Golf Genius App Review: Discover This Game Changing Software

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Golf Genius is a cloud-based software that promises to make your golf events run smoothly and efficiently. With the ability to view other golfer’s scores in real-time, it sounds like a promising solution. But does it live up to the hype? Keep reading for my full review of Golf Genius Software.

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Golf Genius App

Isla Del Sol Yacht and Country Club recently acquired the new tournament management software, Golf Genius. According to Golf Genius, this cloud-based software has everything to make your golf events run smoothly and efficiently. Our pro, Fred Curtis decided to give it a trial run with us ladies. As you may or not know, Florida gets pretty darn hot in the summer, so golf attendance is usually rather low making this an ideal time to try out the software.

As the guinea pigs for the Club, we were delighted to give it a go. Golf Genius is a tournament management program that has many wonderful features.

There’s no doubt that Golf Genius Software has some features that could come in handy for serious golfers. Real-time scorekeeping is a helpful feature, especially if you’re trying to keep tabs on the competition. And being able to see how you’re placing in your group can help you adjust your strategy on the fly.

For us gals, we experimented with mobile app scoring, which allows players to enter hole-by-hole scores using the GPS screen in the golf cart. As the scores were entered they were reflected on the TV screen in the clubhouse, allowing viewers to see the leaderboard scores live. This also allowed for the instant calculation of score results. There was one golfer that was taken by surprise when she entered the clubhouse and was told that she was the winner in her flight. She commented, “how can that be, as I have my scorecard in my hand.”

There is another feature that many golfers may or may not like. This software has the ability to view the other golfer’s scores while you are playing. For instance, if you are playing in a tournament and wish to know how your competition is faring, take a look at the screen; it will not only show the competitor’s score, but it will also show your placement in the group in real time. This may be a good thing or not.

Personally, I was intimidated by this feature. I am somewhat of a competitive person so when I knew my competition was doing better I tried to play more forcefully; which turned out to be a disaster.

There are many other features of Golf Genius that could help the management of private clubs, public golf courses, and resorts; such as online registration, payment management, custom tournament websites, and automated communication.  These are just a few examples.

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Is Golf Genius Free?

Golf Genius is free for members of our club, but the golf course pays for it. Some consider it to be one of the more expensive software systems on the market.

And while the software is available on both iOS and Android devices, there have been some complaints about buggy functionality. I didn’t experience any issues during my testing, but it’s something to be aware of. Check the review when you go to download the Golf Genius App. On the positive side, complaints were responded to and they are taking a proactive approach to resolve any issues.

Final Thoughts on Golf Genius

Overall, with the little experience, I encountered with the software, I feel it will be a big hit at our Club. Just using the enhanced tournament presentation and scoring makes one think they are on the PGA tour themselves.

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