10 Best Golf Chippers To Simplify The Short Game In 2024

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My late father was a solid golfer who played off scratch in his twenties and was a 12 at the time of his passing. He could hit a golf ball effortlessly but gradually developed severe chipping yips, which wrecked his game. Eventually, his coach suggested a golf chipper, and his consistency improved.

In this post, I’ll also cover the best golf chippers and how these nifty, low-lofted golf clubs can benefit your game.

I have even included options for the rebellious golfer not afraid of bending the rules.

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Factors to Consider Before Owning a Golf Club Chipper

Here are a few considerations on whether or not a golf chipper is suitable for your golf bag.

What is a Golf Club Chipper?

A golf chipper is used for shots around the green. It carries the sole of a wedge and the loft of a mid or short iron. The low loft and clean turf interaction help golfers stroke the ball like a putt and produce adequate roll to get it up to the hole. This consistent turf interaction is one of the reasons golfers want these golf clubs.

Pitching vs Chipping

Chippers are best used for bump-and-run and chip shots from just off the green. When faced with a lengthy pitch shot, I suggest using your pitching wedge for the optimal launch and landing.

However, if you are confident in your accuracy on longer pitch shots, you can use your chipper to run the ball up to the hole. I advise against this, especially when there are obstacles of bunkers or water hazards that your ball may roll into.

Why Should You Use a Golf Chipper?

You can use a chipper because it makes it simpler to play shots around the green. My late father found that he did not have to change his setup or try to open the clubface. He aimed, set up, and struck the ball. It was that simple and helped him get closer to the cup to improve his up-and-down record.

Who Should Use a Golf Chipper?

In my experience, a golf chipper adds the most benefit to seniors and beginners struggling with the versatility demanded around the green. A chipper takes the thought out of it and gives you a single shot, which keeps low and runs well to eradicate the inconsistency of bounce from your short game.

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The Best Golf Chipper Clubs 2024

Ping ChipR | Overall Best Golf Chipper Club

Best Golf Chippers - leader the Ping ChipR - showing the club head in black lettering with silver coloring.


  • Enhanced MOI encourages straighter shots
  • Preserves spin and ball speed
  • Maximum ForgivenessClean turf interaction
  • Promotes a clean, consistent roll


  • Expensive
  • Glare posed a slight challenge

The Ping ChipR earns top honors in our best golf chipper club contest. This gorgeous-looking specimen sports an Investment Cast Construction, consisting of a high-strength, soft 431 stainless steel face. In addition, it produces a maximum Moment of Inertia (MOI) for greater leniency.

Ping engineers pushed mass around the clubface perimeter to stabilize it at contact to preserve spin and ball speed. Combined with its high MOI construction, the clubhead remains square during contact to send your ball on the intended line.

Next, the MicroMax grooves worked in my favor because they prompted sufficient topspin off the clubface on all shots. This improved my distance control and left me within close range for my second putt.

The cambered sole on the ChipR ensured clean turf interaction from the fringe and rough, prompting a clean strike around the green. Plus, a Composite Cavity Badge softens the feel and amplifies acoustics.

Finally, the Ping ChipR possesses 38.5 degrees of loft to keep your golf ball low and rolling forward on the green.

Wilson Harmonized Chipper | Best Golf Chipper For Seniors

Wilson Harmonized Golf Chipper


  • Affordable
  • Easy to strike
  • A lower loft is perfect for bump and run shots
  • Advanced alignment aid
  • Superb forgiveness


  • Some golfers may prefer a weaker loft for added launch
  • Not the softest feel

The Wilson Harmonized Chipper was my late father’s go-to around the green and had an impactful difference in his senior years. I find its lower loft and maximum forgiveness allow veteran golfers to operate with a putting stroke and generate sufficient forward roll to get the ball to the cup.

At 35 degrees, it is lower than most of its counterparts which assist with bump and run shots, something more seniors should do off the fringe. The weighted clubhead increases the MOI and stability of the clubhead, which helped my old man produce accurate greenside shots.

In addition, the grooves extended sufficiently across the clubface, leaving ample surface area to catch your ball. Combined with its high MOI, I managed to maintain ball zip and spin on off-center strikes for consistent shot dispersion.

The alignment aid proved effective as the three lines helped him frame the ball to zero in on the line. As a result, he produced more accurate greenside shots and did well to get up and down more often than not.

PowerBilt TPS Bump and Run | Best Budget Golf Chipper

PowerBilt TPS Bump and Run


  • Super affordable
  • Produces optimal forward roll
  • Ideal for bump and run shots
  • Generates consistent spin
  • Forgiving


  • Strange triangle design
  • 32 degrees may prove too low for some.

PowerBilt has made forgiving and consistent entry-level golf clubs for as long as I have played golf. The PowerBilt TPS Bump and Run Chipper offers senior beginner golfers an affordable, low-lofted chipper for more roll on the dancefloor.

Like the Wilson Harmonized, the lower loft makes it easier to generate forward roll and get your ball to the cup. At 32 degrees, it is approximately set at the angle of a modern 7-iron.

PowerBilt engineers set the TPS Bump and Run chipper with an offset hosel to make it easier for beginners to square the clubface at contact. I found I produced superior accuracy and an attractive shot dispersion chart. Plus, it left me close to the cup to get up and down on most occasions.

Next, the Grooved Face helped me impart consistent spin on the ball across the clubface. As a result, I enjoyed greater control around the dancefloor, even on heel and toe mishits. Finally, the strange yet efficient triangle head design effectively resisted club twist and maintained a square clubface.

PowerBilt TPS Two-Way Chipper | Best Two-Way Chipper

PowerBilt TPS Two-Way Chipper, Best Two-Way Chipper


  • Works for left and right-handersEntry-level price
  • Ideal for playing escape shots from behind trees
  • Helps you square the clubface at contact
  • Provided adequate spin


  • Not permitted by the USGA
  • The stability is not as high as single-face chippers

A Two-way chipper is prohibited by the USGA, but they come in handy when your golf ball is in a tricky position where a left-handed shot is required. I took it for a spin in a casual round and had fun chipping out left-handed from behind trees and other obstacles.

Its 36-degree loft is slightly weaker than the TPS Bump and Run, which helps you get extra air on your ball to clear a sand trap or a level on the green. Besides its miracle work from trouble, the face is offset, helping me keep my hands in position and the clubface square at contact.

My accuracy was further aided by the weight in the sole, which expanded the sweet spot to forgive mishits. That helped me keep my ball pace revolutions per minute high on all shots, giving me ample forgiveness.

PowerBilt TPS Two-Way Chipper grooves extended considerably across the clubface to give you more grip to work with at contact. As a result, it provided spin for control on shots from the fringe.

Top Flite Chipper | Overall Best Golf Chipper For Women

Top Flite Chipper; photo of the club head


  • Maximum Forgiveness
  • Increased sweet spot
  • Prompts ample spin across the clubface
  • Affordable
  • Encourages straighter shots


  • The offset hosel design is not pretty
  • The Glare was reportedly an issue for our volunteers

Our first best chipping golf club for ladies is the forgiving, affordable, minimal turf interacting Top Flite Chipper. The 45-degree chipper offers the specifications of a pitching wedge to give you greater versatility on greenside shots.

A severely offset hosel may deter experienced golfers, but our test ladies raved about the accuracy and forgiveness. They all said it simplified the task of keeping the clubface square to the line on most strokes, helping them get the ball closer to the cup.

The forgiveness is further enhanced by the cavity back design. This allowed engineers to place weight around the perimeter. This expanded the sweet spot and helped our volunteers produce excellent spin and ball speed on all strikes.

Hats off to Top Flite for the work on the clubface, creating an expansive area of sharp grooves that bite into your golf ball at impact. The indentations then impart increased spin on the ball to improve your control on approach to the flag.

Autopilot Square Strike Wedge | Most Accurate Golf Chipper

Autopilot Square Strike Wedge


  • Promotes consistently straight shots
  • Resists twisting during your stroke
  • Precise CG location for mid launch
  • Provides maximum stability
  • Maximum Forgiveness


  • Expensive compared to other golf chipper club options
  • The weaker loft may decrease the roll that some players desire.

Autopilot is not a brand I often give time to, but I am glad I took a moment to test their Square Strike golf club. It’s a brilliant design for mid and high-handicap seniors struggling to square the clubface at contact for a straighter shot.

The precise CG location and enhanced MOI combine to boost stability and keep the clubface square through impact. In my case, I produced a straight, mid-height shot that consistently followed the intended line to the cup. 

Added to the forgiveness of the 45-degree Square Strike Chipper is an impressive Anti-Rotational weighting clubface. As a result, it further improves your chances of keeping your ball on line and getting it close to the cup.

In addition, this combination bolstered the club’s stability to maintain pace and spin on off–center strikes. Lastly, the Anti-Chunk sole is also worth a mention, as I avoid damage when I hit behind the ball. Instead, the sole glided smoothly over the turf and kept my clubface upright into impact for clean contact.

Intech Golf Approach Two-Way Chipper | Best Non-Conforming Chipper

Intech Golf Approach Two-Way Chipper


  • Entry-level price tag
  • Left and right-handers can stroke it
  • Ideal for escaping difficult positions
  • Stable at impact
  • Forgiving


  • Non-USGA compliant
  • I struggled with a glare at address

Like Autopilot, Intech is not typically a brand I cover, but when it comes to non-conforming clubs, they are worth a look. The Intech Golf Approach Chipper is a two-way construction that is low-budget, somewhat forgiving, but most importantly, gets the job done.

As I mentioned, two-way chippers offer the luxury of swinging left or right-handed. This is handy when you are stuck behind an obstacle and could use a left-handed club. However, that benefit is quickly eroded when you realize it is non-USGA compliant and you cannot use it in tournament play.

That may not concern many seniors who play the game for fun. In which case, this chipper makes perfect sense. Added to its two-way design, it features a grooved face that provides some friction and spin but nothing to write home about.

The forgiveness and turf interaction are what really impressed me. The extra weight in the sole ensured stability through the swing to prevent me from losing velocity and spin on mishits. Furthermore, the sole produces clean turf interaction for a clean strike from any lie.

Finally, Intech engineers built the Approach Two-Way chipper with a 35-degree loft, similar to a weaker modern 8 iron.

Cleveland Smart Sole 4.0 Chipper | Best Golf Chipper For Beginners

Cleveland Smart Sole 4.0 Chipper


  • Optimal forgiveness
  • Crisp turf interaction
  • Increased sole bounce prevents chunking shots
  • Generates enhanced spin
  • The weaker lofted enables you to play a variety of chip shots.


  • More expensive than other best golf chippers
  • The ball launched high and lost forward roll on longer shots

Senior beginner golfers require maximum forgiveness, accuracy, and clean turf interaction from the fringe and the rough. Without this, your mishits will go punished, and your consistency will vanish.

The Cleveland Smart Sole neutralizes this threat with an advanced sole, aggressive grooves, and Feel Balancing Technology.

Cleveland engineers worked hard to include a broader, 3-tiered sole to initiate superior bounce from any lie around the green. In my experience, this reduced the risk of chunking my shot and helped me get sufficient clubface on the ball every strike. 

Next, the Feel Balancing Technology stood out as it softened the feel of my strokes for improved feedback and acoustics. More importantly, it pushed the CG directly behind the center of the clubface for a neutral launch and optimal roll.

Cleveland stuck with a winning formula by employing their aggressively milled grooves which are sharp and catch your ball at contact. The added time on the clubface thrusts spin into the ball to improve your control. 

Finally, the Cleveland Smart Sole Chipper is set at 42 degrees, the equivalent of a strong lofted pitching wedge.

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Tour Edge Golf – Hot Launch HL4 Chipper | Best Turf Interaction

Tour Edge Hot Launch 4


  • Clean turf interaction
  • Delivers consistent roll
  • Encourages greater accuracy
  • Highly forgiving
  • Preserves ball speed and spin on all shots


  • Not the cheapest chipper
  • The offset design is not the most attractive of the chipper golf clubs

Tour Edge knows how to create golf clubs for seniors searching for consistent flight, accuracy, distance, and control. The Hot Launch HL4 Chipper is our best pick for clean turf interaction. This is due to its heavy, super-wide radius sole, which glided through the turf crisply and helped me catch my ball cleanly from any lie.

The 37-degree chipper prompted a lower launch than some of the clubs I tested, which translated into a more effective roll. This proved handy on long shots where I had yards of green to work with and needed as much roll as possible to make the cup.

Added to the roll and the launch was a highly forgiving clubhead containing heel-to-toe weighting. The weighting improved the balance of the club head and helped it resist twisting during my stroke for straighter shots. 

The heel-to-toe weighting setup increased the size of the sweet spot and did wonders to mitigate mishits and keep my ball traveling forward.

Odyssey X-Act Chipper | Best Feeling Golf Chipper for Women

Odyssey X-Act Chipper; Best Feeling Golf Chipper for Women


  • Incredibly soft feel on all strokes
  • Enhances friction at contact
  • Generates a consistent forward rollRobust alignment aid
  • High MOI


  • Not the cheapest golf chipper for women
  • The grooved face insert requires consistent cleaning to remove debris between the grooves.

We close out our list of the best golf chippers with the famous putter brand Odyssey, and it may surprise you to see their name on a chipper. The X-Act earns the title of the best feel for ladies thanks to its Injection Molded Urethane Insert, which softens the touch of each stroke.

Odyssey engineers went for a hybrid-like sole on the X-Act, which performed superbly across the grass, specifically on tight lies. The clean turf interaction helped the club travel unhindered toward the impact zone to produce a clean shot.

As you expect from the experts at Odyssey, the forgiveness extended beyond the clubface. Our volunteer testers felt the oversized, non-tapered grip improved their hand position and tension. This led to a more controlled and comfortable hold of the chipper.

Unlike the other golf chippers, the Odyssey X-Act possessed a face insert compared to grooves. I was curious how this would impact the stroke of our volunteers, and based on their feedback, the answer was positive. 

The insert improved friction on the 37-degree chipper to prompt maximum forward roll and consistent spin for greater greenside control.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Golf Chippers Worth It?

Yes, golf chippers are a worthwhile investment for seniors looking to gain the roll and spin of a chip while using a putting stroke. Golfers like my late father found the golf chipper gave greater consistency, accuracy, and distance control on greenside shots especially with the proper golf grip.

Is a Chipper USGA Approved?

According to the Golf Association, a chipper is approved by the USGA as long as it does not feature two striking faces or a putter grip. That is because a chipper is considered a wedge and cannot possess the features of a club built for use on the dancefloor.

As a result, golf chippers such as the PowerBilt TPS and Intech Approach Two-Way are the only best golf chippers on our list prohibited by the USGA.

What is the Best Loft For a Chipper Club?

35 to 37 degrees is the best loft for a chipper club, as it is strong enough for you to generate sufficient roll and control around the green. Anything weaker may launch higher than intended and eradicate roll, causing your ball to finish well short of the cup.

Can You Use a Chipper in the Bunker?

You can use a chipper in the bunker, provided it carries a weak loft that will launch your ball over the lip. Most of the chippers on our list are too strong, except for the Autopilot Square Face. It is available in a 45, 55, and 60-degree profile.

Final Thoughts on the Best Golf Chippers

There you have it, golf chippers are a worthwhile addition to the bags of seniors and beginners searching for consistent roll and accuracy around the green. 

These clubs eradicate the need to overthink chip shots. The clubface is what it is and is built to deliver straighter shots, leniency, and maximum accuracy. Find your line, set up, strike the ball as if you were putting it, and watch it roll cleanly toward the cup.

If you struggle with the dreaded yips or want to simplify your play from the fringe of the green, look at the Ping ChipR. The winner of our best golf chippers of 2024 produces incredible forgiveness and crisp turf interaction geared towards delivering straighter shots.

Before you go, check out some of our other great articles below, including ways to improve your game with short game tips, putting drills, and more!

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