8 Best Golf Shoes for Flat Feet in 2023 [Men & Women]

Professional golfers close up of golf shoes on a practice green.

Looking for the best golf shoes for flat feet? This article discusses the top picks for 2023 to help you stay more comfortable on the golf course. If you have flat feet, you know that finding shoes that are comfortable and offer the support you need can be a challenge. The good news is that … Read more

8 Best Golf Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis for Men Over 40

best golf shoes for plantar fasciitis

Looking for the best golf shoes for plantar fasciitis? It can be a real pain, literally! According to the Foot and Ankle Institute, investing in new shoes is the most important tip to improving your heel pain on the green. Since this is a common issue among golfers from 40 to 70 (including the golfers … Read more

11 Best Golf Rain Hats That Make Bad Weather Better in 2023

golf rain hats

Are you looking for the best golf rain hats on the market? Here is a list of the top options to keep you golfing despite the poor weather conditions. Living in Florida most of my life, rainy days, especially during hurricane season, are not uncommon. So, like my father always would say, you must be … Read more

11 Best Women’s Golf Hats for Sun Protection in 2023

Looking for the best women’s golf hats for sun protection? Read further to get our top picks and a helpful buyer’s guide. Nothing worse than squinting because of sunlight and being unable to see where your golf ball lands. Your concentration gets overtaken by annoyance and frustration because you can’t see what’s happening. This explains … Read more

12 Men’s Best Golf Hats for Sun Protection + Buyers Guide

best golf hats for sun protection; showing senior golfer wearing a golf sun hat sitting in his golf cart drinking water between holes.

If you have had skin cancer, you know the importance of having the best golf hats for sun protection. Read on to know our must-have golf sun hats for men. Did you know that UV radiation in sunlight is the cause of over 80 percent of skin cancer cases? That is alarming when considering the … Read more

11 Best Golf Shoes for Arthritic Feet (Men & Women)

Looking for the best golf shoes for arthritic feet? We’ve surveyed senior golfers – these are the most comfortable and highest-rated golf shoes currently on the market. Proper footwear for all sports are essential. Walking around with arthritic feet can be agonizing if you don’t have the proper footwear, especially in golf. Walking thousands of … Read more