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At Senior Golf Source, our mission is to empower senior golfers with the education and tools necessary for informed decision-making. Recognizing that the lion’s share of golf advice and products are designed with the younger athlete in mind, we bridge this gap with our in-depth articles and educational YouTube videos.

Our journey together extends from uncovering the ideal senior golf club sets to pinpointing the precise clubs that align with the needs of a more seasoned player. Expertly curated by our golf professionals, our content demystifies the process of choosing clubs that adapt to your evolving swing speed while maintaining comfort and the pure enjoyment of the sport.

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Showing senior tour golfer preparing for his next shot with his fairway wood

Fairway Woods

senior golfer practicing her putting stroke.


PGA Tour Senior golfer hitting his golf wedge onto the practice green.


golf hybrid and senior lady golfer on the fairway


Senior golfer hitting his golf iron on the driving range in Florida by Senior Golf Source


senior golfer photo hitting his driver from the tee box.