over the Brits in the British Open Golf Championship in 1922. Beating the competition by only one stroke, he accepts the trophy from English, John Bull.

The familiar teddy bear in the background is often depicted in Clifford Kennedy Berryman’s work. It is similar to a trademark. This was a proud moment for the United States. As you can see, Uncle Sam smiles holding the championship trophy!

4. World War II Golf Political Cartoon

In July of 1941, the United States was only assisting as an Allied force by giving supplies and money.

As the Soviets were calling for more support, the US attempted to stay out of the fight. The cartoon depicts, Stalin in desperate need of help and yelling “You, Hoo!” at the American golfer. The Americans soon after joined the war on December 8, 1941, following the attack on Pearl Harbor.

This golf political cartoon was created by Berryman Political Cartoon Collection.

5. The Pedestrian Problem Poster (1942-1945)

The Pedestrian Problem is a military poster during World War II. It reads:

“So peaceful in the country! Who said that? …Well, mebbe was until these droops hit the road! Looks as though they’re playin’ hob with the landscape (and themselves) to the tune of 28 things out of bounds of common sense (or safety like we call it). Can you pick ’em out?”

– The Pedestrian Problem Poster, 1941–1945

The woman golfer is depicted in the chaos of the pedestrian problem on the right. Do you see her? We found the “Pedestrian Problem” to be quite interesting!

Final Thoughts

While these political or presidential golf cartoons are not our normal articles, they are certainly fun for a quick read!

If these cartoons put a smile on your face, you’ll want to check out our favorite golf gag gifts and funny golf sayings next!

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