The 7 Best Golf Cart Christmas Lights This Holiday Season 

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It’s that time of year again! Time to break out the Christmas lights and get into the holiday spirit. But why stop at just decorating your house when you can also decorate your golf cart?

You can increase your golf cart aesthetics and outshine the rest by adding shimmering lights. Show off your shining golf carts to your family and friends and enjoy a memorable Christmas event outdoors.

Check out our list of the best golf cart Christmas lights to make your cart the talk of the town this holiday season.

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7 Best Golf Cart Christmas Lights to Buy Now

Photo by Joe Frietas shows long golf cart Christmas Parade, golf cart Christmas lights.
Spread the joy with golf cart Christmas lights & decorations

‘Tis the season to be jolly, fa la la la la, la la la la! And what jollier way to spread holiday cheer than by dressing up your golf cart with festive Christmas lights?

Whether driving around your neighborhood or taking a leisurely cruise down the main street, these twinkling lights will surely bring a smile to everyone’s face.

Out of all the multipurpose fairy lights I’ve used, here are the best golf cart Christmas lights. Let’s see the features and specificities of each light set separately.

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Best Bluetooth LED Lights

OPT7 Aura Pro Bluetooth Underglow LED Lighting Kit

Best Bluetooth LED Lights for golf carts.  Best golf cart christmas lights.

OPT7 Aura Pro Bluetooth LED Lights are the most advanced light option for decorating your golf carts. These underglow neon RGB lights come with a unique Bluetooth feature. You can easily connect it to the app and cast matching light patterns up to the beat.

The lights are very cart-supportive and offer low consumption of just 12 volts. The lights are pretty compatible for both, electric or gas-powered golf carts.

The Soundsync mode is there to support your music vibe. And when you hit the brakes, the smart lights are set to shine bright red indicating a stop.

16 different light modes offering variable color patterns.Not very durable
Low-voltage needing powerful LEDsToo bright
4 brightness levels to set desirable light intensity. 
3 Timer functions to set your lighting pace. 
Memory to save your last light settings automatically. 

The waterproof strong IP67 LEDs are completely sealed shut to avoid dust and dirt. You can get these multi-functional high-quality OPT7 Aura Pro LED lights on Amazon.

Best Golf Cart Underglow Lights

LEDGlow Golf Cart Underglow Lights 12pc Million Color LED

LEDGlow Golf Cart Underglow Lights 12pc Million Color LED, Best Golf Cart Underglow Lights

LEDGlow Golf Cart Underglow Lights can be your jackpot for Christmas this holiday season. These underbody neon lights are perfect for decorating your electric and gas golf carts.

The strip had 12 small SMD LEDs with 10 solid colors that only need 12 volts to work. Plus, the lights come with 3 fading and 2 flash modes along with some other interesting light settings for creating a Multi-Color Underglow for your golf carts.

The flexible, water-resistant light tubes designed to perfectly fit your wheel well tubes. It comes with 2 wireless remotes for better control, self-tapping screws & zip ties for tight installation.

Various interesting light modes with multi-color patterns.Durability
Low consumption powerful LED bulbs.Pricey
Tight installation with self-tapping ties and screws. 
2 wireless remote controllers 
Very chic and stylish. 

The high-end best golf cart Christmas light solution is on Amazon.

Best Remote Control LED Lights

Roykaw Remote Control Golf Cart Underglow LED Lights

Roykaw Remote Control Golf Cart Underglow LED Lights, Best

Roykaw Golf Cart Underglow LED Strip is an excellent choice of golf cart Christmas lights. Offering millions of standard light shades, the LED bulbs cast bright, colorful patterns everywhere.

These LED bulbs are specifically made for decorating outdoor spaces. These lights are made of waterproof color-changing plastic to overcome uncontrollable weather conditions.

This Christmas LED strip has 22 preset light settings to control the light patterns as you like. You can create multiple sequential or wavy light combinations.

22 preset light settings in the app.A little tricky to wrap around the cart surface.
Two different control methods for your ease: Manual/Remote control.The strip is small with many lights. So, it’s heavy and wears off quickly.
4 pieces of tight adhesive tape for easy installation. 
Very bright, colorful luminance. 
high-quality Waterproof 18 LEDs spreading light uniformly. 

Try making them twinkle, or enjoy a slow and steady snow fade effect with Roykaw Golf Cart remote control led lights on Amazon.

Best Christmas Lights on a Budget

BESPORTBLE Battery-Operated LED Christmas Fairy Lights for Golf Cart

best golf cart christmas lights on a budget - Besportable battery operated LED Christmas LIghts

BESPORTBLE Christmas Fairy lights come in a pack of 40 small LED bulbs. These eye-catching, multicolored LEDs are very luminous and vibrant. Perfect for decorating your outdoor golf garden and inner corridor space.

These fairy lights are made of waterproof plastic LED bulbs that do not break into pieces when hitting the wall or the ground.

The battery-operated LEDs can function anywhere with three AA batteries (4.5V). So you can easily attach them to your golf cart.

Easily operable anywhere using 3 AA batteriesA few bulbs might fuse soon
3 switch modes available: On/ Flash/ OffQuick battery drainage
Made of waterproof and fall-proof plastic material 
Stylish decorative design 
Lightweight and very easy to install. 

You can buy the BESPORTBLE Christmas lights on Amazon.

Best Battery Operated Christmas Lights with Timer

RECESKY C3 Christmas String Lights

Best Battery Operated Christmas Lights with Time, RECESKY C3 Christmas String Lights.

RECESKY Christmas String lights are another great option for decorating your golf cart. These colorful strings of LEDs are 16.4ft in length and look beautiful and vibrant, expressing Christmas spirits at their best.

These LED bulbs are waterproof so that they can withstand extreme weather conditions. You’re good to enjoy your Christmas, whether there is heavy rain or stormy winds.

The battery-operated LEDs are perfect for the outdoors. So you won’t be facing any broken wiring or tangled mess of wires.

Easily portableFuses quickly
Offer 8 different light modesThe timer function doesn’t work properly
Made of waterproof plastic 
No more tangled wire messes 

Best Battery Operated White Christmas Lights

WERTIOO 33ft 100 LEDs Battery Operated Christmas Lights

WERTIOO Christmas LEDs can be used for decorating your Christmas trees, gardens, outer spaces, benches, golf carts, or even your room wall.

These lights are powered via three AA battery cells that only require 4.5V. So, you can use them anywhere, anytime, without worrying about a sufficient electricity supply.

The 10m long LED string is controlled via a remote controller. It helps to set or change the lighting modes.

You can set an auto timer and enjoy various light settings with 8 available light modes.

Durable LED light bulbsNot very durable
Powered by batteries for better portabilityFuse in a while
Versatile waterproof plastic 
100 LED bulbs for better light intensity 
Wireless Remote Control with 8 different Modes of light and an auto timer for scheduling on/ off 

Best Control System Christmas Lights Music

Voolex Control System Christmas Lights Music for the Outdoors

Best Control System Christmas Lights Music - Voolex Christmas Lights

Voolex Christmas Lights are best suited for Christmas parties and events since it plays music. These LED lights can perfectly illuminate your standing golf cart powered by an electric cord.

The unique design has a 65ft long string with an end-to-end connectivity option for 2 more light sets. So, you can arrange the lights in various shapes and sizes according to your cart’s structure.

Plus, it also comes with a Music Control that boosts the usage criteria of the LEDs.

16 different light modes offering variable color patterns.Not very durable
Low-voltage needing powerful LEDsToo bright
4 brightness levels to set desirable light intensity. 
3 Timer functions to set your lighting pace. 
Memory to save your last light settings automatically. 

With 16 different light and music settings, you can enjoy a joyful Christmas with these Voolex multicolored lights on Amazon.

How to Use Golf Cart Christmas Lights?

From someone well-trained in planning Christmas events and choosing Christmas decorations, I would love to share my Christmas secret with all of you.

The secret to finding the best golf cart Christmas lights lies in measurements. It’s all about the right size and light spacing.

The best type of Golf Cart Christmas lights are those that make your cart outshine the rest.

Light patterns and how you mount your lights on your golf carts play a critical role.

Light strings usually come with a sticky backside to attach them to the object’s surface. The stickiness is very strong for the first attempt but wears off quickly when you use a hit-and-trial method.

Pro Tip: I recommend drawing marginal lines with a light-colored pencil or chalk for your reference to stick your lights to all the right margins easily.

With my secret out now, I guess I’ll face more competition than usual this holiday season in decorating our favorite Golf cart for Christmas.

A Few Things To Keep In Mind on Christmas Lights for Carts

  • Don’t forget to buy extra AA batteries in case your Christmas light batteries stop working at the last minute.
  • When mounting your LED light string, stick it to the right spot on the first attempt. Otherwise, the stickiness wears off pretty soon.
  • Always ensure you have a spare set of Christmas decorations other than the Fairy light string.
  • Don’t get confused with all the available options.
  • Measure the size accurately and get the best golf cart Christmas lights accordingly. 

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Final Thoughts on the Best Golf Cart Christmas Lights

You can double the Christmas fun this holiday season with the best golf cart Christmas lights. Make sure to check our 37 Best Golf Christmas Gifts next!

Outshine your indoor home space, as well as outdoor, and create a memorable Christmas memento with your decorated golf carts. Golf in style this Christmas!

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