11 Best Golf Rain Hats That Make Bad Weather Better in 2023

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Are you looking for the best golf rain hats on the market? Here is a list of the top options to keep you golfing despite the poor weather conditions.

Living in Florida most of my life, rainy days, especially during hurricane season, are not uncommon. So, like my father always would say, you must be prepared! It was practically the family motto – we truly lived by this statement. Whether he got that from the boy scouts or from his years serving in World War II, no words are more true.

Unlike many other sports, golfers see a variety of weather conditions on the golf course. In fact, some will continue playing through whether it’s lightly raining, windy, or humid conditions.

Golfers need to be versatile to extreme weather changes by being prepared ahead of time with the right golf gear.

I understand how challenging golf can be when it’s raining. Fortunately, a golf rain hat might save your outing – depending on the day!

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Best Golf Rain Hats for Men & Women

Factors to Consider When Buying a Golf Rain Hat

Golf rain hats are designed to let you continue your round the golf course without shattering your concentration. These hats have brims sided downward to let the water flow away from your face. More importantly, its design keeps it away from your golf grip when hitting your ball.

A golf rain hat should have the following features:

  1. Keeps your head dry with water-resistant fabric.
  2. It keeps water out of your eyes with a wider brim.
  3. It should fit you well, so the wind won’t easily blow it away.
  4. It’s best to purchase a high-quality product that’s durable. Keeping in quality doesn’t necessarily mean more expensive.
  5. Determine whether it’s comfortable to wear. For example, can you easily view the golf ball or is the wide brim a distraction?
  6. While trendy designs and colors are nice-to-have, don’t lose sight of the main priority.

The hats mentioned in this list will help you decide what to buy. Note that they’re not in any particular order. However, we listed them by our favorite characteristics.

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Overall Best Golf Rain Hat

FootJoy DryJoys Tour Bucket Hat

FootJoy DryJoys Tour Bucket Hat

The FootJoy DryJoys Tour Bucket Hat brings joy to your head, especially on a rainy day. It is also one of the best golf bucket hats for all-weather use, being waterproof and having a large brim for sun exposure.

The FootJoy DryJoy hat is designed to keep the water away from your face as you swing your golf club. The fabric is 100% polyester with a hook and loop closure. 

It’s high quality in terms of its material and design. A velcro strap ensures a comfortable fit and proper adjustment. The traditional look protects the head all around.

This sporty-looking hat is waterproof, lightweight, rugged, and keeps you dry. It has an advantage over other hats as it is machine washable.

We also love that it has a wider brim and provides more sun protection for various weather conditions.

The price is relatively high, but this golf bucket hat is worth every cent. Check out some of the excellent reviews for more information.


  • Impressive Quality
  • Stylish Look, and still is machine washable
  • 100% Waterproof


  • Pricier golf rain hat

Runner Up: Best Golf Rain Hat

Titleist Stadry Golf Bucket Hat

Titleist Golf Rain Hat - Stadry

The Titleist Stadry Hat has similarities with DryJoys hat except that DryJoys is waterproof while this is water-resistant. So it only helps you in light rain as the water gets dried up quickly.

It’s installed with a rain gutter that pushes water away from your face. Besides this, it has a moisture-wicking sweatband to dry up the sweat even in the scorching heat.

This fantastic-looking golf hat comes in three colors: black, grey, and blue, with different Titleist lettering to match your golf attire.


  • Stylish looking rain hat for golf
  • Sweatband that keeps you dry
  • High quality


  • Not 100% waterproof

Best Golf Bucket Hats

Nike UV Bucket Golf Hat 

Nike UV Bucket Golf Hat

The trendy Nike Golf Bucket Hat is one of our best golf bucket hats for women and men. It’s chic and will keep you cool all day with it’s

The best part is that it comes in different sizes to get a perfect fit. Nike doesn’t disappoint with its accessories, so this will be a great addition to your wardrobe.

The removable drawstring strap makes it super helpful on windy days. And, with its wider brim, you are sure to stay away from sun and rain.


  • Made of 100% Dri-Fit Polyester
  • 360 Degree coverage
  • Removable drawstring strap
  • Lightweight and breathable design
  • Unisex, multi-purpose hat


  • Pricier than average golf rain hat
  • Hand wash only

Best Compact Golf Hat

Callaway Aqua Dry Bucket Hat

Callaway dry bucket hat, best rain bucket hat - golf rain hats for men

A Callaway Aqua Dry Bucket Hat can be worn on sunny or rainy days. This 100% polyester hat can be cleaned in the washing machine. Although it is versatile, it provides less coverage to your face and neck on sunny days.

It has an adjustable shutter and a wide boundary that keeps you dry in the pouring rain. Callaway dry bucket hat consists of a winding sweatband that assures you that your entire head will be shielded from the rain.

Several sizes line up the market shelves. It’s embellished with a translucent Callaway logo at the front.

Here’s an exciting feature: The hat can also fit in your pocket

You can carry it with you every time and throw it on whenever the clouds begin to darken the sky.

Callaway aqua dry bucket hat is available on Amazon and has excellent reviews.


  • Affordable
  • Comfortable
  • Stylish Look that easily fits in golf bag or your pocket


  • Offers minimal protection for neck, since it has a smaller brim.
  • No chin straps provided

Most Versatile Golf Rain Hat

Coolibar Matchplay Golf Hat UPF 50+

Coolibar Matchplay Golf Hat

Coolibar Matchplay Golf Hat is the most versatile golf rain hat on our list. If you’re not a hat person and don’t want to invest in various hats for each weather situation, this one is for you.

I love Coolibar products for their sun protection qualities. As a fair-skinned golfer, this is one of my top favorite brands after having skin cancer.

Skin protection is critical when being out in the sun for hours. Rain or shine, this hat will have you covered in all weather. It is one of the more versatile hats on the market with a UPF 50+ barrier.

While it is not explicitly made to be a golf rain hat, it is made of thick quality material, keeping you dry in most conditions.

Plus, it has a wide 4-inch brim with quick dry-performance technology. There is very little mesh on the top of the hat so that you won’t get too much sun.

We also like that it has an internal sweatband to keep you comfortable in any condition.


  • High quality materials
  • Protects from the sun with UPF 50 + barrier and wide 4-inch brim
  • Breathable for extreme weather conditions


  • Not 100% waterproof, but it will keep you comfortable in most conditions.

Best Adjustable Bucket Rain Hat

Toutacoo Adjustable Golf Rain Hat

Toutacoo, Bucket Rain Hat. Best Golf Rain Hats for Men.  This one is easily adjustable.

Toutacoo Golf Rain Hat is our most adjustable golf rain hat on the list. Be prepared against unexpected weather conditions during your golf game with your bucket rain hat.

The nylon-material hat gives you full head coverage from 22.6-23.10 cm. Moreover, you can tighten the hat through its adjustable elastic, so it doesn’t get caught up by the wind.

Toutacoo hats are made in France and come in various colors, including grey, blue, white, and red. With multiple colors, you can choose what reflects your personality the best.

It is incredibly small and lightweight at 1.37 oz and 5.51 inches when folded up. You can also easily hang it, since it come with a hook.

Toutacoo Golf Rain Hat can be bought from Amazon.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Multiple color options
  • Well adjustable elastic


  • Not suitable for head sizes larger than 58 cm

Best Budget Golf Bucket Hat

The Weather Co. Golf Bucket Hat

Weather Company Golf Hat, Best mens golf hats, golf hats for men

Hats that provide benefits on all days are the most convenient purchases. That’s what Weather Co. is an expert at. 

It’s made of 100% polyester fiber and stays dry even in heavy showers. The seams are sealed to keep you cool on hot days. On windy days, you can use an adjustable drawbar.

Weather Co. Golf Bucket Hat is breathable and lightweight.

Being unisex, it has a higher demand in the market from both men and women golfers. Moreover, It’s relatively low in cost.

The Weather Co. Golf Bucket Hat is our top pick for value on Amazon.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Unisex hat that comes in a wide variety of colors, such as blue, pink, black, purple, white, etc.
  • Adjustable cord


  • Less waterproof

Best Unisex Baseball Cap for Golf

Nike Golf Dri-Fit Swoosh Baseball Cap

Nike Golf Dri-Fit Swoosh Front Cap. Best rain golf hat.

The Nike Golf Dri-Fit Swoosh Front Cap is a favorite with many golfers because it looks like a standard baseball cap, but it’s better!

The Dri-Fit moisture management technology makes it possible to have breathability while staying dry.

One of the features we love about this hat is the underbill contrast that reduces sun glare. It is 100% polyester.

It’s also available in multiple colors to pick what best suits your style.


  • Multiple colors, ideal for golf hats for men and women
  • Reduces Sun Glare
  • Adjustable Size


  • Provides less rain cover as a baseball cap

Best Bucket Hat for Windy Weather

Outdoor Research Lightstorm Bucket Hat

Outdoor Research Lightstorm Bucket Hat

The Outdoor Research Lightstorm Bucket Hat differs from others based on its design. It consists of a pull-on closure. 

The inside of the hat has a band for your comfort. This is also ideal for windy days, as the internal band prevents the hat from blowing away. 

This hat is made of 100% nylon and should be hand-washed. A round in the washing machine might considerably deplete the hat’s water-restricting ability.

If you like to get all prepped up and play in style, you will love the outdoor research Lightstorm Bucket hat collection.

You can buy an Outdoor Research Lightstorm bucket hat on Amazon.


  • More variety in colors available
  • Pull-on closure
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Unisex golf hat


  • Not 100% Waterproof
  • Hand Wash Only

Best Waterproof Breathable Hat + Strap

Frogg Toggs Waterproof Breathable Hat

Frogg Toggs Waterproof Breathable Hat, Waterproof golf hats

The Frogg Toggs Boonie Hat is easily packed and has a crushing build. This hat made of 100% polypropylene gives maximum waterproof performance and has a small border that shields the head and hair from the rain.

The hat contains a 1″ band on the inside and an adjustable shock cord. This one-size hat suits various activities, including fishing, hiking, camping, boating, etc.

It is also a perfect choice for sunny days due to the inclusion of  UPF 50 in it. You can find Frogg Toggs Boonie hats on Amazon.


  • Adjustable Sizes
  • Breathable; ideal for hot and cold weather
  • Lightweight materials


  • Available in a single size only

Runner Up: Budget Golf Rain Hat

Lvaiz Waterproof Golf Baseball Cap UPF 50 +

Lvaiz Mens Waterproof Golf UPF50+ Cap- Budget Golf Rain Hat

The Lvaiz Waterproof Golf Hat is ideal for heavy rains and winds. It’s affordable, classic, and does a great job during storms and rain.

The 100% polyester with UPF 50+ ensures excellent quality while being weather resistant to rain and sunny days.

The reason this hat stands out is that it’s lightweight and has a classic design.

The hat comes with an adjustable strap and can fit multiple sizes (unisex for men or women).


  • Great fitting hat with adjustable strap
  • Affordable price point
  • Waterproof material


  • No place to tuck the adjustable Strap
  • Not as breathable as some of the other golf hats on our list.

FAQs: Related to Best Golf Rain Hats

What is the best hat to wear in the rain?

Golfers prefer to use bucket style hats in raining weather because of the extra protection it provides with its wider brim. The way bucket hats are shaped help keep the water away from the grips on a golf club. This allows golfers the opportunity to still complete their traditional golf swing without complexities of a wet golf grip.

Is a bucket hat good for golf?

Yes, golf bucket hats tend to have a wide range of appeal in all weather for golf players. With the range of weather challenges from rain to bright sunny days, the wider brim and snug fit allow golfers to have great visibility and sun protection, which are genuinely win-wins.

Who wears a bucket hat on the PGA Tour?

On the PGA Tour, professional golfers, Kirk Triplett, Joel Dahmen, Rory Sabbatini, Charl Schwartzel, and Peter Malnati have all been linked to wearing the golf bucket hat. Years ago, even Arnold Palmer was known to wear a golf bucket hat.

Final Thoughts on Golf Rain Hats

One thing is for sure with golf rain hats – they’re needed!

We all don’t like it when we need to stop playing a round of golf for any given reason. Waterproof golf rain hats will help you make the best of even the worst golfing days.

If you’re like me, I tend not to purchase a lot of hats, so I prefer to buy one that will last a while. I hope our list helped you with your search. Otherwise, let us know about your favorite rain hat in the comment section below. We would love to hear your thoughts on the best golf rain hats.

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