The 9 Best Golf Cart Fans & Golf Cart Heaters

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Golf is an excellent way to enjoy nature and the weather. As temperatures fluctuate, you will want to find ways to be comfortable no matter the climate!

Adding a fan to your golf cart or heater is a simple way to beat the weather while enjoying a good round of golf. 

Golf cart fans come in many different designs, and you can choose one that matches your need. 

We’ve compiled some of the best golf cart fans for you, from premium options to the most basic ones.

Best Budget Golf Cart Fan

Coleman Zephyr Fan

If you’re looking for a budget golf cart fan, the Coleman Zephyr Fan is the best way to go.

This battery-operated fan can give you up to 55 hours of air on the low setting and is a great way to stay cool on the course.

It fits into most standard cup holders. The fan is relatively straightforward to set up and use.

It’s even equipped with a battery lock system to prevent your batteries from draining.

Reviews tend to be mixed on this product due to the amount of airflow or noise level. Both are considerations on a golf course.

I like that you can use either 2 or 4 batteries depending on how much you expect to use it at any given time. I feel that it could be quieter.

– Keith, (Coleman cup holder fan reviews)

Best Overhead Golf Cart Fan System

Breezeasy Golf Cart Fan

Best Overhead Golf Cart Fan System, Best golf cart fans

The Nivel Breezeasy 3 Golf Cart Fan System will work with any 48V golf cart. The fan also comes with a 12V version if your cart has less power.

This fan is high-end quality and is one of the most powerful golf cart fans on the market. This premium option has multiple speed options and universal mounting brackets so you can mount it on any cart. 

The Nivel Breezeasy 3 Golf Cart Fan System fan requires hardwiring and electrical work, making it pricier than the other options.

The fan can be used on both electric and gas carts and is hardwired into your golf carts. Despite needing electric work, this fan is a great option if you’re looking to switch from cupholder fans to a more traditional option (if you own a golf cart).

However, the airflow and cooling power make it one of the best accessories for your golf cart.

“I add this to a 2020 EZ-Go RXV. The install was easy. Hardest part was running the wires out of side down the shafts. It works great and makes playing in those 90+ degree afternoons bearable.”

– Wayne, (Golf Cart Fan System Reviews)

Best Golf Cart Portable Fan

PGF-V Personal Go Fan

Best portable fan - PGF Personal Go Fan.  Best Golf Cart Fans

This fan is small but might. The Personal Go Fan (PGF) has high airflow that keeps you cool on even the hottest days.

With an ultimately charged battery, this fan can last up to 40 hours on the lowest speed setting.

This fan comes with a variety of cup holder adapters so that it can effectively fit in different cup holders without slipping. As a result, the fan is highly versatile and easy to carry, and can be used for multiple outdoor activities.

Although it’s on the pricier end of the fans we’ve reviewed today, the quality and efficiency of the Personal Go Fan make it a worthy investment.

“The different speeds on this fan is amazing. Fits in the cup holder in the golf cart.”

– Maxx, (PGF fan reviews)

Best Rechargeable Golf Cart Fan

Bidlotcue Portable Fan, 60 Hrs 12000mAh

Best Rechargeable Golf Cart Fan Bidlotcue Portable Fan, 60 Hrs 12000mAh

The Bidlotcue rechargeable fan comes with an impressive 12000 mAh power bank handle. This makes the fan highly versatile and easy to carry. 

The fan comes with multiple speed options that will allow it to run either 12hrs, 30hrs, or 60 hrs depending on your setting.

This means you can do multiple rounds of golf without having to constantly recharge!

Once it needs to be charged, use the USB cable provided (type-c cable) that allows it to be fully recharged within 6 hours.

“It is small but for its size it moves a LOT of air. We use ours on a golf cart along with 4 other fans of different types and sizes and these work better than all of the other ones.”

– Sheila, (Bidlotcue fan reviews)

Best Dual Head Fan (12 Volt)

Mitchell Dual Head Clip Fan 360° Rotatable Dual Head

best dual head fan - Mitchell Dual Head Clip Fan

Mitchell Dual Head Clip Fan 12V has two heads that can effectively cool you (and any other passenger you may have on the cart) down. 

The heads can be adjusted separately, and you can change the speed settings depending on your need.

The fan just needs to connect to your 12V cigarette lighter and can be mounted wherever you want. 

“Arrived on time – low cost – packaged well – Installed in Golf Cart – low noise – recommend to friends and family”

– Dennis, (Dual head fan reviews)

Best Golf Cart Fan Mister

Alagoon Battery Operated Misting Fan with Clip (10000mAh)

Best Golf Cart Fan Mister

The Alagoon battery operated fan is definitely for super hot days! With its 360-degree rotation and mister, you will be all set even on the warmest days.

It can run up to 48 hours on one battery charge. The battery is removable for easy charge capability.

It comes with a charging cable, which is convenient to use on the go. It is also small and compact, so you can use it at the beach or other places outdoors.

It has a strong clamp that opens 2 inches wide which provides flexibility in attaching to various objects.

You can simply add water with a water bottle to utilize the mister. Plus, it comes with a leakproof cover.

“We use it on the golf course. Plug it in the outlet on the cart and run it all day. Water runs out but it’s easy to fill. So the answer is yes!”

– Cave (Fan mister reviews)

Best Hybrid Portable Fan

Ryobi 18-Volt ONE+ Hybrid Portable Fan (P3320)

Ryobi 18-Volt ONE+ Hybrid Portable Fan (P3320)  - best hybrid portable fan

While the Ryobi 18-volt portable fan is not specifically designed for a golf cart, it can be easily set up.

There is a hook on the underside of the fan that you can hook to a truck tie to secure it on a golf cart.

Rechargeable batteries are great because you won’t be having to replace batteries and it’s better for the environment! The problem with standard AA or AAA batteries is that you will be regularly buying more just to get your fan to work.

“It’s a great fan for my golf cart.”

– Holly, (Ryobi portable van reviews)

Best Golf Cart Heater

Mr. Heater F242010 MH4GC

best golf cart heater Mr. Heater F242010 MH4GC

Mr. Heater is a great alternative to extending your golf season! Depending on where you live you may be needing a heater even past winter.

This convenient gadget lasts for 5.5 hours, well past a normal golf game.

It includes an oxygen depletion system and tip-over switch for safety, which is also wind resistant.

Mr. Heater fits into a standard golf cart cup. The 1-pound propane tank is not included.

The fan only has one setting (on and off), which some found to be a negative. Overall, this product is highly-rated by reviewers.

“I live in the desert so the windy days and cooler days in the winter with the cover I also have on my golf cart it keeps me and my passenger toasty. Also easy to operate and not dangerous to have in my golf cart cup in front of my cart.”

– Marne, (Mr. Heater golf cart heater reviews)

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3 Tips To Beat the Heat on the Golf Course

A golf cart fan is a great option to keep your cool during the hot summer days. However, it’s not possible to take your cart with you to the greens. 

Here are a few ways you can beat the heat when you don’t have your fan with you. 

Stay Hydrated

Dehydration and heat can make you more tired and even affect your performance while playing golf. 

It’s important to take a bottle of water with you and periodically drink from it to refresh your body and your mind.

Play at Dawn or Dusk

To beat the heat, many golf games start early in the morning and end by noon so that golfers don’t have to spend a lot of time in high temperatures. 

If you don’t consider yourself a morning bird, you can always wait until late afternoon after the temperature goes down. Time your tee off in a way that you finish at the sunset. 

By playing at dawn or dusk you can avoid the highest temperatures of the day and play your game at ease.

Dress Appropriately for the Heat

When playing golf, you must choose the correct apparel. Wearing light and breathable clothes can help you beat the heat. 

Moisture-wicking shirts can help absorb any sweat and keep you cool throughout the game.

Final Thoughts on Golf Cart Fans

Golf cart fans can be a wonderful accessory.Your time outdoors should be enjoyable and a fan during peak times is worth every penny.

Whether you go with a luxury golf cart fan or a simple rechargeable battery fan, there are lots of great options depending on your needs.

With hurricanes and extreme weather conditions, you will wish you bought even more than one!

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