Steel vs Graphite Shafts for Seniors: Which is Best for You?

Ladies senior golfer, Carol Johnson warming up at the driving range on Isla Del Sol Golf Course

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11 ABSOLUTE Best Drivers for Seniors in 2023 + Buyers Guide

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Best Sand Wedge For Bunkers | 9 Top Picks For Your Golf Game

Golfer hitting his sand wedge onto the green

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10 Best Driver Shafts for Seniors in 2023 [Expert Review]

Close up of right handed driver, showing the graphite shaft and club head next to a ball on a golf tee.

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10 Best Iron Shafts For Seniors in 2023 + Expert Guide

golf iron shaft shown in close up with golf ball in center view on the golf course.

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TaylorMade SIM Max vs SIM 2 Max Drivers | Which is Better?

SIM Max vs SIM 2 Max

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The Best Lightweight Golf Clubs For Seniors in 2023 

Senior golfer hitting a fa golf ball in the fairway. He is wearing a wide brim hat and has a golf push cart behind him.

Looking for the best lightweight golf clubs? Read on, our golf expert covers her top picks for 2023. Most seniors do best when they play with a lightweight golf club. The lighter clubs make it easier to get distance and a higher ball flight, encouraging golfers to enjoy the game more.  Golf technology is constantly … Read more

10 Best Golf Chippers To Simplify The Short Game In 2023

Woman Golfer using her golf chipper on a beautiful Florida Golf Course, Isla Del Sol.

My late father was a solid golfer who played off scratch in his twenties and was a 12 at the time of his passing. He could hit a golf ball effortlessly but gradually developed severe chipping yips, which wrecked his game. Eventually, his coach suggested a golf chipper, and his consistency improved. In this post, … Read more

Cobra Driver Review: LTDX, Radspeed, & Aerojet Comparison

Cobra Driver Review showing the Radspeed and LTDX

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Best Golf Wedge Degrees for Chip, Flop, & Bunker Shots

Golfer in a shadow hitting his wedge into a bright sky green fairway.

Understanding golf wedge degrees can seem complex especially when it comes to chip shots, flop shots, and bunker shots. Read on for common questions answered. Golf wedges are complex golf clubs crafted in several lofts, lies, and sole grinds. This can fluster beginners, so I will make it easy and take you through one step … Read more