7 Best Golf Clubs For Tall Men In 2023 + Expert Buyers Guide

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Looking for the best golf clubs for tall men in 2023? Read on, as our golf expert covers his top golf club sets by category. Or, if you’re looking for our best golf clubs for short men, click here.

Taller golfers among us may often hunch over and alter their preferred posture to cater to the shorter length of their golf clubs. In this post, I end this challenge and reveal the best golf clubs for tall men in 2023 to improve your comfort, swing, and results.

While many of these sets work for golfers reaching 6 foot 6, I have also included golf sets that work for golfers just over 6 foot 1.

All the golf clubs on this list are forgiving, easy to launch, and housed in a complimentary stand or cart bag.

Generally, they help the average golfer produce optimal distance and accuracy from tee to green.

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7 Best Golf Clubs for a Tall Man 

Best Golf Clubs for Tall Men | Wilson Profile SGI Golf Club Package Set

Best Golf Clubs for Tall Men, Wilson Profile SGI


  • A well-rounded set of clubs
  • Lightweight, comfortable carry bag
  • The set includes a sand wedge 
  • Affordable price tag
  • High-launching golf clubs


  • Distance gap between the driver and 5 wood
  • The clubs provided limited workability

The Wilson Profile SGi is the overall best golf club for tall men in 2023 for their affordability, forgiving golf clubs, and set composition. In addition, the set is housed in a lightweight carry bag that is comfortable to carry and offers ample storage space for golfers between 6’1 and 6’5.

I find the set offers enough variety to the average golfer learning to navigate to the links. The woods and hybrids possess a high moment of inertia (MOI) with low and deep weighting for an improved launch.

I enjoyed superb consistency on my irons and launched them high and long for greater carry distance and soft landing. Plus, I thought the sand wedge was easy to launch and control, resulting in consistent results around the green.

Finally, Wilson engineers added a face-balanced forgiving putter that helps the average golfer produce more accurate putts and a pure roll.

Read some of the rave reviews by golfers:

“I’ve played two rounds and had about half a dozen range sessions with these clubs. I’m 6’5” and got the tall version. Irons are a little short for me but they fit pretty dang good for my height.

Consistent performance so far. My longest drives have carried 275 yards on the range. Well hit irons have consistent distance. Overall good look and quality it seems so far. Small dent on driver noticed recently but don’t know if that was my bad or not.

As long as they hold up, I will be using these for awhile. Only wish they would provide long irons instead of a hybrid and wood. So I might add some of those to the bag in the near future.”

– Ryan, (Wilson Profile SGi, Best Golf Clubs for Tall Men review)

Runner Up: Best Golf Clubs for Tall Men | MacGregor CG3000

MacGregor CG3000 with red and black stand bag


  • Built for golfers over 6’1
  • Forgiving clubs
  • High launching 
  • Housed in a lightweight carry bag
  • They produce an adequate distance


  • The set lacks a sand wedge for chip and bunker shots
  • The bag is unbalanced when carrying, leading to clubs falling out

The hassle-free MacGregor GC3000 Golf Club Set earns the runner-up spot in our list of the best golf clubs for tall men. I find it offers a perfect mix of golf clubs for golfers over 6’1, looking to reduce equipment expenses while retaining accuracy, distance, and forgiveness.

In my experience, the lightweight carry golf bag is a breeze to lug around, and all the clubs provide sublime consistency, a high launch, and optimal length. Slower swing speeds will welcome the weaker lofted driver, which gets your ball airborne effortlessly.

The 5 wood and hybrid glided over the turf cleanly, with minimal interaction to encourage a clean strike from the fairway and rough. I noticed it was easy to launch these clubs and boost my long-game carry distance. The irons responded in much the same way with a high launch and soft landing on approach.

My only complaint about this golf club set is the missing sand wedge which increased the difficulty of chips, flops, and bunker shots. However, its affordable price allows you to acquire a sand wedge separately.

Best Value Set For Tall Men | Precise M5 Men’s Complete Package Set

Precise M5 Men's Complete Package Set


  • Affordable price tag
  • Forgiving golf clubs
  • High-launching woods and irons
  • The set includes a lightweight, comfortable carry bag
  • Built for golfers up to 6’6


  • No sand wedge in the set
  • The moderate driver loft does not suit the slower swing speed.

Precise M5 gets the prize for the best value set of golf club sets for tall men, thanks to its set makeup, consistent clubs, and entry-level price tag. Furthermore, these forgiving golf clubs are specifically built to serve golfers as tall as 6’6.

The distance gapping in the long clubs stood out for me, as Precise ensured all bases were covered, with a driver, 3 wood, hybrid, and long irons. However, they lost steam in the lower end of the bag by leaving a sand wedge out of the mix.

The woods and hybrids featured low and deep weighting, which pushed my golf ball high and long for optimal carry distance. In addition, the irons contained a low CG and perimeter weighting to maintain ball speed and spin on all shots for a high ball flight and a soft landing.

A pitching wedge is your only chipping club, which makes life difficult. However, the affordable cost of this set enables you to acquire a sand wedge elsewhere. Finally, a high MOI, forgiving putter helps high handicappers improve alignment and accuracy.

Best Luxury Golf Clubs for Tall Men | Cobra Golf Air X Men’s Complete Set

Cobra Golf Air X Men's Complete Set


  • Well structured set
  • The clubs prompt an elevated launch
  • Forgiving golf clubs
  • Spacious cart bag to hold your clubs
  • Impressive distance


  • It typically does not suit golfers over 6’2
  • Expensive set for the average golfer

Golfers who demand the finer items in life may appreciate the robust, quality offering from the Cobra Golf Air X range. This is the best luxury set for tall men in 2023. This is due to the wealth of clubs in the package and their quality, forgiveness, and distance.

It features an additional club compared to most sets and covers every area of your long, mid and short game. At the top end of your bag are a driver, 3 wood, and a 4 and 5 hybrid. This setup favors mid and high-handicappers seeking high launch and forgiveness of Hybrids over long irons.

The irons in the set comprise 6, 7, 8, and 9, while a pitching, sand wedge, and clean Air X putter complete the lineup. I noticed the irons carried enhanced perimeter weighting to expand the sweet spot and maintain velocity on spin on all shots.

Finally, Cobra incorporated an Air X cart bag, which provides maximum storage space for everything you need on a golf course. It also suits senior golfers who may prefer traversing the links in a golf cart.

Best Overall Golf Set for Tall Men Over 50 (Senior Golfers) | Wilson Ultra Men’s Complete Set

Best Overall Golf Set for Tall Men Over 50 (Senior Golfers) | Wilson Ultra Men's Complete Set


  • Entry-level price tag
  • Quality golf clubs
  • The irons contain a wider sweet spot
  • Lightweight, ergonomic carry bag
  • High-launching long clubs


  • No sand wedge in the set
  • Distance gap between 3 wood and hybrid

The second Wilson set to make our list is the Ultra range. I find this Wilson Ultra Men’s Golf Set ideal for senior golfers seeking rapid clubhead speed, ball velocity, and increased length.

Wilson engineers worked hard to enhance the aerodynamics of the clubs for an accelerated pace on the downswing.

Adding to the clubhead speed are forgiving oversized club heads, which feature an enlarged sweet spot and a high MOI for superb distance control and accuracy. However, I noticed gaps in my game between the 3 wood and 5 Hybrid, which one may wish to bridge with a 5 wood or 3 Hybrid.

Like most golf club sets, the Ultra forgoes long irons for hybrids, with a 6-iron becoming the strongest lofted in its category. Unfortunately, the engineers left out a sand wedge, which makes bunker and chip shots challenging. However, its low price leaves you with the budget for an individual sand wedge.

Lastly, the ergonomic, lightweight stand bag is easy to lug around the golf course, keeping my shoulders comfortable and minimizing post-round back and neck pain.

Best Golf Clubs for Mid Handicappers | TaylorMade RBZ Complete Set

TaylorMade RBZ Complete Set


  • Well-structured set makeup
  • Fast-swinging golf clubs
  • The long clubs promote an elevated launch
  • Highly forgiving irons
  • The set features a sand wedge


  • Premium price tag
  • No long irons, only golf hybrids

The TaylorMade RBZ Speedlite is a premium set of golf clubs that offer every tool a mid-handicap golfer needs to succeed on the links. In my experience, these clubs are ideal for golfers ranging from an average height to 6’2.

The long-game clubs contain a low and deep weighting to prompt an excellent launch and maximum carry distance, while the irons feature a wider sweet spot. The perimeter weighting in the iron club heads increases the active zone to preserve pace and spin across the clubface.

TaylorMade strayed from its competitors by including a sand wedge in the set to simplify greenside shots. At a premium price, I would hope they would have a sand wedge. In addition, a stable mallet putter with maximum MOI encouraged greater accuracy on putts.

Lastly, these fantastic golf clubs are carried in a durable cart bag with 8 pockets for optimal storage space.

Read what reviews are saying about this golf club set:

“Awesome set…I was with my wife so we hit some balls at the driving range and played the executive short course. I must say the irons are amazing. The putter it great as well just wish it had just a little bit more weight to it, but still a great club. Driver, 3 wood & 5 wood, and hybrids were only used at the range but hope to use them in a full round soon. I definitely recommend these clubs if you have the coin to spend.”

– Coleone, (TaylorMade RBZ Speedlite review)

Best Golf Clubs for High Handicappers | MacGregor DCT 3000 Premium Men’s Golf Set

MacGregor DCT 3000 Premium Men's Golf Set


  • Affordable price
  • Well-equipped in the long game
  • Easy launching woods and hybrids
  • Highly forgiving irons
  • Spacious golf cart bag


  • No sand wedge in the set
  • Slightly higher priced than other golf sets for tall men.

In my experience, the MacGregor DCT 3000 golf club set offers tall high handicappers the tools they need to navigate the links. While it is priced higher than other golf sets, the quality and structure of the top end of the set are ideal for those golfers looking to work down to a mid-handicap player.

A high MOI driver with low CG compliments a 3 wood and 3 and 4 hybrids for maximum yardage potential at the top of your bag. This gives high handicappers added yards for shorter approach shots into the dancefloor.

Although I loved the forgiveness of the perimeter-weighted irons, I was genuinely disappointed to see no sand wedge in the set. However, the funds you saved on acquiring this set should leave some extra cash in the budget for you to purchase a sand wedge individually.

Lastly, MacGregor stores the DCT3000 range of clubs in a robust nylon cart bag equipped with multiple pockets for optimal storage space.

What To Look For When Purchasing Golf Clubs For Short Men In 2023

Complete Set or Individual Clubs?

Complete golf sets offer an ideal way to save money, as a package of clubs runs for less than if you acquired the woods, irons, wedges, and bag separately. Therefore, beginners lacking all the equipment should opt for a complete set to simplify the shopping process.

However, complete sets limit your options and force you to choose stock shafts and lofts. Individual clubs offer greater flexibility, and you can source your preferred lofts and shaft. However, purchasing each club one at a time is a costly endeavor.

Who Needs Longer Clubs?

Taller golfers or those with a long wrist-to-floor measurement require longer clubs that compliment their posture and setup. Besides height, long clubs suit golfers who operate with an incredibly flat lie angle and need to increase it marginally upright.

The longer your golf clubs are, the more upright the clubface lie becomes, which can cause it to aim further right of the target than necessary.

Golf Club Shaft

Taller golfers may require a lengthier shaft design to cater to your wrist-to-floor length distance and posture. You may wish to source shafts an inch longer than the standard option to help position the clubface more upright for your setup.

For example, the standard driver shaft length is 45 inches, but a golfer over 6’5 may find a 56-inch shaft performs the best. If you cannot find stock shafts with the extra length, I suggest visiting a club fitter to discuss a custom-length golf shaft for your swing.

Lie Angle

The longer or shorter your golf shaft becomes, the more it impacts the lie angle. When your golf clubs are too short for your swing, the lie angle flattens drastically, causing the face to point to the left of the target and setting you up for hooks and pulls.

Conversely, when your clubs are too long, the lie angle becomes more upright, leading the club to aim to the right of the target. 

Final Thoughts: Best Golf Clubs for Tall Men

Although some tall golfers may thrive with regular length golf clubs, others may require longer shafts to cater to their loft angle and posture. Golfers reaching the realm of 6’6 are advised to consider clubs with an extra inch on the golf shaft. However, players stretching 6’0 and 6’1 might excel with regular-length golf clubs.

The Wilson Profile SGI are the best golf clubs for tall men in 2023, thanks to the set composition, affordability, distance, and forgiveness. I feel the average golfer will have no challenge launching these clubs for optimal distance and accuracy. Plus, the complimentary lightweight carry bag is comfortable and easy to lug around the links.

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