Most Comfortable Golf Shoes for Arthritic Feet in 2024

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The Skechers Torque Waterproof footwear are the best golf shoes for arthritic feet in 2024. They exhibited outstanding cushioning, shock absorption, and waterproofing to stand out from their competitors. 

I roped in the services of my 56-year-old playing partner to give his opinion as an arthritic sufferer. You will want to keep reading to learn which shoes can improve your comfort and padding to alleviate pain on the golf course. 

We always recommend consulting your podiatrist or physician as it relates to your specific condition.

Amazon also offers Prime Try it Before You Buy – on many of these golf shoes. You can be 100% confident in your purchase by giving them a trial run on the golf course.

So, let’s get started with our top choices for the best golf shoes for arthritic feet.

The Top Golf Shoes For Arthritic Feet

Golf ShoeCategoryQuick Overview
Skechers Torque Waterproof Golf ShoeBest Overall Golf Shoes For ArthritisOffers exceptional cushioning and shock absorption, waterproof qualities, and features like Ultra Flight cushion and Goga Max technology insole for comfort and stability. Replaceable spikes for grip.
FootJoy Men’s Flex Golf ShoeRunner-UpMedium width, rubber-soled with a lace-up design. Known for its performance mesh and support technologies. Versatile for walks and golf, with an athletic profile and breathable material.
Callaway Men’s Solana TRX V2Best Shoe GripFeatures Fast Twist 3.0 cleats for stability, 5mm PlusFoam insole for joint comfort, and Opti-Dri waterproof protection. Offers maximum grip and enhanced waterproofing.
New Balance Fresh Foam ContendMost Comfortable Golf Shoes For ArthritisCombines 10mm Fresh Foam and Cush insole for vibration absorption and stability. Smart Outsole provides traction, with a Water Guard toe area for waterproofing.
Adidas Men’s Tech Response 2.0Best Budget Arthritis Golf ShoesAffordable, lightweight, and breathable with a Cloudfoam sock liner and padded midsole. Perforated upper for air circulation and EXP cleats for traction.
Puma Men’s Proadapt AlphacatBest Supportive Golf ShoesFeatures an Exo Shell upper for protection, bootie construction for containment and cushioning, and a Proadapt Spikeless Outsole for comfort. Durable with EVA cushioning.

Overall Top Golf Shoe for Arthritic Feet

Skechers Men’s Torque Waterproof Golf Shoe is shown in white and navy.  It is our top choice for Best Golf Shoes for Arthritic Feet.

My playing partner Martin found the Skechers Torque Waterproof footwear was the overall best golf shoes for arthritic feet. The exceptional cushioning and shock absorption contained his feet on every step.

Besides its comfort and support, these shoes exhibited outstanding waterproof qualities. It kept my playing partner’s feet dry during rainstorms and dew-sweeping rounds.

Ideal for arthritic feet, the ultra-light and responsive trademark Ultra Flight cushion combined with the Skechers Goga Max technology insole provides a high-rebound cushion. Plus, you will have comfort in your feet and knees and increase overall stability.

The Skechers Golf Shoe has replaceable spikes that provide maximum grip and agility to the golfer. Overall, it’s a quality shoe and one of the best golf shoes for arthritic feet.


  • Exceptional comfort that feels like bedroom slippers
  • Enhanced stability
  • Waterproof toe
  • Budget-friendly price point


  • The traction pads are not as effective in the wet

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Runner Up for Best Golf Shoes for Arthritis

FootJoy Men's Flex Golf Shoe

The breathable material on the FootJoy Flex golf shoes promotes optimal airflow through the interior. This makes them the most breathable golf shoes for seniors with arthritic feet. 

The medium shoe width and regular fit type, these rubber-soled, lace-up golf shoes are another classic wear and are popular among the arthritic crowd. Primarily because of the performance mesh and complete support technologies.

These shoes are versatile enough to be worn on regular walks, but their performance truly shines on the golf course.

They’ve got an athletic profile and slide onto the foot very quickly. The material is also very breathable as well as easy to clean.


  • Easy to wear
  • Easy to wash
  • Can wear on and off the golf course


  • Not waterproof
  • Material can tear more easily than the Skechers

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Best Shoe Grip for Arthritic Feet

Callaway Men’s Solana Xt Golf Shoes

I thought the Callaway Solana TRX provided the best grip for arthritic feet, thanks to the Fast Twist 3.0 cleats. They kept my feet stable in the wet, promoting maximum power and speed on the swing.

The 5mm PlusFoam insole is a dream for golfers who suffer from joint disease. You enjoy extra thick padding to soften the soles of your feet during a round.

In my experience, the waterproofing proved its worth during early morning rounds. I have often endured soggy socks and feet from dew seeping into the shoe, but not with the Opti-Dri waterproof protection on the Solana TRX V2s.


  • Maximum grip with a Spike dura-rubber outsole
  • Additional insole padding
  • Enhanced waterproofing
  • Very lightweight


  • Very dull colors
  • Has a slightly narrow toe box

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Most Comfortable Golf Shoe for Arthritic Feet

New Balance Golf Fresh Foam Links Shoe

I thought the Callaway Solana TRX was comfortable until I tested the New Balance Fresh Foam Contend. The 10mm Fresh Foam combined with the Cush insole absorbed vibrations and boosted my stability. Making it ideal for managing the pain of arthritis-sufferers.

The Smart Outsole produced impressive traction in dry and lightly wet conditions. However, they struggled to provide the same grip as the cleats on the Solana TRX shoes.

Despite the loss of grip, I appreciated the solidity of the Water Guard on the toe area. It repelled raindrops and dew, making it a suitable companion in the wet.


  • Enhanced stability
  • Waterproof toe
  • Exceptional comfort, most comfortable golf shoes for seniors


  • The traction pads are not as effective in the wet

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Best Budget Arthritis Golf Shoes

Adidas Men's Tech Response Golf Shoes

Adidas offers an affordable, lightweight, and breathable shoe with the Tech Response 2.0. Martin reported that the lightweight design, Cloudfoam sock liner, and padded midsole supported his feet and eliminated vibrations upon landing.

The perforated upper was a welcome gift for my playing partner, who tested them during the summer. It propelled air through the interior, breaking up sweat and keeping his feet cool and dry.

The EXP cleats were the final impressive feature, thanks to the superior traction they offered. Since they are replaceable, they help extend the lifespan of the shoes compared to spikeless golf shoes.


  • Optimal traction
  • Breathable construction
  • Affordable


  • Standard Adidas design; no bright colors

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Best Supportive Golf Shoes

Puma Men’s Proadapt Alphacat Golf Shoe

The Puma Proadapt Alphacat provides maximum protection to golfers with arthritis. My partner appreciated the structure of the upper Exo Shell and the fit and receptivity it provided on landing. 

Adding to the protection of his feet was the bootie construction, which not everyone enjoys. However, it contained every aspect of his feet, minimized vibrations, and enhanced cushioning under the sole.

Martin reported that the Proadapt Spikeless Outsole was incredibly comfortable underfoot. He said it was a pleasure not having screws from cleats poking into the shoe. However, he lost his footing on extremely wet ground.


  • Durable material
  • EVA cushioning
  • Maximum support


  • A bit tight on the heel
  • The sporty design is not for everyone

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Final Thoughts on Best Golf Shoes for Arthritic Feet

Improper shoes can cause injuries and worsen pre-existing conditions. That is why the best golf shoes for arthritic feet provide maximum cushioning, support, and shock absorption on every step.

After reviewing the performance of various arthritis-friendly footwear, the Skechers Torque Waterproof Golf Shoe stood out. It proved the best golf shoes for arthritic feet thanks to its high-rebound padding, lightweight design, and waterproof finish.

If you suffer from arthritis in the feet, I am curious to know what golf shoes you use to get around the links. Send us a message or comment below.

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